Wednesday, 26 March 2014


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I’ve managed to spend a bit of time in my ARTHaven this week. I had planned to have some stitched teabags ready to show you, but my sewing machine has developed a problem and is currently away being repaired, so I have had to devote my time to other activities.

My desk this week shows my various teabag art activities, from the teabag drying papers, one with Zentangles, my acrylic polymer film with tea (laid on top of my first drying paper and you can see the subtle shade showing through), my little leather art journal with its background pages painted with acrylics in readiness for the addition of the teabags, and my new takeaway boxes with different melted materials in them.


My teabag stained drying paper with the bags arranged in a diamond pattern is now complete, and you can see it on the right. I have not decided yet how I should embellish this – I would like to emphasise the places where the bags overlapped. I love this paper and think it has great potential. I am planning to scan it and print out some copies for experimenting with, so I don’t waste the original if something goes wrong.

I have also been experimenting with Tyvek and similar meltable materials – see my previous post about this. You can see some samples in the middle of the desk. I am planning to make a small pouch or neck purse from teabags, with a Tyvek, beadwork and hand-embroidered embellishment on the flap. Meantime, I am trying to source some cheaper supplies of Tyvek, as the craft sites do seem to charge a lot for a pack of a few sheets. Ideally I would like to find a friendly builder who has offcuts that he is currently throwing away!

Have a great week, everybody – full of inspiration and creativity.


  1. You're having so much fun with these tea bag creations Shoshi!
    have you seen "The DIva's challenge this week...spirals.
    I have link on my sidebar.

  2. I was telling my daughter about your tea bag art and she gave me some tea bags that the tea is fruit and herbal and will dye different colors so I think I might give this a try. I love the diamond look. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #49

  3. It's lovely watching your progress with this project and how you experiment.
    Have a good week. Don't be overdoing it.
    Lynn xx

  4. Still loving those teabags and you had a good idea to print out and try different things before you use the original. I had a look at your last post and the melting fun you had. Some of the holey ones look like coral. They would make a great underwater texture painting.
    Have a great week and enjoy playing with the teabags.
    Von #23

  5. Hi there! Good to see you're having a load of fun with the tea bag're getting some results!!
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xx

  6. No idea where it came from but I once had a lab coat sent (Tyvek) which led to lots of cutting up. Beg old envelopes too.
    Great teabag things going on in your studio Shoshi, this has really taken off - have fun!
    Hugs, Neet 40 cc

  7. So if we pop over to yours for a cuppa, we'd really be helping you out in your art journey too! We only use loose leaf tea in our house, so no teabag art for me, lol!

    Brenda 68

  8. Sounds as if you've been having a wonderfully creative time--I have to go see what you've melted!!!

    Happy woyww to you!
    #16 this week with a
    jewelry organizer

  9. I am trying to drink more tea as I want to attach the dried bags to a journal page but not getting very far with it.
    I love Tyvek but you are right it does seem quite pricey, would love to know if you find anywhere to get it cheaper. Didn't know builders use it, what do they use it for?
    I have been using Vilene interfacing as that melts too.
    Happy crafting, Angela #59

  10. Hi Shoshi, glad you are feeling better. I have to go investigate what Tyvek is- I might need it! lol.I do agree, that 'noncraft name' versions of anything are always way cheaper- I hate being treated as a cash cow! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #33 xxx

  11. Glad to see you back I your craft space, Shoshi. Trust you are much better now. You certainly seem to have a great deal of fun with the iron and hot gun!!!
    Margaret #85

  12. Boy Shoshi that is true dedication teabag hv loads of patience.. great wotk. Glad we found one another on Pinterest. I use ot to see if really need new stash.. ie look up item ther seechow its used do I still like it etc. Helps with dies folders a lot on buying ban tho now :)
    Shaz in Oz. X#15 on mobile

  13. Love your tea bag backgrounds. Very vintage. I am making a vintage wedding mini album soon. I may have to do this to get that nice stained look. I get my tyvek from the post office. When I go to get some for mailings, if I have an extra one left over I put it aside for crafts.
    Now off to the races (I mean grocery store).

  14. Surely you can just stain another piece...and then they're all originals? Can you tell I'd rather do that than use a computer!!
    Ah Tyvek..its come such a long way as the brand of preferred waterproof building membrane!!

  15. Good idea to scan it since it does take time to make, with all the details. Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS @3


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