Wednesday, 7 May 2014


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Not a great deal of activity on my desk today – I often seem to be between jobs when WOYWW comes round again, so I tend to have cleared a lot of stuff away.


I haven’t done much on the mini-album this week, but I have been thinking about the spine cover, and have been playing around with some corrugated cardboard which I think will form the cover for the actual spine, with a piece of roofing felt painted black covering the whole thing and extending a little way onto the front and back boards of the book. I was looking online for instructions for creating headbands on books (the decorative corded piece that protects the top of the spine when the book is pulled from a bookshelf) and entered the whole wonderful world of book binding – how I would LOVE to get involved with that!! Anyway, the headband has to be added to the completed signatures before they are bound in the cover, which is a different approach from this recycled dried milk box project, so I shall have to forget that for this project.

Immediately to the left of the album and the piece of cardboard are a couple of painted black pages that fell out – obviously a weak Christmas card that split when I stitched through it. No matter – I can use these sheets for tag pockets etc. Underneath them are the end papers.

At the back of the desk you can see the bowl with the talc, and the fat soft paintbrush for applying it to prevent the pages from sticking together. My posh Bosch glue gun is to the right. One of my better investments! It’s an awesome tool. You certainly get what you pay for.

Far right at the back: some teabags and tea-dyed fabrics waiting for me to get back to my teabag art. There continue to be heaps of teabags in varying stages of dryness arranged around the rest of the room! At church coffee on Sunday I got so carried away with the conversation I was having with someone that I completely forgot to ask for any teabags!!

The most important thing on my desk this week is the completed bee-themed card on the right – a new home card that I made from my new Stampin’ Up supplies. You can read all about it here. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Underneath is an Ikea mirror that I painted some time ago (you can see it here) – this will accompany the card, as a house-warming present. Pale green crackle glazed background with painted daisies in acrylics.

Underneath everything is my black and brown scrap sheet that I clean my brushes and stamps on. I have several in different colour schemes and the colours build up nicely till they make great sheets for projects, or background sheets to photograph things against. Trying not to waste anything chez Shosh!

Happy WOYWW everyone.


  1. you say not much going on but it looks fab! have a great week. Helen 13

  2. I was just starting bookbinding when I had the stroke... I'd had the 1st weekend class which I just loved!! Sadly, you really need two hands to create books :(
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 7

  3. You've been busy, Shoshi. I like the idea of using talc to prevent pages from sticking, so thanks for sharing. Blessings and happy WOYWW! #52

  4. That is a posh glue gun. Wonderful projects. Love the bee themed card...very cool! Be well Carole #59

  5. What a great idea in your last para! Must try to remember that. I love the idea of a housewarming card to match the pressie - they'll love it. Have a great week, Chris # 47

  6. LOVE that glue gun! I have so many cheapies that leak all over the place. Must look into one of these.

    I have been caught up in the book making phenomenon, but not nearly as advanced as you. I do like giving new things a try.

    Have a great week
    Krisha #18

  7. Well done, Shoshi. Lots going on - even though you think it id all packed away somewhere else!
    Trust you are both well, and that your own health is holding up when you are so busy.
    Take care. God bless,
    Margaret #28

  8. Hi Shoshi, hope you are keeping well. Love the bee card and the mirror, I'm sure they will both be well received. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #36

  9. Book binding is really addictive. I bought the tread, the board and the glue then got into other things. I swore I would never bind a book but the stitching was the hook. So have fun making it.
    Monica 64.

  10. Shoshi, that mirror with the flower on is absolutely beautiful,wonderful present for someone.
    I'm fascinated by this teabag art, it sounds intriguing.
    Chris #32

  11. Hello Shsohi.

    It's long time ago, that i leave a comment. But I have much to do with Kids an Family and sometimes too little time. But now, i take time for this.
    Your Posts are very interesting ind inspire me. I hope you and your Housband will be good.

    Many Greetings from Germany and lots of love.

  12. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing - Nicky 11


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