Monday, 2 September 2013

My New ARThaven–Completed Work

The second of two posts today.

Finally today, the work was completed on my ARTHaven and office. Chris put up the two shelves in the office section. The one on the left is mainly for my ring binders and lever arch files. I have some cardboard units for these – without them, they are hard to store on a shelf.

01 Shelf for Ring Binders in Office

The second shelf is similar, on the opposite wall.

02 Second Shelf in Office

Unfortunately these shelves are not proving strong enough for everything I want to put on them. I had planned on storing all my store of packs of A4 paper and card, and my large zip-bags of DVDs on them, but they are bowing under the weight so I have removed everything for now. I will either have to have a rethink about office storage, or I am going to have to consult with Andy on his return from holiday and see if a better solution can be found.

I spent some time this afternoon bringing more things into both sections, but concentrated primarily on the office.

Today Chris brought his daughter, and she and I had such a lovely time – I gave her the guided tour, and then showed her some of my art work (the small amount that I could find!) including the beginning of the album I am making about Dad’s life – it was really lovely opening that particular box up and seeing it all again after so long!

My work from now on is to complete the emptying of the the boxes (still quite a lot more stuff to bring in!) and then the ongoing work of organising it all. Today I made a happy discovery – that the space to the right of the fireplace is exactly the same measurement as my metal pegboards, so I am going to install one here, and the other one will most probably go above the sink. We also have some large sheets of normal pegboard (not metal) and I propose putting up several small areas of pegboard for extra storage of small items within easy reach of the relevant work station.

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