Saturday, 4 April 2015

Update 4th April

I saw N a couple of days ago. To say he looked like he'd taken a beating after his fall is an understatement! Big black eyes and lots and lots of bruising. He was in good spirits and felt fine so it appears to be cosmetic. The lovely man had tried to hide the damage from Shoshi when he went in the day after the trip....... unsurprisingly she wasn't convinced when he wasn't taking his woolly bobble hat off!!! The result was a few tears and worries that he had no one to look after him. The nurses on the ward then saw and gave him a good telling off and marched him off to A&E to be checked out! All assessments passed so he's doing fine. 

Shoshi loved the printed out blog comments. N left them with her to read through at her leisure. She was definitely feeling the love and send love to all of you. 

I spoke to N last night & had this email so here's the latest update.

Have a lovely Easter All of you

Lucy xxx

S cheerful today and at last improving, eating adult but simple food, walking better, showered and hair washed and back in the land of the looking forward to being home. This may happen on Mon/Tuesday. I am a lot happier now, but apprehensive about having her here, but it will work out. We are looking after bagging all on our own, and I just wish it had been me as Shoshi finds it hard,ed but will get into a routine soon.
My bruised face and head looks like a ninja panda but is healing well.
All in all a better day and we send our love. 

N & Shoshi


  1. So glad you are feeling a bit better Shoshi. I hope you learn to cope with the changes soon and hopefully you will still have support when you get home until you get more used to everything. I hope N's bruises heal quickly and THANKS to Lucy for keeping us up to date. HAPPY EASTER to you all.

  2. Love and best wishes to you both, Angela x

  3. I'm glad Nicholas is OK after his fall. Praise God you are improving and getting better every day. The healing process is such a miracle! Dealing with the bag is fiddly, especially with a new stoma, but you'll get used to it and you'll have the backup of the stoma nurse.
    In 30 minutes it will be Easter morning! Oh glorious day! Happy Easter!

    Living, He loved me
    Dying, He saved me
    Buried, He carried my sins far away
    Rising, He justified freely forever
    One day He's coming
    Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

  4. Dear Shoshi, Nicholas and Lucy - thank you for sharing the updates, I have been following but am so sorry to learn of the various trials each of you have had to endure including the nasty falls of Nicholas and Lucy - falls are so horrid and really shake you up, even more so when you're supporting someone in hospital. So sorry also to hear of Shoshi's bad experience with the injection - Don had a similar experience in Poole hospital many years ago where a nurse just jabbed the needle in and administered an antibio very fast - it was so painful for him. Health professionals should know better!! It leaves awful bruising as well when the injections are administered badly!

    Anyway rant over (but it does annoy me to read things like that!) our thoughts are with you all and overall we are pleased the surgery went ahead and hope that Shoshi recovers quickly, much love to you all xxxxxx

  5. Thanks for the updates Lucy! Sounds like Shoshi is well on the way to recovery! Go Shoshi! I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations when you feel a bit better! xx

  6. Gosh what a horrible ordeal for Nicholas, he really should take it easy at least he went and had himself checked out and all was OK. Shoshi must of been beside herself not being there for him and wanting to care for him. Ah the trials and tribulations of life are sent to challenge us all the time. So pleased to hear Shoshi was up and showered nothing like a good clean and then back to bed afterwards. Thank you Lucy for all you are doing in posting on the blog, I am always looking to see how things are going might not be able to reply straight away but I am thinking good healing thoughts for the both of them all the time.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  7. Please can you pass on my love and hugs to Shoshi...thank you for the updates. I have been thinking about her a lot and sending positive thoughts and hugs :-)
    Lunch Lady Jan xxxx

  8. Dear Shoshi, just doing some catching up as out of blog land for while due to family issues down under, am not brave like you, and so don't put it online, but very thankful that they went ahead with your op with all the delays it just was a huge relief all around!!
    Praying now the return home goes well, and the LORD enables in the readjustment for you.

    Also praying for DH head, and grateful the nursing staff had him checked out as that is what I first thought when I read it.
    Love and God bless and keep you all - in all the new learning steps.
    Big bloggy hugs,
    Shaz in Oz.x


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