Friday, 24 February 2012

Indian Floral Border

I have finished working on my Inkscape design for this floral border today, and did some test cuts. The svgs have now been uploaded to my Skydrive and are available for free download – see the link in my sidebar.

As you can see from this bitmap image, I have created a left and right pattern repeat piece, a full pattern repeat, a corner piece and an end piece. This border can therefore be made any length or width, making a complete frame (square or rectangular) with the corner piece, or using the end piece for a stand-alone border.

All you’d need to do to create your own design with these would be to line them up as carefully as you can, and combine the paths. Both nodes at the overlap would need to be selected and joined.

The black shapes are cut from the green, so that when it is layered onto the red piece (mat layer), the colour of the mat layer shows through.

Here are a couple of test cuts I did. I was very pleased with how Sheba (my Black Cat Cougar cutting machine) coped with these. The corner was cut fairly large as I wanted to see how it would come out; it cut very well, so I reduced the size of the border somewhat, and then cut another piece which I created with several pattern repeats, and an end piece at each end. This could be cut smaller again, if you wanted.

I have deliberately used bright contrasting colours so that the design would show up. The card is American Crafts cardstock which cuts very well with the Cougar.

When I get the pen holder for Sheba, I will probably design another layer – a line drawing to embellish the top layer further. This could be done with gel pen, or a glue pen with glitter etc. added afterwards.

I am also working on a flower design using this motif, which I will share with you when it’s finished. In addition, I am working on some multi-layered Paisley designs for a rich effect. I’ve been looking at pictures of Indian fabrics, and these are a very rich source for design – lovely patterns, colours and textures.

My plan is to make up several different Paisley patterns, with layers that can be used in different combinations, and also design some background papers for printing, that these shapes could be added to. Many of the Indian fabrics have lovely small repeating patterns, with the bold printed or embroidered shapes on top. In paper and card, these could be further embellished with foiling, gems, embossing, glitter, etc. etc.

Watch this space!!


  1. Very nice work Shoshi, Cut well to

  2. A foreign language for me but I know the end results will be lovely!


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