Saturday, 3 March 2012

Crinkle Cat Bag

Today some new toys arrived in the post for our two kitties, Beatrice and Phoebe. I ordered them from Happy House Cats, belonging to Loupy on the Black Cat forum – she makes all these beautiful toys herself and as a cat slave, she knows what kitties like!

I will be blogging in due course about the other toy we bought from her, but today I want to tell you about the Crinkle Cat Bag. This is a fur fabric bag which is lovely and soft, and between the layers it contains catnip and some sort of material which makes a loud crackling noise when you move the bag.

I unpacked the parcel, and then went into the bedroom to see what state the kitties were in. Beatrice was on the bed, fast asleep. As I came in, she lifted her head and started sniffing, and immediately came to life! She walked towards me, and when I put my hand out, she nuzzled it all over! I couldn’t believe that she could smell the catnip on my hands as soon as I entered the room! Their sense of smell is awesome.

I called her, and she followed me downstairs, where I put the bag on the floor, and she immediately went to it and started rubbing her face on it and rolling over. Then Phoebe appeared, and did the same, and then after a few minutes Beatrice got off, and I had quite a job to get her to play again.

They are funny together. About 3 months after Beatrice’s sister Bella was killed on the road, we got Phoebe and her sister Chloe (sadly also killed on the road) to keep her company, and it took her a whole year to accept them! Eventually they got on fine, and generally speaking, Beatrice was senior kitty and top in the pecking order. Phoebe was always the timid one and very much No. 3 Kitty, but when Chloe died she suddenly got a lot more confident, and although she usually gets on fine with Beatrice (they have very occasional spats), Beatrice can get quite jealous if she comes in and finds Phoebe on my hubby’s lap, for instance. She also caves in and lets Phoebe get the upper paw a lot of the time.

As you will see from the video that I have made, this is played out over the new bag! We are hoping that Beatrice will play with it on her own when Phoebe isn’t around, but if not, we may need to get another one.

They are like little children! “She took my bag!!” “ I won’t play with her any more!”

Later on when my hubby came home, he watched them playing with it again, but again Beatrice was reluctant to get involved. Then Phoebe settled down on it and went to sleep! Later she moved to her favourite place on the back of the settee beside me, and Beatrice went to sleep on it!

We’ll have to see what happens over the next few days.

Thanks Loupy – we are all having such fun!

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  1. Awww, poor Beatrice :(

    Phoebe has developed a kitty crack addiction though by the look of it LOLOL


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