Monday, 2 September 2013

Our New House–The Garage

The first of two posts today.

Work is definitely progressing on the garage. Today the timber for the studwork arrived.

01 Arrival of Garage Timber

02 Timber Coming In 1

03 Timber Being Stacked 1

04 Paul Bringing In Timber

Paul helped the delivery driver to unload and stack the timber on the grass.

05 Stacking the Timber

My hubby cut up some scrap timber to lay the new timber on, in order to protect the grass.

06 Protecting the Grass from the Timber

07 Paul Bringing In More Timber

The timber all stacked and ready for use.

08 Timber Stacked and Ready for Use

Chris mixing concrete for the blockwork on the garage.

09 Chris Mixing Concrete for Garage

Chris laid one course of blockwork on the foundation.

10 Course of Blockwork on Garage Foundation

The position of the side access door. The door itself is the one rescued from the old garage.

11 Position of Side Door of Garage

The handrail for the annexe steps from the new door. This is just balanced in place and not yet installed.

12 Annexe Outside Handrail Ready to Install

Moving indoors, after finishing the last bit of tiling in the annexe kitchen, ready for grouting tomorrow, Paul was hard at work back in the en-suite bathroom, which he abandoned a few weeks ago in favour of completing the work on the annexe. This had to be done because of the carpet fitting and arrival of Mum’s furniture. Here Paul is working on the shower room floor. The original idea of a wet room is not going to work unless they cut away some of the joists, which obviously isn’t a good idea as they are structural, and it could weaken the floor. I am now having a shower tray similar to the one in the annexe bathroom, and as it extends virtually over the whole floor, the effect will be the same as a wet room.

13 Paul Working on Shower Floor

Paul has created an access panel in the bathroom floor.

14 Access Hatch in Bathroom Floor

In the shower room, Paul has fixed battens on either side of the joists. These will support the plywood which will lie flush with the tops of the battens.

15 Preparing Shower Floor for Plywood

Finally, I just had to share with you a picture of a typical builder’s radio. This radio (and another one upstairs) are permanently tuned to Radio 2 – I said to Andy one day that there are certain advantages in having more mature builders – at least they listen to decent music!!

In this photo, note particularly the lump of plaster splattered onto the dented speaker. Also, the somewhat eccentric aerial! The whole thing is covered with plaster, paint, concrete, dust, etc. etc. and last time I was there, they went off and left it running, and it took me several seconds to discover the on-off switch!!

16 Builders' Radio

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