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Not a great deal this week, as far as I am concerned – more teabag art, in the form of creating marks on watercolour paper by drying the used teabags. By the way, I have a ready supply of good quality watercolour paper – before we moved house I rescued a whole lot from the waste bin, which my hubby had thrown away – failed paintings, but with perfectly good blank backs which he could have used himself, had he thought of it!!

Here’s a general view of my ARTHaven this week.

WOYWW 252 Gen View

On the left you can see the album I’m making about Dad’s life – no more progress on that lately, but it’s still out, and not forgotten! On the main work desk are some teabag drying papers. The white unit on the right is one of the special pull-out units on castors – its normal place is under the work desk, but pulled out, it gives me room to sit, and also provides another surface to put things on. Its shelves are used to store cardstock and miscellaneous papers. On top are more teabag drying papers, including the one I am drawing tiny Zentangles on, and you can also see my acrylic polymer film with the tea in it.

Last Sunday, I was given a whole lot of used pyramid teabags at church – rescued out of the bin and covered with coffee grounds! I don’t think I can use pyramid bags for art, but thought they might make some interesting marks (including the coffee grounds) – actually the picture of them drying is rather attractive in itself!

35 Pyramid Teabags Drying

Here is a closer shot of the papers on the main work desk – you can see the result of the pyramid bag drying process on the right.

36 Teabag Drying Papers

Having finished the first diamond-pattern sheet and being so pleased with it, I’ve decided to create another one, and this is in the centre.

This week I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on my knitting, and have just started work on the first sleeve, picking up stitches around the armhole.

01 Beginning the First Sleeve

Here’s a close up shot.

02 Beginning the First Sleeve Detail

I am writing this post on Tuesday evening. Tomorrow is Mum’s 93rd birthday and I am doing a lunch party for her – our friend Margaret is coming, and also my cousin, but Mum doesn’t know she’s coming so it will be a surprise! I’ve been very busy over the past few days cooking a tarragon chicken casserole and making a sticky toffee pavlova. We are having smoked salmon to start, garnished with some tomato roses that I made while having a cup of tea this afternoon! If I am not too busy and caught up with events tomorrow, and if I’m not too exhausted, I’ll try and remember to take some photos and do a blog post. It will be a busy day!

Have a great week, everyone, full of inspiration and creativity.


  1. Have a lovely party with your Mum.93 is a good age!!wow!!

  2. Wow! Aren't you a woman of many talents?!!! Love your ART haven! So organized! What i would give to have my craft room like that!!! patsy

  3. The things you can do with a teabag are endless. I quite like the picture of all the pyramid bags covered in coffee. Every time I see your craft room I let out a huge sigh, so gorgeous and roomy, not that I'm jealous or anything (cough cough).
    Have a wonderful lunch for your mum, I'm drooling at the sound of the food. I'm sure she'll have a fabulous day.
    Take care and have a great week,
    Von #48

  4. Just LOVE your curving desk... *sigh* And yes, I rather like the shot of the drying teabags...
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 50

  5. Happy birthday to your mum! Have a lovely day!

  6. Lovely crafty goings on Shoshi and how swell your mother is 93 .. happy birthday indeedy!
    Clever crafty goings on, happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #47

  7. love the teabag art not seen that before makes fab a coffee drinker wouldn't work..i dont leave any ! Your craft room is ace I would love to have a similar layout. many happy returns to your mother I hope you al have a fabulous time best wishes and crafty hugs Andrea #45

  8. It took me a while to comment, I was laughing so hard from the little pic you have top right of your blog.. Quality! I've played with tea as in drips and splodges but never patterns with the bags, it gives a great effect. I love your tangling in the ones below.
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy {was #6 now #23}

  9. I love the patterns those teabags made! I used to use them with the kids at school for ageing treasure maps!
    Happy Birthday to your mum, tomorrow!
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xx

  10. You can however dip the tea bags in paraffin and use them to start a fire instead of fire lighters you can buy commercially! I collect and dry mine for one of my students. She says this way it does not make the glass in front of her fire go black! #63

  11. Your knitting looks great, and I hope you have a wonderful party for your Mum. My Mum will be 90 this year - aren't we lucky daughters?! Have a great week. Chrysalis 53

  12. Oh, I am a big tea drinker and never seen the bags used in this way. What a clever idea and great way to get more out of a bag! I will have to give that a try! Your sweater is coming along fabulous love the colors and patterned. Have a fab time with your mom and family for her birthday (menu has me hungry just thinking about it!) Winnie#71

  13. Shoshi the dinner sounds fabulous especially the sticky toffee pavlova. I am assuming the tea bags are backgrounds for journals perhaps.
    have a great week and party.
    Monica 43

  14. Hello Shoshi. I do find your teabag art so fascinating. Your knitting is brilliant as well. Happy birthday to your mum- I hope she has a wonderful day. The lunch menu sounds yummy. Anne x #28

  15. Oh wow. I like how those pyramid tea bags mark the paper, although I've never heard of that type of bag before.

    Hope you are having fun with your mother today. What a milestone. I'm sure she will enjoy whatever you have planned. Happy WOYWW from # 15.

  16. Happy birthday to your mum. Trust she is loving her new home, and is well settled with you both.
    I rather like the triangular teabags just as a photo. The sort of thing people would make a jigsaw from!!
    The knitting is amazing. Never seen one where you pick up stitches for the sleeves like that - fascinating.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #22

  17. Hope you enjoy your party, happy birthday to your mum.
    Love the patterns on your knitting.
    Happy crafting, Angela #27

  18. Lovely to see your work area and the progress on your tea bag staining and your knitting, Shoshi!

    Happy Birthday to your Mum!!! I hope she doesn't keel over from the surprise; ya kinda have to watch surprises at that age don't you?! I know at my age, I would pee myself if nothing else. Oh, sorry. Was that out loud? I'm sure you had a good time!! Hugs, Darnell

  19. A blessed and joyful birthday to your Mum, Shoshi! What a blessing to have her at 93 and still looking lovely! That toffee pavlova looks so yummy. It makes me want to taste some!
    Your ARTHaven looks it's title. Great place to play!
    Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@19

  20. Great long shot view of your desk. It looks like a great place to go play. Could you make teabag flowers with those triangle teabags? I actually thought thy were flowers in the photo of them drying.


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