Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WOYWW 358–Misc Decorating

Still nothing on my desk I’m afraid, because we’ve been very busy with other things this week. Gary finished decorating our sitting room last week, and then did some odd jobs around the house that needed attention, including some priming of bits that had never got painted when we moved and the builders had finished – you know how it is, there are those pesky little bits that you never get round to doing, that you learn to live with until you cease to notice them, until the decorating bug bites again and suddenly you say “enough is enough!” I have been doing a bit of gloss and emulsion painting and then sleeping for 2 hours because I was so exhausted from the effort!

We also have some lamps that weren’t working and I’ve been attending to those. The black Ikea uplighter ceased working several months ago and my hubby said it was the dimmer switch. I’m not fussed about whether it dims or not, so yesterday I replaced the defunct switch with a normal one and lo and behold it works again! Nice. The fibre-optic lamp’s halogen bulb had gone and you have to take the lamp apart to replace the bulb, so it’s now in pieces awaiting the arrival of the replacement from Ebay, promised to arrive today. It didn’t. The cable for my work lamp (LED magnifier) has mysteriously vanished when we moved everything through to Mum’s flat in preparation for decorating. It has yet to turn up. We are still awaiting the arrival of the new chandelier which has been on order, due to arrive this week, we hope.

Once the decorative lamps are all working again and nicely arranged on the side table, and I’ve finished bringing stuff back into the room, I’ll upload the blog post I’m working on, charting the before, during and after of the redecorating of our sitting room. We are now using it again and it’s looking great – so bright and fresh, and the stencilling has worked a treat and looks really stylish. Watch this space.

So – miscellaneous decorating. First of all, the bi-fold doors to the airing cupboard.

01 Airing Cupboard Doors 1st Coat Gloss

These, and the rest of yesterday’s painting, all require a second coat. This gloss takes aaaages to dry and it’s still tacky! My cleaning lady is here today so I haven’t attempted a second coat, and will do it tomorrow, energy permitting. The rest of the utility room really needs decorating because only bits were done when the builders were altering it, and I’m going to use up the remaining green emulsion from the kitchen so it all matches – there are no doors in the doorways and you can see right through.

Up to the en-suite bathroom. The builders penetrated the wall into the old bathroom and created a doorway using the architrave from the utility room. When they removed it, it was quite damaged and I managed to patch it up and fill it as best as I could at the time. It remained patchy with the old cream paint and filler. It now has its first coat of new cream gloss.

02 Bathroom Architrave from Bedroom 1st Coat Gloss 12-4-16

Viewed from the other side you can see the door frame and new architrave created by the builders. This was just raw wood, with filler in the screw holes. Now also with its first coat of cream gloss after Gary primed it for me. (You can see the other side of it, and the arch into the loo, reflected in the mirror opposite!)

03 Bathroom Architrave from Bathroom 1st Coat Gloss 12-4-16

The threshold – likewise. Masking tape to remain until I’ve done the second coat.

04 Bathroom Threshold 1st Coat Gloss 12-4-16

Under the basin, the plasterboard at the back was a mess, with scorch marks from the blowtorch to melt the solder in the pipes, and it was discoloured and patchy. It now has its first coat of emulsion to match that on the arch visible in the first bathroom picture, and I’ve also painted the pipes. This space is where I keep my trolley that contains all my stoma supplies. You can see that in the first bathroom picture, too.

05 Under Bathroom Basin 1st Coat Emulsion 12-4-16

Finally, the water pipe from the high-level cistern in the loo, beyond the arch. There was still some green paint below the last remaining piece of dado, and a messy part where the old lead pipe was connected to the new plastic pipe. The first coat of cream gloss doesn’t fully cover the green, but I’m hoping another coat will do it.

06 Loo Pipe 1st Coat Gloss 12-4-16

It all looks so much better and more finished already! I am ashamed to say that these jobs have been waiting 2 1/2 years to be completed. I also had 2 boxes in the sitting room which had also been sitting around for 2 1/2 years waiting to be unpacked, containing ornaments and some other bits and pieces, and these are all unpacked now.

A few more finishing touches in the sitting room, and then we’ll have the Big Reveal!

Also last week, while the decorating was still going on, the windows man phoned to ask if he could come in about an hour’s time to replace our cloudy double-glazed units – he had a slot. We didn’t want to turn him down so we rushed around clearing the relevant rooms in front of the windows. They took down the grotty Venetian blind in the kitchen and I nearly killed myself cleaning it, rushing through the job to be finished in time for them to replace it before they left! It was still covered with builders’ dust etc. because the window is so large and high that I couldn’t reach it. Phew. What a job. Never again.

Phoebe, our younger cat, had another fit on Sunday evening, the second in a week. We phoned Auntie Megan, the vet, the next day and she said that it would be a few weeks till the increased dose of phenobarbital (started last week) takes effect. In a month’s time she wants to see her again and take more bloods and check her titre to make sure of the dose. This was the first time my hubby had seen her having a seizure – I’ve always had to deal with it on my own until now. She was very distressed and disoriented afterwards and needed lots of cuddles and reassurance.

In between all this, I have been trying to slot in at least 1/2 hour each day to practise my singing and guitar!

After all this work is finished, I’m really hoping to get back to my studio and do some ART!!

Happy WOYWW everybody, and a fruitful creative week ahead, in whatever direction that creativity takes you.


  1. Wow, you have been busy, but isn't it a great feeling when you get all those little jobs done. I'm really looking forward to seeing the big reveal and I hope you find a moment or two to get some art done this week.
    Diana x

  2. I am exhausted just reading all the work you have done! It will be wonderful when you are done though.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #44

  3. Goodness me, you've been busy... do you want to come here and do my decorating too? it badly needs doing here.. but there's so much stuff in the way!! Helen #1

  4. Hi Shoshi, no wonder you're tired! It's exhausting just to read it! Looking forward to the Big Reveal too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3xx

  5. Can you please and Gary round to me when you've finished with him as I've loads of jobs need doing. I promise to feed him cake and send him back after
    Lynn 13 xx

  6. So sorry to hear that Phoebe is still having seizures! Poor kitty doesn't know what's going on! Give her an extra cuddle from me! It's been lovely to have little snoop around your house, Shoshi, even with the warts and all! I know how it goes when little jobs get overlooked and then you learn to ignore them. We all have our dirty little secrets! I don't actually like people coming to my house for that reason - other than my son's 11-year-old friends but they don't count! I really hope to hear your guitar and singing one day! Glad you made WOYWW this week! I was afraid we were missing each other on alternate weeks!

  7. I have gradually replaced our Venetian blinds and will not be flattered or persuaded to have them again..waaaaay too much cleaning for me! You're doing a great job - two years is nothing!

  8. I hope everything works out with your cat. Hopefully it's just a time of adjustment and all will be well.

    The decorating looks beautiful. Perhaps I shall have to keep re-visiting to be inspired. I have to decorate the bedroom but haven't go around to it yet. STILL waiting for it to warm up a bit yet.

    Glad to see you here again!
    Sharon K #36

  9. Gosh someone's been busy and it all looks good too.
    Happy crafty woyww, Angela x 16

  10. Ah..those pesky little details that can only be ignored for just so long.We are in the middle of bathroom reno's.I have put that job off for 15 years!!!Good that you've seen to them.Must feel good- although exhausting!!

  11. Hellooo there my dear Shoshi!! I was thinking about you the other day, or more correctly I was thinking I had not made the effort to get in touch for an absolute AGE and berating myself accordingly. I was so pleased to see you linked up for WOYWW and to read such a happy post about your lovely home - I found an invoice today and realised that our bathroom (the last really big bit of redecorating/renovation we had done) was in fact 10 years ago - no wonder this house is looking tired! Do pace yourself my dear - although you sound like you have more energy than me!! Happy WOYWW Cindyxx

  12. have been busy! No wonder you haven't had time to craft! Elaine no 51

  13. Wow. Busy busy busy.

    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #29

  14. So sorry to hear about Phoebe, it must be very distressing for you as well as for her. Poor wee mite. Please give her a love from me.
    Well, your blog had me amazed at how much you have done. Please do not overdo it and make yourself ill or anything but I must say the work you are doing looks great.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  15. Wow! No holding you back now! Woman of many talents!

  16. Wow! You have been busy! Your redecorating is really effective and everything looks nice and refreshed. Don't tire yourself out though. It sounds as if you are doing a lot.
    I'm sorry to hear about phoebe having another fir. It is very distressing. I hope the Phenobarb takes effect soon.Poor kitty.
    Have you played in church yet? Was it Easter you were aiming at? Keep practicing otherwise your hard earned calusses will soften, lol.
    Have a great week,

  17. Oh dear poor Shoshi, all those lamp problems bring to mind the phrase 'The people that once on darkness sat!'I'm glad you have got new electric lights, as well as The Light.
    Chris #4


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