Wednesday, 20 April 2016

WOYWW 359–Narrow Boat Painting

Well, I have finally managed to get back in the studio this week and actually make some ART!!! Well, practise some, anyway.

WOYWW 359 20-4-16

Please see this post for details.

Today, after mapping out the designs to go on my hubby’s flower boxes, I started practising painting the roses. It’s been many, many years since I did any narrow boat painting and I’d more or less forgotten how to do it. This time I am working with acrylics and experiencing some problems – for starters, my yellow appears to be translucent, which isn’t what is required at all, so I’ve had to try using one of my pots of fluid acrylics instead, and it’s not really thick enough. Also, practising on white card hasn’t worked too well because the yellow doesn’t show up very well, so I tried doing some on red card but it’s not the right red and the orange doesn’t show up! My roses are not like the ones in the book either. Oh well, it’s early days, and practice makes perfect, I suppose.

If the paints really don’t work well enough I shall have to go back to my Humbrol enamels (if I’ve still got any… time to raid my hubby’s garage perhaps! – or fall back on the old faithful – Ebay.)

Hopefully I’ll manage to do a bit more tomorrow.

Happy WOYWW everybody, and a productive week ahead for all of us.


  1. well you really do turn your hand to anything don't you! I remember Humbrol enamels from my (long ago) days of model making! Did you ever track down some Infusions? Helen #1

  2. Nice art. Happy WOYWW - BJ #17.

  3. Hi Shoshi, I don't doubt you get it sorted. They look great to me from out here. What a blast from the past. I remember Humbrol paint from when my Hubby used to do modelling before we were married. Barbxx

  4. I'm sure you'll make it work. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week. Angela x

  5. I think your flowers look so pretty. I hope you didn't get frustrated and trash them. They would make such beautiful embellishments or a card background. I know you will probably laugh at this question. Can you get the little bottles of craft paints in your area? They retail price in the US for like a $1.00 and under. They are also called decor paints. The acrylics are more dense since they have more fillers. The one stroke artists just love them in my area. I know you have them in England but I am not sure what they are called in your area. I am the girl who it took four years to figure out what cotton wool was. I will always be grateful for Shaz teaching me that one. :) I know you know Shaz. :) I think your flowers are gorgeous. I don't see how you are out of practice. If that is out of practice then expert is going to be impressive.

  6. I've done some 'canal painting' to and have used acrylics without any prob, how strange. Perhaps over the years they have thinned it too much!! I think it's in The eye of the beholder, the yellow looks vivid on both sheets to me!

  7. Hi Shoshi, I'm sure it will all come together in the end. The whole art of the narrow boats is quite beautiful, isn't it? Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #8 xx

  8. Your little roses are looking great from here Shoshi, I think we are all taking a trip down memory lane when you mentioned Humbrol paint! Have you tried mixing your yellow with Titanium white to 'opaque it up a bit' - it might help a little. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog - I do hope you blog your velvet embossing if you decide to do your cushion cover - and no I haven't tried embossing Angelina fibres - to be honest I'm not sure what they are! I've heard them mentioned here and there but need to look into it - anything that can be embossed just isn't safe around me!

  9. Oh how funny Shoshi, as soon as I saw your card I knew why they 'rang a bell'! I frighten myself with my ability to look into interesting things and then end up making purchases, perhaps I saw the card during one of my belt-tightening moments, thus it got put on the back burner! Thank you so much for the link, I did enjoy re-visiting that beautiful fish and I am definitely going to try and find some Angelina fibres now!
    Good luck with the roses - hopefully you'll shortly find brushes, paints and colours are all working in harmony with you!!
    Thanks for the smile this morning,
    Diana x


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