Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WOYWW 178 - Knitting

Wow, Wednesday again, and time for our weekly nosey fest, aka What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) – if you haven’t already, and would like to join the fun, click on the link in my sidebar which will take you to our lovely hostess Julia’s blog, where you can sign up. Warning – it’s addictive!

Remember this?

You can read full details of this project here – I’m making a jumper from a knitted dress that I unravelled (now too small for me) – I set it aside during the summer and have recently taken it up again, and today I finished the front. Here it is laid out on my desk:

Here’s a detail of the patterned yoke.

It still looks a bit lumpy and uneven, but once it’s washed and blocked, it should be better.

Now for an annotated version of my desk this week.

At the moment I am working through a whole lot of old photos which never even made it into an album, scanning them into the computer and doing quite a lot of very necessary editing, to improve the colour balance of faded ones, cropping, straightening horizons etc. Once this is done, it will be one box down in my ARTHaven (one box down, 50,000 to go?) It’s taking me ages, but it’s also great fun because I’m reliving memories of holidays taken anything up to 40 years ago!!! There are also quite a lot of old family photos with Shoshi as a sprog etc.

The work of converting all my old cassette tapes into mp3s continues, too. If anyone has any suggestions of what to do with dozens of old cassette boxes, I’d be grateful. I am thinking maybe of knitting the actual tape – but again, any suggestions of what to make with it? I don’t think it would be very nice to wear!!

Hope you all have a happy WOYWW and a great week ahead, with lots of inspiration and creativity.


  1. Hi Shoshi, love how you have added all the details on your workdesk photo...
    What is your black cat cougar?

    Your jumper looks so pretty love all those colours together....


  2. Your knitting pattern looks gorgeous! (wish I could knit!) and I love all your lables but you missed out that bottle in the top right hand corner!! I'm tidy this week! well....the bit you get to see is!Happy WOYWW
    no number yet!

  3. Love that detail on your jumper, that's real knitting! I just use cheater wool to make my socks look complicated! Interesting desk annotation, and boy do you have some interesting ideas too! Knitted cassette tapes! You're on your own with that one, lol! Let me know how you get on!! I linked you up too, you're at no16.

    Brenda 1

  4. Very detailed workspace. Wow. Knitting looks amazing. Not sure I could unravel and reknit but good on you. Hope family life not too stressful at the mo.
    FAMFA (10&16)

  5. Hi Shosji

    that jumper looks warm - looks like you're gonna need it over the coming weeks brrrrr!

    Love the annotated desk this week... don't think I'd have enought space for the amount of text boxes i'd need on mine lol.

    I love getting my old photos out - they don't quite go that far back with my boys though... trouble is, no one else likes me getting them out. I also need to scan loads and loads of them. I've put it off for years but the box is still in my lounge at least 5 years after I asked my husband to get them down from the loft. One day eh?

    Happy WOYWW
    Paula x x x (#46)

  6. Sounds like you have quite a task ahead of you with the photos....!! Love your recycling and the jumper looks fab - very warm - hope you finish it soon! Helen, 4

  7. Would love to see some of your photos of you as a young 'un!

  8. Great looking front to the jumper! Love all the details and pattern work. Great looking desk too with lots of fun things to look at. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #39

  9. Good morning. Wow, there's a lot going on on your desk this morning! Thanks for the note, it helps! Have a good day

  10. Love that jumper Shoshi. Beautiful colour combo. Your photo annotation is also impressive. You are clearly a gal who loves organisation:) Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #85

  11. I like your annotated picture, how clever are you?
    Love the jumper as well.

    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  12. That jumper is fabulous, you're so clever. Love the notes attached to what's on your desk, most informative (he he). I still use tapes and records, don't have an mp3 thingy, okay, so I'm a dinosaur.
    Have a great week.
    Von #38

  13. Clever Shoshi to knit that jumper.Very busy desk there.
    Once saw an artist who knitted video tape.I'll have to let her name come to me.

  14. Love the colours and pattern of your jumper - it's going to look great when it's finished. How clever of you to knit like that - I can do straight, plain scarves but I'm not brave enough to try anything more complicated! It looks like you'll be having a warm and cosy winter!

  15. Wow, you are busy, Shoshi. how clever to reknit your old dress. My poor cassettes went in the bin, most had been replaced with CDs!! I love the thought of knitting the tape.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #95

  16. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  17. That post brought back a very old memory- probably 45-50 years old! I can remember my Mum unravelling the occasional old jumper, and 'steamimg' the resulting yarn to straighten it over the spout of a kettle. Love the desk 'map'. one day I will sort out & scan all our pre-digital photos, just another thing on my list of must get round to's!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #90

  18. The tape might make some fab bags! Your jumper is a treat isn't it, bet youre very motivated towards finishing now. Love the annotated pic..makes me feel like there's absolutely no room at your desk at all, and I wonder if you annotate in your mind as you pick things up and arrange stuff to work on? Ah. Just me then!

  19. Your knitting is so very awesome! Good luck with all your projects. You have such patience!

  20. A lovely piece of knitting Shoshi. The colours combine so well.
    It is good to be back after a rather long break. You can see what I have been getting up to on my last four posts on my 'other blog'.
    I hope you are both well now, and getting back onto an even keel.
    Hugs. Kate x #78

  21. Oh your jumper is going to be beautiful! I love how you detailed out your desk! I started doing the same thing to my photos...Just got all the digital ones categorized, now I have to start scanning the older ones. Kinda like, where there is no pain, there is no gain? Although, you are right, you do relive memories and that part is fun!

  22. Your jumper should be lovely when finished. Great labling job on your desk picture. I'm not that patient
    Krisha #56

  23. Wow! I love your work on the jumper! So pretty!


  24. Very busy desk, you have your work cut out with the jumper, such an intricate pattern. Francesca #71

  25. The jumper is gorgeous - must take ages with that lovely patterning.
    God bless

  26. Great post so well presented and fun to read. Great desk with all the labels too.
    Love jo x

  27. I've wondered what work it would be to change all of my CDS into MP3 or something like a flash drive but ummm not ready yet! Tamika #112

  28. What a great project to back track on all your old photos - we have piles of boxes that could do with the same treatment !! Have a great week Ali #57

  29. You sound very busy ...Your annotated desk was fun ...and that jumper is going to be amazing ...I used to have a friend who ripped down jumpers twice...then she would knit two wools together to make a thicker jacket/cardigan.xx#101

  30. The jumper is adorable. I love the annotated desk.
    Blessings for an excellent week.
    LisaDV #147

  31. Wow, that certainly is a busy desk you have this week.
    Loving the knitting and the colours. Not sure I would have the patience to unpick a whole dress though. Good luck with the photo stash. I’m doing exactly the same thing with our old family photos.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 125

  32. Knitting now? I can knit but I don't have enough patience! It seems pretty tricky what you do, I have never attempted that!

  33. Well this week is different. That is a job and a half scanning and altering. I did some and used an instant fix as they had faded.
    I wonder if the tape would fuse together if heated with an iron between baking paper?

    Lovely knitting too


  34. Hello!

    What beautiful detail to the design on the sweater! Really lovely! I looked back at the link of the dying of the yarns, etc. you are so skilled! We had SNOW today in this part of WI - Whoa, I am so NOT ready! Wishing you a great day!


    Barbara Diane

  35. the pattern is beautiful! Unravel!?! The horror! (I don't unravel, or rip back-it's forward motion only LOL, that is probably why my work is not as beautiful as yours:)


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