Wednesday, 17 December 2014


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Sorry folks – couldn’t get online last night and then this a.m. forgot all about uploading this post and signing up for WOYWW! Better late than never, I suppose. It is still Wednesday, after all!!

My main work area has been cleared now that I have finished my recycled mini-album, so nothing of interest to photograph! However, this is the work surface on the other side of the room, where I have dumped all the soaps, bath bombs and bath melts that I’ve made in the soap making class, together with some wrapping materials, ready to wrap them and prettify them ready to give away! You can also see the box which contains my essential oils and other bits and pieces, and the bottles of my home-made infused lavender oil.


Please see my previous post for details of the final three soap making classes and some photos of the soaps etc. that I made. I simply hadn’t the time to keep up to date with posting about those, being so busy completing the album, and there’s been lots of other stuff going on, too. My mum had 3 TIAs last Thursday and in the late afternoon we found her on the floor and couldn’t get her up, so she ended up in hospital for a few days. She made a good recovery and came home again yesterday. We are busy trying to get things organised for her so she is safer around the house. There is no guarantee she won’t have more of these mini-strokes and they could be the prelude to a big one, but all we can do is continue to give her her warfarin and hope for the best.

With my hubby’s broken wrist and not being allowed to drive, this has complicated matters considerably. Thank goodness all our amenities are close by, because we’ve had to rely on taxis and lifts. It is likely that he will have to remain in plaster for another four weeks after Christmas until they are sure that the tiny, but very important, bone, has mended properly. Never rains but it pours, does it.

I have heard from the hospital with details of my upcoming colonoscopy which is now to take place in January. That will be nice to look forward to in the New Year (not…)!

Yesterday I managed to pick up my knitting again and am working on the final stage, picking up the stitches for the neck. I am hoping to finish it this week and hopefully have some photos of it for you to see.

Happy WOYWW, everybody, and again, my apologies for visiting so few of you last week.


  1. I've just enjoyed your previous post about the soap making - you've produced some lovely stuff and I'm sure it will be very much appreciated by the recipients. I must say I do love your old leather cases - they look fantastic piled up like that. So glad your mum is home and recovering well, fingers crossed she won't have any more for a long long time, especially as she's on Warfarin - that should help hugely. I hope you enjoy your Christmas and don't worry too much about the colonoscopy - I'm waiting for a small operation in the New Year too - I hate having it hanging over me, especially over Christmas, but I suppose it could be worse - they could have called me in this week to have it done!

  2. You're well in time, Soshi. Some parts of the world have only just got going. Soap making class! How cool! Hope your husband's wrist heals soon and don't let your upcoming medical ruin your holidays! My brother in law had it done and he said it wasn't as bad as he'd expected. Have a crafty Christmas! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #24

  3. Hi, Shoshi. Sorry to hear about your Mom and about your hubby's wrist. I hope things get better.
    Your soaps look beautiful. I'm sure the recipients will be very happy with them.
    Happy WOYWW.

  4. No apologies needed my dear, seems like you need a really good cup of tea and a sit down with a warm and fuzzy friend. So nice to meet you I love the lavender oil. Ahhhhhh.Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing.

    Pat 49

  5. Gosh, Shoshi, what a lot's been happening on the medical front with you! Hugs to Mum and your DH (some people will do anything to get out of Christmas washing up! Only joking) My Mum has had several TIAs over the past couple of years, and I pray that yours will bounce back as well as her. Do take care of yourselves, and enjoy a peaceful Christmas. Hugs, Chris # 8

  6. Hi Shoshi, your bath bombs and melts look very nice, I am sure they smell very nice also.
    Oh a broken wrist is no fun, I had that some years ago and it does take some time. Don't be afraid of the colonoscopy, it sounds worse than it is and you can have some relaxation, which makes it easier.
    Happy holidays and take care
    Gabriele 19

  7. any place I leave my supplies is a desk! healing light to all!
    thanks for visiting,
    Robyn 7

  8. Ooh, I would love to learn how to make soap--I will have to put that on my long list of things I want to do! Hope your mother and hubby heal quickly. Hugs. Happy WOYWW a Little Late! Sandy Leigh #41

  9. Hi Shoshi, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog this week, and leaving a comment.
    Gosh girl! you do have your hands full and can I see why your wanting a quiet Christmas.
    Taking care of parents is an emotional, and physical task as their health diminishes. I have been in those shoes more than once, so take care of yourself too.
    I've made soaps and it is so much fun and rewarding to do.......and to give as gifts! Who doesn't like getting them, and think about it......everybody needs soap (whether they use it or not....LOL)
    Sending you Christmas hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  10. Ah the soap making has been fab, must have been quite a retreat amongst all the hustle of your poor old Dh being broken! You've done so well to finish the album too. Your poor mum too, it's such am perry isn't it, hope she can live with some confidence though.

  11. Your soaps look great, sorry to hear of hubbys broken wrist, hope he heals well.
    Bridget #16

  12. ah wodnerful work dear Shoshi on all those pressies made :D and sorry to hear of mum and hubby's malaise pray for speedy healing :D
    Happy WOYWW, and every blessing of the CHRISTmas season, Shaz in Oz.x #4


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