Monday, 2 April 2012

Plankton Zentangle

Yesterday, I looked up my photos that I took at the National Marine Aquarium in 2009. In the corridor on the way out, they had a display of electron microscope images of microscopic marine life – plankton etc. which were quite amazing – they looked like something from science fiction, off another planet! Under each one, it said how many would fill a level teaspoon – some numbered into the millions. Such beauty, at such a small scale that it is only with our most modern equipment that we can see them at all…

I thought this one might make a good starting point for interpretation in the medium of Zentangle.

Microscope Image 2

This one was quite large, at only 860,000 to a teaspoon!! Amazing to think this weird object is a living thing, isn’t it.

Anyway, here’s my take on it, Zentangle-style.

23 Plankton 1


  1. Absolutely wonderful! Great work!...You learn so fast!....Few days ago, I saw your first works drawing tangles and I'm very surprised now!'re a wonderful artist!

    With the best regards from Spain


  2. Wow you should be a master zentangle teacher, let me know when you hold classes


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