Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WOYWW 345 - More ARTHaven Tidying

Edited Tues. evening – I’ve just realised it’s Wednesday tomorrow and another WOYWW day, and as this post is all about my creative space I thought I’d make it a WOYWW post – a day early, especially as tomorrow is a pretty busy day.

I had another session in the studio this morning, trying to tidy up. I’m doing pretty well. It’s too tiring to do more than a bit at a time but I reckon I’m over half way now, and the main work area is now looking so tidy that I can feel Mr. Dormant Mojo stirring his stumps at last!

First of all here’s my main work area. I even emptied the paint jar (I’m notorious for leaving dirty paint jars for weeks at a time…) – it was green! No, not with mould but because the last thing I used was green paint!

The little basket is new. We had it for Christmas with a “mini-hamper” of goodies from a friend and I thought it would be handy to put my scraps of card in for my Card Factory, which I shall be getting going on again soon, I hope.

Main Work Area Tidied 12-1-16

It will be so nice to have it messy again but this time with art, not junk dumped there!

Here’s the display area, tidied up and rearranged. I like to ring the changes every now and then, and put out different things. Some of it is my own work but the rest is lovely gifts I have received from others. My dad made the wooden book rest and I love it.

Display Area Tidied 12-1-16

Finally, here’s the other side of the room, opposite the window – this is officially my textile area, with a small drawing area on the right. At the moment it’s even worse because it’s the only dumping ground area left!

Textile Zone Still a Dumping Ground 12-1-16

That’s the last bit to tidy. Eventually I shall go through the big shelves on the right (not visible in the picture) against the wall that divides the studio from the office section – there’s a lot of stuff in there that needs sorting and weeding out.

My energy levels are still very low. I can do short bursts of activity and then need to get back on the recliner again. While resting, I’ve been catching up with my online contacts – emails, forums, blogs etc. and that takes time – but it’s most enjoyable (thank you everyone for being so lovely and making me want to chat with you!). I get easily fatigued with the M.E. but I think this is also due to the chemo which leaves one very tired for quite a long time. Just got to go with the flow and enjoy all my activities and then crash out in between.

Out for lunch again tomorrow, and a grocery delivery early evening, then the dentist on Thursday (ugh) and another lunch out on Sunday. I’m really busy at the moment!


  1. Lovely to see such a beautifully organised and tidy space - I'm not including the last photo in that comment!! But it must feel great that you have broken the back of it and the end of the task is in sight! I always work so much better in a clutter-free environment! I hope you have a lovely time at your lunches and good luck with the creativity - Mr Mojo needs to stop snoozing - there's serious art to be done!
    Have a great week,
    Diana x

  2. Have enjoyed looking at you wonderful work space - love the journal page on the stand your dad made you.

    Hope all goes well at the dentist and take it easy.

    Linda #21

  3. HI Shoshi, good job there. It takes a while, but a good sort out and tidy up makes the world of difference! Lovely art journal pages, I remember seeing that tiger page being blogged quite a while ago! Have a good week, and keep up with getting all the rest you need, Hugs to you both, Shaz #5 xxx

  4. your craft room is looking great, especially like your display area. Vicky#4

  5. Hi Soshi, What a lovely tidy space. You've certainly done well. Don't you over do it though. What a beautiful tiger. Have a good week. Barbxx #39

  6. Hi Shoshi, great to see you've made such a big start on your craftroom clean up. I find a tidy up is a great way to help my mojo too. You've been through a lot so it's good to lisiten to your body and take it easy, enjoy your week RobynO#36

  7. Oh Shoshi, you reminded me I have to make an appointment to see the dentist when I get back - not my favourite person - not even remotely on my list of acquaintances.
    Thanks for the look at your work area again - I love how you built your studio all that time ago. Don't stress on getting it to how you like, your health is far more important, so baby steps and rest please.
    Hugs, Neet 3 x

  8. I love your display area and the book rest your dad made. Whenever I make something I always display it for a few days, until I make something else and then that piece takes its place. I just don't have the room to display everything at the same time. I'm dreaming of a studio where the walls are covered with art! One can only dream...Happy WOYWW Shoshi! Enjoy your time out - obviously, I don't mean the dentist, LOL!

  9. Hi, Shoshi. You have a beautiful workspace. The bookrest that your dad made is lovely. So nice to have precious keepsakes like that, isn't it? Glad to read that your creative spirit is finding its way home. That's very good news! I've heard from others too about how chemo knocks the stuffing out of a body for a long time. Hang in there. better times are surely on their way.

  10. Nice to see your desk! Lots of lovely things going on. Best to take it one step at a time. Don't tire yourself out!

    Sharon #50

  11. Pleased to hear you're keeping busy. We have had a lovely day today, only just come in and the sun has just gone down. Loads of snow and lots of sun means lots of fun. Take care and happy woyww, Angela x 17

  12. Your tidy work area does seem to be calling you! It's so ready for your craftiness! Hope your dentist appt. goes well and you get to feeling better and better!
    Carol N #47

  13. I love the "other" side of your room, your textile area -hope you enjoy your lunches and have time and energy to craft soon. Helen #1

  14. This is turning out to be a fantastic organization. I have decided to keep on top of mine, so, if someone gives me something, or I should actually happen to buy something, I will be forced to put it in its proper place and not just throw it helter skelter into a drawer of like products. I can tell you have definitely turned the corner on your organization process.

    BTW, I saw the post below, and like your choices of categories. I own one of those Handmade by stamps, and use it to add my E and Bleubeard's paw print. It's a great stamp, isn't it? Happy WOYWW from #2.

  15. Brilliant work girly, I don't think there are many of us that could summon up more than short bursts of energy for the job you've undertaken! By the left though, isn't it looking good...no wonder your mojo feels like climbing out...it is disturbed by too much tidy!!

  16. Happy WOYWW. Fab to see your wonderful craft area again. Hope that the dental appointment goes ok. I need to go again next month (after having one tooth taken out last time) and not looking forward to it. It is now suspected that I have CFS as well as the Fibro, as some of my symptoms can be attributed to it. I am not sure though, as my fatigue does not seem to be as bad as my friends who have ME. I know that I am lucky really, as I do manage to keep fairly active at home (although travelling is still proving to be a big struggle for me). Ali x #37

  17. oh YAY the tidy parts look so inviting that I suspect the mojo will come out of hiding sooner rather than later since you are tackling the clean up in spurts. :) ~Stacy #57

  18. my craft room became the dump room over the holidays too! I think a lot of folks in the artie world had the same issues. I am resolved to get mine straightened up too! Little steps gets it done...When I was diagnosed with ME and FIbro I thought my world had ended...nope just changed a bit. Hope things are going well with the chemo. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #61

  19. Good that you are managing so much...
    Good luck with the rest of the tidy up but most importantly enjoy your lunches :D

  20. Just read your question about tea dyed rust. Green tea has the antioxidants and tannins that bind to rust. There is far less in other teas. So I suggest, if you want your paper or fabric to rust properly like mine did, you should use green tea. Other tea will probably work, just not as well. It's all in the science of it. BTW, if you don't have rusty bits, you can use steel wool and it will rust quickly when you add vinegar (and possibly a bit of salt).

    As for the fabric, I'm in a swap, and my theme and pages will be rust. That's why I had to get started because I have to be ready before Feb. 1.

  21. Wow- you've managed so much tidying......I feel like I'm not even making a dent in my crafty chaos!! My local crafty group has started doing challenges and I have just posted the January one on my blog.
    It would be great if you felt you could spread the word and maybe join in (it is just for fun and anything creative allowed). I'd love to have some other bloggers joining in and inspiring each other to try some new things. Your blog posts often inspire me to try something different. My nan bought me a felt kit for Christmas and it immediately reminded me of your great felt work you did on your course. I'll have to reread the posts before I have a go.
    Hope you are finding balance. Jellie xxx

  22. I just found your WONDERFUL blog today, checking out all the WOYWW, and I have enjoyed it SOOOO much. I wish I had known of it before today, but I will try to read everyday from now on, and try to catch up reading your archives. I wish you had the (Follow by e-mail) button, which is how I keep track and am able to read all the blogs every day. Hate to miss any of your posts. Love your craft table and supplies. I also have the same "Handmade By" rubber stamp, and forgot all about it. You have inspired me. Hugs from chilly WI


  23. Whoops, I found your(Follow by e-mail) button. I'm good to go, thanks....YaY


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