Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Another busy week and not much done on the creative front. Here’s what’s on my desk today.

I have been cutting up some chicken packaging:

Chicken Packaging 1 19-1-16

Chicken Packaging 2 19-1-16

This clear plastic has an interesting textured surface and is fun to add to mixed media projects. Here’s some I used in my recycled mini-album in 2014.

04 Chicken Packaging

06 Three Generations Detail

What I cut up this week will be put in my stash for future use. With a coat of gesso (in the above example, black) and mabe some dry brushing with colour, some Perfect Pearls, and/or some gilding wax, it ceases to look anything like chicken packaging! I look at all rubbish with a fresh eye these days and ask “Can I make art out of this?” My hubby usually mocks and says “NO!” which I regard as a direct challenge to prove him wrong!

This week I have resurrected my Brainless Knitting. I started this last year while I was having my chemo – it was something I could work on with little thought. I am using oddments of 4-ply on a small circular needle, working in random stripes of colour separated by two rows of black, to make a scarf. To date, it now measures 31 inches. Slow progress, but at least my hands need not be idle even if my brain is!

Brainless Knitting 31 in 19-1-16

Anyone who has been following my Cancer Diary (see page tab at the top of this blog) will know that yesterday my hubby had a colonoscopy because over recent months he has experienced an altered bowel habit. All is well – they discovered a small area of diverticular disease. There is nothing to be done except for him to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fibre, and to drink plenty of fluids, and to take Immodium when necessary. We are both greatly relieved.

It was a difficult day, and felt really weird for me because it was exactly a year on, to the very day, when I had my colonoscopy when my cancer was diagnosed. I know dates are just dates and a man-made artifice, but I couldn’t help loading yesterday’s appointment with extra significance because of this. In a funny sort of way, my hubby’s benign diagnosis was cathartic for me, and brought a form of closure. Weird, maybe, but true for me, at any rate.

Because of our natural worry and concern over this, and my helping my hubby do his colonoscopy prep, as well as more social engagements recently, which I always find very tiring even though thoroughly enjoyable, I have been pretty wiped out in between, and preoccupied, so I haven’t done any more tidying in my ARTHaven (the last remaining bit is the textile zone on the opposite side of the room). Mr. Mojo is still very much lurking in the wings. Let’s hope things now begin to settle down somewhat, and he can again resume his rightful position Centre Stage! Watch this space.


  1. Happy WOYWW. What a relief re. your hubby's diagnosis. Chicken packaging! I had never thought of cutting that up for use in mixed media. The end result is stunning. Get plenty of rest, enjoy your knitting (I love that scarf) and do not rush into sorting out the rest of your ARThaven. Ali x #45

  2. Oh, that's what you meant by chicken packaging! That looks amazing! I once saved a couple of these, thinking I was going to use them in gelli printing but got mediocre results, so I chucked them. I've never thought of using them this way! I love your scarf too - great idea to divide the colours with the thing black stripes - it is visually very pleasing! Good to hear that your husband is OK and there's nothing to worry about! I bet you're relieved beyond words! I sometimes wonder if people produce symptoms of illnesses out of empathy! Hope you have a lovely week! Thanks for the tip on the chicken packaging!

  3. Phew! I'm so glad all is well. What a relief!
    Who'd have thought that one can use chicken packaging. What an idea. I am going to rummage the recycling box now! (luckily I always wash everything that goes in my recycling box)
    I do like that scarf. A very good idea to do it with round needles, that way you do not have to thing.
    Yes, you must be tires.... so relax and rest. Mr Mojo will be back don't worry.
    Have a good week,

  4. I am so glad things are going well. Glad to hear your husband is okay.

    I like the hat. It's very colourful. What a different idea for chicken packaging. Hadn't thought of that.

    Have a great week!
    Sharon K#52

  5. How interesting to use the plastic packaging. I would have never thought of that. And glad your hubby's colonscopy went well. And I love your very colorful scarf!! Don't push yourself! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #51

  6. Never ever would have thought to use that packaging, it really does add some great texture.

    The scarf is beautiful, one would never guess it's a result of Brainless Knitting!

    Glad to hear the husband is doing well, and you are doing well, too.

    Happy Woyww to you, Shoshi!
    #56 this week

  7. Hi Shoshi, I am so relieved to hear the results of Nicholas' test! It's marvellous news, Doug was pleased too when I told him. Love what you've done with the plastic. Have a wonderful week you two, lots of love & hugs, Shaz xxxxx

  8. I'm sending a big hug over to you, hope you've caught it.
    Lynn xx 11

  9. I'm so glad all is well with your husband. We have had about 5 inches of snow here today. A rare sight for East Tennessee! How creative to use bits of plastic on your projects! Glenda #31

  10. Love the brainless knitting. that is a very interesting texture indeed,
    Bridget #1

  11. I always am thinking of recycling things in my art, it also drives my husband up the walls. But the packaging of chicken? Is this hygienic? Vicky#66

  12. Glad things worked out ok with your hubby.
    Now I have seen your chicken packaging in use I want some - when I get back home I think I might need to buy a chicken. Thanks for the great tip!
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  13. I am very impressed with your husband's handiwork on the garden water feature. We have an old water slide by the swimming pool that the girls used to love when they were little. However, it's getting old and looking more like an eye sore. My wife and I have talked about building a water feature like yours in the corner where that old slide sits, but are not quite sure how to go about it. Anyway, I also LOVE your scarf, and would love to have one like it. If I only knew how to knit. Happy WOYWW to you and your husband, my friend!

  14. That's great news about your hubby - what a huge relief for you both. I love what you've done with the chicken packaging, and it really does look nothing like the packaging after your magic touch - you are so innovative! I love the knitting, I've never used circular needs, it's always seemed too tricky but I like the idea of Brainless Knitting - something I could use at stressful times in my life! Hope you and hubby are enjoying your good health - sorry I'm so late getting round this week, I'm all over the place with helping with and babysitting germ-ridden nephews!

  15. Hi Shoshi, thanks for the visit to mine. I'm still trying to get round as we have been away for two weeks and I haven't had much spare time but we are back now. Take care and happy crafting, Angela x


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