Sunday, 8 April 2012

Six New Zentangles

Today I drew six small zentangles, each approximately 3 inches square. Rather than drawing them in my Art Journal, this time I did them on bright white card. I have quite a large supply of this, which I bought in a local copy shop, and it turned out to be hopeless for what I wanted it for – it does not fold well because it becomes weak, and it does not cut well with Sheba, my Black Cat Cougar cutting machine. However, it is lovely and smooth, and I thought I’d try drawing on it, and it was sheer pleasure!

After rapidly drawing my “string” (the basic shape of the tangle) for each one, and beginning to work on them, sometimes the pattern, as it developed, would suggest something to me, which then became the title of the piece. In some cases I deliberately pursued this title. What I love about these basic square zentangles is that they draw themselves – at the beginning one does not have a plan, and one has no idea how they will turn out.

Here is the sheet of six zentangles.

01 Six Zentangles 8-4-12

Here they are, one by one. The first one is entitled “Patchwork Quilt.”

02 Patchwork Quilt

“Garden of Delight.”

03 Garden of Delight

“Ocean.” The prow of a ship on the ocean waves, with the ocean bed below. Note the suggestion of twisting ropes, the fishing net, the ship’s wheel and other features!

04 Ocean

“Bird.” Wings, song, and a nestful of eggs!

05 Bird

Untitled Abstract. No title suggested itself to me as I drew this one.

06 Untitled

“Purse.” Jewelled and fringed purse to hold all my worldly wealth?

07 Purse

Hope you enjoy my latest designs.


  1. Another wonderful collection!

  2. OH my gosh, you just get better and better, I love the ocean one and love how you incorporated the name of each piece into the designs. I have subscribed to your blog so I dont miss any of your zentangles lol

  3. Check out these easter zentangle eggs lol

  4. Shoshi!'ve become a Zentangle MASTER!....that's wonderful!..... this zentangles patterns with some color must be awesome!

    Regards from Spain

    (I'm a big fan of yours)

  5. I just can't believe all your many talents. Super awesome, Shoshi!!!

  6. These are stunning! I haven't got round to playing with my cougar much. I must make more time for it!

  7. These look interesting Shoshi! They are reminding me of all the lovely nail art I am seeing on Pinterest lately. Hope you're awap. xx

  8. Sorry I didn't get back sooner, busy weekend! Yes I'd love you to do one of your Zentangles, using the mask,just having a look at the photos I took of it, to see if there was a better one.

  9. Love your new header and these zentangles!

  10. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - loving the new header btw! Sorry you're having a little set back in symptoms, this does not please me! I'm really up and down at the moment. Hope you find me on Pinterest. x

  11. I'm blown away by your beautiful zentangle designs. I look forward to the time when I loosen up enough to create zentangles with this much whimsy and originality!


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