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As for my desk this week, I am in the middle of a rather special card project – a bereavement card. These are always rather difficult to do, as we all know, and this one is for the family of a friend of mine who died on Sunday after a long battle with cancer. I am in the middle of composing a blog post about the making of the card so I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but if you are interested, watch this space, and I’ll be uploading it in a day or two. It is a Christian card and I want to reflect the two aspects of any Christian death – the natural bereavement and loss, and the certain knowledge that the deceased person has gone to be with the Lord Jesus in glory.

Taking a leaf out of Helen Allen’s book and doing something “bejewelled” – I recently rose to her challenge to follow her example and make my own version of her “Bejewelled Card” – I with this current card, have again stepped somewhat out of my comfort zone and have gone all blingy again, and enjoyed selecting lots of different Stickles! The bottom half of the card looks very dark on the photo, but it’s actually gold mirror card.


I’m afraid the rest of my desk is pretty much as it was last week, even down to the same dirty paint water! (I wonder how many weeks I can leave that there before I’m no longer nice to be near…)

To the right of the bereavement card is the teabag stain/Zentangle thank you card which I made last week.

My hubby took Mum to the surgery again today, and the warfarin hasn’t made any difference to her blood so they have had to increase the dose. They also re-dressed the wound on her arm where Phoebe scratched her two weeks ago, and although it isn’t infected (the course of antibiotics she was on has obviously done the trick), it hasn’t healed at all… Her skin is very poor at aged 93. She is having the dressing changed regularly so they will keep a good eye on it. My poor hubby spends his entire time since his retirement ferrying one or other of us to the hospital or surgery, and picking up prescriptions – he is also having to take himself off to the dentist tomorrow to have a collapsed tooth extracted – as it’s at the back and not visible, we decided this was a better option than having to fork out goodness knows how much for a crown!! (He has a crown in my opinion anyway because he’s so wonderful!!) And now Beatrice is off her food again and losing weight… He will have to take her back to the vet. She may have another urinary tract infection. All this never seems to ease up, and I really want him to have a bit of a break so he can enjoy his retirement!!!

Have a great week, everyone, full of inspiration and creativity. Happy WOYWW!


  1. Sympathy cards are always difficult, but you will do great. Re other troubles, believe me things will get better eventually. Been there and doing. Francesca #36

  2. Bereavement cards are hard, particularly as they aren't the sort of card we tend to 'stock', so they are usually for someone we have known. I'm perfectly sure that your efforts will be cherished long after the cards have come down.

  3. Sorry to hear you have lost someone. I have had a few friends lose people mainly to accidents, so sad. Yes your hubby needs a crown, he can have one of the presents in your box that will be on its way , unfortunately I entrusted it to hubby and he forgot so I will have to take it tot the post office on Friday after work and post it myself. No crown for my husband lol
    Bridget #4

  4. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend - I'm sure the card you make will be greatly appreciated as well as being a beautiful piece of art. I hope you have a good week, with less of the unpleasant and more of the enjoyable!
    Diana x

  5. Sympathy cards are never an easy one, I have actually started making a few to keep in hand but generally prefer to make them more personal. Have a good week and happy crafting, Angela x 49

  6. Sorry to hear of your bereavement, but at least if the person knew the Lord we can have comfort knowing that after death he/she is with Jesus and is no longer suffering. Tht card does look good, and will bring comfort to the family.
    Your OH sounds like a real star, do hope the dentist visit isn't too stressful for him.
    Bless him, he sounds like a real saint.
    Chris #52

  7. Sorry to hear of your friend's passing. What we can see of your card looks fabulous. Sympathy cards are hard but it sounds like you've taken a good stance--mourn the loss but celebrate the life. The zentangle thank you is pretty nifty too. Declare the pot of dirty water a science project and no one can complain. I mean, science, you know! PJ #59

  8. Your husband deserves a medal, bless him. Hope the visit to the dentist isn't too awful for him.....
    Bereavement cards are always tricky aren't they, to get just right. Yours looks lovely and I'm sure will be a comfort to the family.
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  9. Hi Shoshi, blimey you are having a week of stress, aren't you? The elderly take so much time to heal, my Mum has a scratch on her leg that is taking forever, like you Mom she keeps having to have it redressed. Glad she didn't get an infection though, that would have been very worrying for you. Poor Beatrice, give her a hug from me. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #16 xxx

  10. Art Heals. making our own cards we both get some comfort from the process.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Robyn 7

  11. Sounds like a busy week! Hope Mum & hubby are ok x
    Debs x

  12. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's death. But, oh, what consolation, to know with a certainty that she is enjoying Jesus face to face!!
    It will indeed take time for your mum's arm to heal. John fell the day he came out of hospital (May 29th), and the wound on his leg is still not quite healed over - nearly, but not quite. The critical care nurse has dressed it with Inodine - brilliant stuff. Iodine soaked pad which goes under a dry dressing. Amazing! His lack of healing is because of the constant high levels of steroids.
    trust poor hubby gets a let up soon in all his activity, so he can do something for himself.... give him our love.
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, I'll post the photos next Wednesday!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  13. Sorry to hear of your loss. Such cards are difficult - I've had to make several this year. Your husband sounds a lovely man. I am lucky that mine does an awful lot to help as well. I am lucky. Happy WOYWW Anne x #33

  14. Boing---boing--boing
    I've had a cat who ate rubber bands before so I know about the surprise in the litter box. B-O-I-N-G-!
    I too became vigilant about rubber bands, even at work where the cat is not, even at other people's houses, even though the cat passed years ago. Never trust a loose rubber band.

  15. Bereavement cards are definitely not easy to make, especially when you have to write the sentiment. I hope you Mum is doing better. Take care of yourself and blessings!

  16. I can't wait to see the whole card...sorry for your loss! I love your sweet words about a Christan death. My muddy water stays hanging around for who know how long too!

    Your hubby sounds so kind. Aging is hard and we are having some issues with FIL. We love them so much that we are happy to help but the emotional roller coaster is the tough bit.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Thanks for sharing your space!
    XO Tam Hess #74

  17. Awwwwh, what a wonderful hubby you have! At lease your not having to bare the full load alone.

    Hope things will start looking up for you and your family.

    Krisha #61

  18. You've got a lot going on, Shoshi. Your projects look great! I am sorry for the need for a sympathy card; I'm sure it will be beautiful. Your DH really does sound like a saint and, like a saint, I'm sure he enjoys being of use to you and your mum. I hope his visit to the dentist and the vet go well and that your mum finally heals! Thanks for coming to see me! Happy WOYWW!! Hugs, Darnell #19

  19. Hi shoshi
    I find bereavement cards are very hard so I usually make them as simple as possible. I did notice the water pot and had to laugh when I read it was the same pot as last week. another week at least don't you think?

  20. Oh dear, you are going through it at the moment Shoshi. Hope the problem with mum is cleared up soon, I know how it can be with warfarin - nasty drug but essential in so many cases.
    Sorry to hear about Beatrice, I hope it is nothing serious and she is soon back eating - a worry with our furry babes.
    What a lot of thought you are putting into making that card, that is wonderful.
    Take care, Hugs, Neet xx 14


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