Tuesday, 7 April 2015

She's coming home!!!

I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Shoshi is due to come home this afternoon! 

I saw N this morning & he had been in and seen her this morning & all going to plan should be picking her up later today. N's face is beginning to look a bit less bruised and he was his usual lovely self. A friend who is an ex-nurse is coming to stay for a little while to help Shoshi adapt to being home again so everything is looking great.

It's a glorious day here so a perfect day to come home.

If I hear any more I'll update you, but hopefully the next 'voice' you'll hear will be Shoshi herself. It may well be a while until she's up to being on the laptop, but I know she'll be on as soon as she can.

Thanks so much everyone for keeping up with her journey. I've sent print outs of your comments in several times & she's loved reading them. I know it means the world that you're all there supporting and thinking of her.

Lucy x

Here it is at last on her way home with her new bear Rupert named after the consultant. He was in a local charity shop with a note saying 'Please take me home' - so I did! Also a pic of our lovely river Dart with paddle steamer Kingswear Castle  heading for Totnes. I long to get my old speedboat Sundancer on the water



  1. Dear Shoshi - such good news - you should be home now. Look forward to 'hearing from you via your blogs. Take good care of each other - thanks to Lucy for keeping us up to date. Hugs Anne x

  2. Great to hear you will be home soon. Take care, Angela x

  3. That's such good news! It sounds as if everything went as expected so here's to reading posts from Shoshi herself with all the latest news! Enjoy the lovely weather!

  4. Great news! Listen to your doctor and you will soon be up and around.
    We always feel so much better in our own bed :)

  5. Oh, that's wonderful that Shoshi is going home...she'll recuperate so much better there. And possibly can sit out in the beautiful sunshine :-)
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  6. How awesome!!! I'm so glad you are home, Shoshi, and I hope things go VERY well for you.

  7. So pleased you are well enough to go home - that's fantastic news, and I bet you can't wait for a quiet night's sleep! A big thank you to your friend Lucy and your wonderful hubby for keeping us all up to date in blogland - it's been very much appreciated. I hope you settle in to your new routine without any problems - here's to a speedy recovery.
    Sending hugs,
    Diana xx

  8. Welcome home Shoshi, you look very good and bright and happy in that hospital bed with all your furry friends. Home is a great place to be and I am sure you cant wait. Poor N he must have felt left behind so he had his little mishap so tell him we love him too and give him a hug so he doesnt feel left out
    take care xoxoxoox
    WOYWW is missing you

  9. I am so happy she is coming home and on the road to recovery. Sorry I have not been as diligent about popping in to check on you; things have been a little crazy here with Spring clean up going on. Thinking of you!

  10. That is great news! As is the fact that a friend is staying for a while to look after you Shoshi! I hope you will be reading this comment yourself later today. Will you be in the bed with the lovely 'heaven'?
    Many blessings,

  11. Soshi what a wonderful email to receive to know you are coming home today, do please take it easy and rest and let everyone else help you. Lucy, thank you for all your updates you have been a wonderful friend that has kept the world up to date with our dear dear Soshi.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda


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