Monday, 27 February 2012

Sheba’s First Stencil

Having had a bit of practice with Sheba, my Black Cat Cougar cutter, cutting normal cardstock, I thought it was time to attempt cutting acetate. I have long wanted to make my own stencils and masks.

Last night I spent some time working on several designs in Inkscape, and designed two leaf trail stencils, one for A4 and the other for A5.

These files are now in my Skydrive (see link in sidebar).

I started by cutting the smaller one, from a laser acetate sheet. Using the 60+ degree blade, speed 50, force 45, I managed to cut most of it OK, although some bits didn’t quite cut through. I had problems initially with the acetate moving on the mat, but remedied this by sticking it down around the edges with masking tape.

This is a photo of it being used as a stencil, stippling distress ink with an Inkylicious Ink Duster – the results are quite satisfactory, I think.

Last night I also started designing some flower stencils, but these are not yet complete. Some time ago I drew two sheets of circle stencils (polka dots for backgrounds) but I have yet to cut and try these; when I have, they will also be available to download.

Storage of Stencils

I am planning to ink a sheet from each stencil (as above) and put it with the stencil in a transparent sleeve to be filed in a ring binder. This way the stencils will be kept apart to prevent them tangling with each other; they will be kept flat and protected, and the inked sheet will indicate what they are. As I make more, I can use dividers to keep them in separate categories.


  1. Wow I love that stencil!! You are clever, you should be designing for someone!

  2. You have been busy Shoshi. I love these leafy vines and I think I will be able to use them. If I open svg files in inkscape and then save them as dfx files, I can use them with my silhouette. I tried it with your Indian flower border, but when I put all the pieces on one page it wouldn't ungroup them. So I then saved each element, in its two separate parts, in a file, so 7 files altogether I think, and that is fine. I can open them and cut them. Then I tried to combine them, e..g. a border with a corner. I aligned them and grouped them but I cannot get rid of the shared line at the join so it will cut, and so far I haven't got around this. But I haven't given up yet. Perhaps when you have some time, you could tell me how to do this with your svg files in inkscape, and then I could make another file of a complete frame Silhouette.
    Anyway, well done on the stencils. They are brilliant! Kate x

  3. No stopping you now Hun, You aare off and running.
    This is very pretty

  4. What lovely art work. I find it very insperational.



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