Wednesday, 16 March 2016

WOYWW 354–New Stash, Music and Decorating

Since there is no change in my desk since last week and not wanting to miss out on the fun of WOYWW, I thought I would share the new stash I bought in February. It’s on my desk somewhere under the clutter, and even though it was “posed” for the photos, it’s been there on every Wednesday, so I think it just about qualifies for a WOYWW post!

I have been so busy with other things lately that none of this stash has yet seen the light of day or got its feet wet with ink!

After our wonderful Diana Taylor posted over recent weeks on using things she hadn’t used recently, including some fabulous flower stamps and dies which I quite fell in love with, I got the details from her and ordered them – they are the Heartfelt ones in the pink packaging. I also raided Ebay for some more new flower stamps because I don’t have many. The ones on the right are smaller than I’d hoped but they will still be useful, and the ones at the bottom can be mixed and matched for layering or making 3-D flowers if I want.

Flower Stamps and Perfect Pearls Feb 16

The box on the right is Bo-Nash Fuse It. It’s like the glue on the back of Bondaweb, but in powder form. I bought this for sprinkling on fused Angelina fibre so that I can apply it to projects – this stuff fuses beautifully to itself but not to anything else! Centre stage are the final Perfect Pearls to complete my set. Below the Perfect Pearls is a new pot of gold embossing powder.

While looking for new flower stamps, I found the new PaperArtsy Eclectica Collection by Lin Brown.

PaperArtsy Flower Stamps Feb 16

I also bought the companion stencils.

PaperArtsy Stencils Feb 16

I was totally blown away by these, particularly after viewing the Youtube video with all the projects people have made using them – I simply couldn’t resist!

One day (soon, I hope!) I shall get back into the studio and start playing with all these goodies.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to work hard on my guitar and singing technique. Here are my fingertips today – just over a fortnight on from when I started.

Finger Calluses 16-3-16

They are less tender now, and they look a lot worse than they feel! You can see that there has been some bleeding under the skin. They definitely feel harder now so I’m almost there!

I have been working on strengthening my left hand by squeezing the rubber ball my hubby used for the same purpose when he broke his wrist. Today I discovered some good exercises online for increasing flexibility, stretch and dexterity in the fretting (left) hand, with some excellent Youtube videos.

I have noticed since I started singing again that there is weakness in my middle register, and looking online again for advice on this, I came across Felicia Ricci, an amazing singing teacher who is enthusiastic and fun, and who explains things which are hard to put into words – I know I am going to benefit from this.

I spoke to my minister after church on Sunday and he said to email him when I felt I was ready to sing, and he’d fix it. It won’t be long now!

We are also about to redecorate our gloomy and cluttered sitting room, which doesn’t get a lot of natural light. At present the walls are cream, and we have far too much stuff in there. The lighting is very poor, so the electrician is coming to see if we can have wall lights. We are going to replace the cream paint with white, with small accents of a nice sunny bright orange. My hubby took me to B&Q yesterday (he said, “I know how to give a girl a good time” lol!) to buy the paint. I have ordered a new storage cabinet/bookcase to replace the ugly white painted shelves and this will be a lot less dominant. We spend a lot of time in there, and it certainly needs a facelift. Photos will follow! Now that Mum is no longer in the flat, we are going to move some of the stuff through there and use it while ours is out of action, which will be nicer in the evenings because it is at the back of house and gets the afternoon sun. Watch this space.

My hubby has been working hard in the garden and it’s all beginning to look lovely. We can’t wait for our rock plants to start growing. The water feature is looking great.

Happy WOYWW everybody and may we all have a fulfilling and creative week, whatever form that creativity may take!


  1. So lovely to read about your activities and projects after your difficult year!

  2. The pic of your fingertips took me back in time! I played the cello to quite a high standard in my youth and my fingers were always tough and calloused. Gut strings weren't so bad but metal strings played havoc. That, combined with years of piano playing, have meant that I don't have any fingerprints left (!) and the touch screen till in the Oxfam shop where I volunteer hates me :-) I'm glad you're enjoying playing and singing again, music is good for the soul!
    Hugs, LLJ 11 xx

  3. Morning Shoshi. Ouch! Those fingers may not feel so bad now, but they still look painful. I would be in the same state if I tried to play the guitar for any length of time now. I also find my voice is nowhere like it used to be. (But then, I am older than I used to be!!) 1st soprano - Top C no hassle at all - but no longer. Some days I can barely reach the C above middle C now!!!!! Other days it's better! Most inconsistent now...
    Hope you soon get the time to play with all that new stash.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #16

  4. Hi Shoshi, it is good to hear you sounding so upbeat and full of enthusiasm. It's hard to find it, I know, after our journey, but it's there when we dig deep enough. All it takes is one little thing to light the tinder, and away we go. Doug has been teaching himself to play bass guitar with a PC program/game called Rocksmith, and he has been doing all the finger stretching exercises, as well as developing the calluses on his fingers. He said they were another casualty of my time in hospital- he didn't have time to play, so they vanished. He had to start all over again when I was out. Love and hugs to you both, Shaz xxx

  5. Hi Shoshi, the fingers look familiar though I am afraid to say I gave up with the guitar as I started learning about the same time as I was taking my exams at school and I just didn't have the staying power. I am not that much better now as I started learning to play the saxophone but got distracted with that too, I need to pay for lessons really then I might just keep it up. Thank you so much for the visit to mine and hope you enjoy playing with the new stash. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 22

  6. Fantastic stash, Shoshi, I especially like the stencils. You'll have so much fun with these. It took a lot of self-constraint not to order any of these after watching that video! All those projects look gorgeous! Hope you'll get back in your studio soon! Your fingers do look daya bit sore - you must have been practicing a lot! Hope to hear some of your music one day when you're feeling more confident!

  7. Love your new toys and I think it is wonderful that you are re-discovering the guitar and your voice! Can't wait to see photos of the finished room. Have a great rest of the week!
    Glenda #21

  8. What a lovely stash. I love buying things but then can't figure out what to do with them. Like my perfect pearls. I gave them but haven't really used them. Look forward to see what you do with them!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #32

  9. auch, that looks painful. And you should put your guitar to the side for a moment so you're able to play with all those fab new supplies (and your fingers can heal then too) Happy WOYWW, Vicky#9

  10. Your fingers are looking good. Sometimes when I'm sitting around watching TV at night I work my finger tips into my thumbnail. It helps build those callouses, too. Once your fingers are toughened up you will get much clearer and sweeter notes.

  11. Those fingers do look painful - but glad to hear they don't hurt much. I love all your new goods. The paper artsy stamps are fun. Even though you aren't doing any crafty fun it sounds like you're having fun getting back into the guitar playing and singing. LLJ is right - it's great for the soul!

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #45

  12. oh my, your poor fingers! you will love the Lin Brown stamps and stencils! Have a great week Helen #1

  13. Best of luck with the decorating ... we did our room some time ago and I am amazed at the difference to the light and the 'feel' of the room.
    Can't wait to see how our cards turn out.
    Take care and have a good week.
    Bishopsmate #29

  14. Ouch! on the fingers!! When you can't create you can always buy supplies, right?
    Love your new stash and wishing you wellness on those finger tips!!
    Happy Creating!!

  15. Gosh Shoshi, is there no end to your talents? I never knew you were a singer. Good luck with it and with those fingers that look so sore.
    Glad you are doing alright healthwise.
    Hugs and Thank You for visiting me earlier - Neet 18 xx

  16. Oh golly yes, we always like to see new stash, and you've definitely got the goods!

    There may be nothing new on your desk, but you've clearly been a busy woywwer with other projects, Miss Platypus! (Because it's always a good week when you can call someone "Miss Platypus")

    #52 this week

  17. That is a lot of flowers to play with I'm sure you'll have a fun time with them all. The perfect pearls I haven't used mine ages maybe I'll use them one day hugs Nikki 41

  18. I had to click on that youtube video. I can just hear you... 'made you look' LOL The flowers are not really 'my' taste but I had to see what got you all excited. Have a great week, sweetie! Creative Blessings! Kel #53

  19. Belated WOYWW and those fingers look sore. I love the flower stamps you have they will be a lot of fun to play with. Have a great week. Hugs~Anne L#36

  20. I´m glad your fingers are adjusting and less painful. Good for you for persevering.
    Those stamps are gorgeous. Especially the artsy ones. How will you use the stencils? They dont fit over the stamps do they?
    Project lounge sounds great. A dark room is not nice. It will be good to paint it in a lighter colour. How is mother? Is she doing OK in the home?
    See you next week,
    Greetings from sunny Spain,
    Have a good week,

  21. Thank you so much for the mention Shoshi, I hope you get as much fun out them as I have (although very belatedly in my case!). I have to say I absolutely love the seed head stencil and I could see so many uses for it. Paper Artsy do some fantastic things don't they. I laughed when I saw your fingers, mine look like that through using the glue gun - I get it everywhere and am always grabbing bits with hot glue on before remembering it's boiling hot! I am so in admiration of you getting up to sing in front of people - it's not something I could ever contemplate - I'm tone deaf and deep enough for a bass baritone when I try and sing. Good luck with it when you are ready to do it.
    Thanks for the lovely comments and I hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx


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