Saturday, 23 August 2014

Picnic at Babbacome Bay

After all that life has thrown at us lately, my hubby, bless him, suggested going out today, so I made a nice picnic and we took ourselves off to Babbacombe Bay, not too far from home. The road down to the seaside is pretty alarming as it is very narrow and twisty, and probably the steepest hill I’ve ever been down!

The weather was dry and mostly sunny, but there was a cool breeze so it certainly wasn’t tropical… Very pleasant, in fact!

As usual on our outings, I took lots of photos. Here is a solitary gull on a rock.

01 Seagull on Rock

An added bonus today was a visit by the Red Arrows. Here is a circular trail.

02 Red Arrows Trail

Multi-coloured trails.

07 Red Arrows Trail

The beach with the village beyond. We had our picnic on a seat at this spot.

03 View of the Village

Beautiful clouds.

04 Clouds

More gulls on the rocks.

05 Seagulls on Rocks

This is the cliff that collapsed during the severe winter storms. There was a house on the edge of the cliff which collapsed into the sea. And we think we’ve got problems…

06 Collapsed Cliff

The path down to the sea.

08 Path Down to the Sea

Beautiful pink rocks.

09 Pink Rocks

A pink streak in the cliffs.

10 Rock Cliffs

Smooth eroded rocks.

11 Eroded Rocks

Crystalline inclusions in the rocks.

12 Crystalline Inclusions

More crystalline inclusions.

13 Crystalline Inclusions

Towering cliffs.

14 Towering Cliffs


15 Fishing

The Cary Arms pub from below.

16 The Carey Arms from Below

Finally, a series of pictures of the beautiful texture created by the transparent sea over the pebbles underneath. I love the sheen of the surface and the blending of the colours.

17 Water Texture

18 Water Texture

19 Water Texture

I love our outings to the beautiful coastline in our part of the world. We are so blessed to have all this on our doorstep! It was lovely seeing all the holiday-makers enjoying a Saturday at the seaside, and hearing the children’s happy voices. A lovely, relaxed outing!

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