Wednesday, 23 April 2014


To find out what all this “wowwing” is about, click on the WOYWW link in my sidebar, which will take you to Julia’s blog where all will be revealed.

Two weeks ago I promised you that some Exciting News was in the offing Chez Shosh. Unfortunately it hadn’t arrived in time for last week’s WOYWW but on Thursday a Very Exciting Parcel arrived…

02 Cover Removed

My beautiful new sewing machine! (For those of you who don’t visit my blog between WOYWW hops, you can read all about it here.)

So far, I haven’t even managed to plug it in, because I have a sudden deadline on a different project, which I really must crack on with – there’s a lot of work involved so I’m afraid my New Baby will have to wait for a while!

To this week’s WOYWW, and I have various things to show you around my ARTHaven. On the first work surface, under the window, I have laid out a large quantity of teabags for final drying off after they’ve been removed from the watercolour paper. They must be fully dry before I can extract the tea and use the bags – if I put them away damp, they will go mouldy. I’ve got the ladies well trained at church now, and I think they are becoming accustomed to the extreme weirdness of their newest member of the congregation! This week I was given a large quantity of teabags, not only from Sunday itself, but rescued from the bin; these latter ones are always covered with coffee grounds and I have to wash them when I get home! For the past couple of days this has been the state of things in my ARTHaven:

37 Lots of Church Teabags Drying

Anyway, back to my desk today – a couple of days ago I had a massive tidy-up and it’s all looking pretty organised now! To the right of the teabags you can see my small laptop, and beside it the iMac, which has now found its way back upstairs. I have been busy working on some videos and at the same time learning Final Cut Pro X, my new video editing software – because I’m on a steep learning curve, everything takes a long time to do!

WOYWW 255a Teabags Drying and Computers

My main work area:

WOYWW 255b Main Work Area - Recycled Mini-Album

On the left, the small grey square thing is the touch pad (mouse replacement) for the iMac. In the centre you can see the new project I’m working on, which is a mini-album made entirely of recycled materials – I have drafted several blog posts about it which I have not yet uploaded because I am still working on the associated videos. The stage I’m at today is covering all the pages with black gesso in readiness for the artwork. Watch this space for progress – one I’ve finished giving the pages their final coat, the exciting stuff should begin!

Moving further around the room to the sewing corner, you can see the new sewing machine sitting in its place of honour, with its cover on. In front of it is a small sample piece with teabags pinned to a tea-dyed piece of fabric, waiting to be stitched. To the right, more teabags drying, and an ever-increasing pile of watercolour papers with teabag stains on them.

WOYWW 255c Sewing Area

Mummy’s Little Helper – earlier yesterday afternoon.

Phoebe Using ARTHaven Wheelchair 220-04-14

Phoebe is a good little girl and I’d be happy for her to spend time with me in my ARTHaven, but I have to ban them both because Beatrice is a total pain – she rummages in everything and pulls things out, and as soon as my back is turned (and often not even waiting for that) she’s all over everything, and she’d walk through wet paint given half a chance! She’s the nosiest cat I have ever known.

Final picture for today, taken one day last week – another shot of the two of them with four eagle eyes firmly fixed on my hubby’s supper again – not fish cakes this time, but pizza!

Going After Daddy's Supper 2 - Gravy on Nose 16-4-14

Absolutely no progress to report on the knitting this week – it hasn’t been out of the bag.

Have a great week, everybody, and may your creative mojo never depart!

Regarding my blog posts on the mini-album, these will appear on the correct dates, i.e. the blog posts reflecting the work done on that particular day, so they will appear before this post, chronologically. This is for my own  purposes, so I know when I did what. There will also be a post about creating substrates for the teabags, as soon as I have finished editing that video. It all takes a very long time and I’m getting quite behind with it all!


  1. Oh those nosy kitties! Lots going on with your desk.Isn't it lovely you're all settled and starting to enjoy your special space.All that building trauma is behind you now.Have fun this week
    Judy xx

  2. I feel tired just reading all that you accomplish! Your new machine looks great!

  3. Look at your pretty kitties :)
    Have a Happy WOYWW, Shoshi!
    no. 2

  4. Your work space is wonderful and so many lovely goodies on show. You are well stocked up on tea bags,thanks to your friends.
    My art work featured in this weeks WOYWW is also on a used tea bag.

  5. Hi Shoshi - our pesky cat is just like yours - lovely, but a real pain when you're trying to do anything - always wanting to 'help'! Your work room is wonderful! Have a great week, Chris # 19 xx

  6. Wonderful pics of your arthaven Shoshi. So much activity! Its a pain when you can't get to play with your latest 'toy' straight way, isn't it?Love the cats pic again- I've had cats that adore cheese- one could smell it from two floors up as soon as it was removed from the fridge! Ambrose loves it too, but unfortunately, it does not like him!So he's banned. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #44 xxx

  7. Oh my Shoshi you sound so busy!! Don't wear yourself out!! I have to confess I don't like my feline companion in my craft room - she too is a rummager and the sound of rustling paper drives me nuts!! You do know you are going to end with far too many teabags to ever use don't you? LOL, Happy WOYWW, Cindy #56

  8. That's a how lot of tea bags!
    Your cats make me chuckle - I knew dogs were like that around food but not cats too
    Happy Wednesday

  9. Look at you with your wonderful room missus and your super shiny machine.
    Have a good week and don't overdo it
    Lynn x

  10. MY head is spinning after reading all that your doing! Goodness girl, when do you sleep?
    Krisha #74

  11. Well, you certainly won't die of boredom down there, Shoshi!!! you are extremely busy!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #49

  12. Hello Shoshi I am in awe of all you do. Fabulous new machine. I have a Phoebe - my granddaughter :-) and her sister Ella - both can be very noisy and love a rummage in my craft supplies. Happy WOYWW Anne x #37

  13. I was thinking that you sure drink a lot of tea but now I see it's from the church as well, so not so bad :) Do you know what you are going to do with them yet or is it a WIP. That sure is a very fancy looking sewing machine, I bet you can't wait to play with it. Those naughty pussies are at it again I see. I have the same trouble when I do the paint spatter on canvasses. I have to do it outside as it is really messy and if I turn away my chicken tries to walk on it and eat the spots of paint! Pets just love to help don't they.
    Have fun with the video editing, I sure don't have the patience for that.
    Have a great week,
    Von #13

  14. Hi Shoshi
    happy WOYWW. Sorry I am running late. Oh what an awesome new sewing machine...I amn sure you will have fun with it when you do get to plug it in. Teabags...oh and more teabags LOL...have fun with those too. Love the cats...I have a wicked white one here too who gets into everything as well!
    Annette In Oz #8

  15. oh all looks so exciting in your ARTheaven... new sewing machine - how great!
    I have to check what you do with the tea bags. I love using unused tea filters to draw birds on them (if you like to have a look :)
    Cheers, Jana #93

  16. The cats are just interested Lol!
    Gorgeous machine would love to have a go with that.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 48


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