Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WOYWW 377–Tidying, Technology and Time for Art

I have been tidying up! After literally months of looking briefly at the far side of my studio and then quickly averting my eyes because my constitution simply wasn’t strong enough to deal with the mess and how much energy it would take to tidy it, I decided on Monday to make a start. I spent an hour, at the end of which my back was aching (always a sign I’ve done too much) and it didn’t look that much different… In serious danger of becoming demoralised, I closed the door on it and had a rest. Yesterday I spent about 2 hours in there, not just finishing that bit of tidying, but also reorganising certain things – for instance putting a tray insert into the Really Useful Box that contains my Brushos, Dylusions paints and sprays, and now my Infusions. Ahhh, the satisfaction!!

Anyway, take a gander at the far side of the room now – my textile and drawing zone. Admit it, you are impressed. If you’re not, you should be after all my hard work haha!!

05 Textile and Drawing Zone Tidied 23-8-16

This is what it looked like before:

WOYWW 364 25-5-16 Messy Further Side

That picture was taken in May, and since then it had got worse… In addition to tidying it up, I’ve also replaced the grotty cardboard boxes that used to be on top of the shelving unit with nice plastic ones.

The main motivation for this grand tidy-up was that this afternoon a friend is coming for tea. She hasn’t been before – I only met her fairly recently, on the Moving On After Cancer course – she lives just round the corner from me. She said she was very interested in what I do and said she might bring something round to do, so hopefully we’ll be spending some time in there together, in between cake guzzling (I’ve been baking again today too, for the first time for ages).

I decided that in honour of her coming, I’d get out a few of my pieces, most of which you will have seen before. You can see my ZIAs (Zentangle-Inspired Art) propped up in the corner.

Here is my display area as it is today. Some of the work is mine, and the rest is lovely stuff that different people have sent me which I continue to treasure – if you look carefully you may see something you yourself have sent me!

06 Display Area 23-8-16

The small area between the display area and my main work area has always been a muddle. I have now organised it better, and brought a couple of magazine racks through from the office. The large envelopes they contain used to be propped up (well, falling over mostly) on the floor to the left of the fireplace, and were really difficult to get at. They contain things like waxed paper, masks, instructions for doing various techniques, etc. etc.

08 Area to Right of Main Work Area

The pull-out unit on the right, which fits under where I sit, but I never keep it there because that’s where I sit, and also it provides a useful surface, has now returned to being a cutting zone. Also in evidence is one of the many boxes I have that my stoma bags come in! They are a useful size for storing small things in.

This is the main work area, as it was on Tuesday evening.

07 Main Work Area 23-8=16

You can see the 12 x 12 background pieces I made recently with my new Infusions paints. On top of them is a small bowl with the little mixed media piece I’ve been working on, concurrently with my other project which is still under wraps – literally – it’s hiding in the bowl under the piece! In the bowl on the right are some bits and pieces for that project, including some things I cut with Sheba, who you can see sitting in all her new splendour on the left, with her new support tables which are working a treat! Better cuts all round.

I had to cut another frame for the project, so I decided to cut a spare, and filled the rest of the space with more butterflies. I did these a couple of days ago.

21 Cutting More Frames and Butterflies

There will be more on this once I’ve finished the project.

On the left of the previous picture, in front of Sheba, you can see part of a new project I’m working on – a small album about our wonderful walk through the woods with our friends recently. In front of the ribbon rack you can see the pieces of card that I have cut for the bases of the pages, and printouts of some of the photos I took.

This is what the main work area looked like earlier, when I was sorting through the printouts. I’ve also got out some sheets of parchment paper which are going to be used as pages in the album too, with Zentangle drawings on them.

01 Photo Printouts and Sorting the Pages

I’ve also been playing around with some of the flowers and leaves that I cut when doing my mask-and-spray technique with the Infusions – I’m definitely going to use some of these in the project. Everything is duplicated because I am going to make a virtually identical album for our friends who introduced us to that stunning place – I thought they might like a nice memento of our visit.

I’ll try and remember to take some photos of our tea later on, with my best china!

This week, as well, I’ve been wrestling with technology and trying to get the home network set up – I’ve never got it working satisfactorily before, but now at last I’ve got all the computers talking to each other. We also had a Sky engineer out twice, setting up our new SkyQ system which I am still getting used to. So it’s been a really busy week.

Happy WOYWW everybody, and a great creative and fun week ahead for one and all.


  1. Wow Shoshi, your craft area looks amazing. I can still remember moving into my shed years ago and bringing everything out of the house. It took ages to get straight; the biggest job was organising all my stamps by categories and putting them into labelled boxes - but the satisfaction is incredible! Enjoy meeting your friend - crafting is always more fun with a friend even if you are just getting on with your own work quietly. I am always far more motivated when my best friend comes over to craft. Sarah #30

  2. Just love your room - worth all the bother, at least that's what I tell myself with mine. Love the plastic boxes, my have to filch that idea for my stamps! lol
    Take care
    aka Bishopsmate #18

  3. Wow, that is neat and tidy! You've got so many different areas - separate display area, wow! I'm still just dreaming of something like this. You've done a good job with the tidying - your desk looks so inviting! Onwards and upwards, Shoshi! Have fun with your friend - she will be well impressed, I'll tell you, and more than a little jelly! It will be interesting to see what you do next with those butterflies and printouts.

  4. Shoshi, considering your recent recoveries, I think you did a bang on job!!!!! I have LOVED (and jealous of) your craft space since back when you were posting the construction!! What a treasure of a space! I love your ZIA's! Looks like you do yours like I do mine. Recently I have taken to water coloring them, which has been fun! Wish I could come around for some of that baking, from your most recent pictures of baked goodies, I think I would be sitting a spell! LOLOLOL! Best wishes for your creativity time with your new post pix! Make it a wonderful day and rest of the week!:) Felicia #32

  5. Your work area is neat as a pin! The prints you have look fab.
    Chris #26

  6. Hi Shoshi, love how the rooms looking. It is quite exhausting doing all that tidying though, I do agree. You will see from my blog my road to recovery has hit a bit of a speed bump! lol.Last MRI has shown a spot on my lung, so that is about to be dealt with.Today we Met the surgeon, really nice guy. Told us pretty much what we already knew, so no surprises, which is good! Intends to do the surgery end of September, beginning of October. Have a great week, Love to you both. Hugs, Shaz #3xxx

  7. Well Shoshi, I feel exhausted just reading about what you've been up to! I hope your tea went well today. I love the sound of your little album you are making, I think that's a lovely idea and I'm really looking forward to seeing it when it's finished (or as you progress with it!). Lovely to see your room all organised and clutter free - just ready for making more art, well done you for tackling it - I'm shutting the door on a rather ghastly little area in my house at the moment - it all needs sorting and some stuff needs to go in the loft but it's just been too hot to be bothered so I've put my head in the sand and I'm living with it - which is quite difficult for someone obsessed about everything being in it's place!!
    It's great to see Sheba in pride of place and I love those butterflies - and I also love that little pin cushions I espied right next to them - it's gorgeous!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana x

  8. Yep, I'm impressed!! Great job!!!
    Carol N #29

  9. Gosh Shoshi, so tidy! Pleased to see you're getting back into the mood for some crafting. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 16

  10. I love all the pictures of your crafting area. It feels good to do some organizing doesn't it?
    April #39

  11. Well done on that lovely tidy unit, and good luck with the sort out.. I need one here too because as you see, all I do is add to it! Hope you had a great time with your friend. Helen #1

  12. I think your room looks gorgeous. I know what you mean about being demoralized. I have a beautiful art room. It is so inspiring to a lot of people. I absolutely hate it. Isn't that funny? Every time I look at my room I just want to close the door, pack everything away and not do art. I tried to like it. I feel silly for not being grateful for having a beautiful room. It is not inspiring for me. This week I had a meltdown about it and started crying. My DH said to me "Why don't you change it?" I told him I felt back because of all the work we put into it. He said "You are not working in it so it has to change." He could care less about the time or money. Men really are from Mars, lol. I am grateful he is like that. I have come up with a new room. I am starting on it this weekend. I am so excited. Then I saw your blog post about your tidying up and I got even more inspired. Big thank you.

    1. Thank you Aiyana - I love that room! I am sorry you hate your room and I agree with your hubby that you should change it. It's sad not to be using it. So glad my post inspired you to get going! If you look back on my blog to the summer of 2013 you can see the construction of my studio from start to finish - it was a very exciting time!


  13. Happy Belated WOYWW. I managed to get my post linked up fairly early yesterday (up early with stomach cramps) and commented on all of the blogs on the list, but then got busy in the garden (well, about 40 minutes - which is a lot for me) and then we went out for an early pub meal, before coming home to watch the GBBO. So no more blog commenting! I am attempting to catch up today, but it is already getting dangerously close to lunchtime, and I have a lot on my to do list. Your newly tidied/organised room is looking fantastic. I am trying to do a bit in my room each day - still got a set of bookshelves to put together, and trying to get my mixed media stash close to my workdesk and in some sort of better order. Congratulations on appearing in two Zentangle books. I was tempted to get one of the new Silhouette Cameos yesterday, but thankfully they sold out on Create & Craft quickly, so that stopped me spending! Ali x #12

  14. When I get overwhelmed with a messy space, I just tidy 5 things every time I go into that room. Even after a day or two it starts to look good.Love what you have done so far.Tidying up is so good for the soul!
    Looks like an interesting project going on at your desk.

  15. Hello Shoshi. Great job on the clean up you have done and I am loving how you have done your storage. I know when organizing it does seem to take it time.....I have boxes in storage I am still having to go though and not looking forward to that task. Glad your new friend was able to come by and see your studio. Have a wonderful week and thank for visiting my blog earlier. Hugs ~Anne L#7

  16. What a beautiful work space. I am in the middle of trying to combine my mixed media and spinning/weaving all into one space. It is hard deciding what do I really use and what can go to someone else and make room for the things I need at hand.

  17. I'm late! Never mind.
    I'm also drop-in-a-faint very seriously impressed - a four or five hour clear up and look at it - perfection! It looks very welcoming too - I hope you had a lovely chatty time with your new chum.I don't know if you've noticed yourself, but I'm starting to think that you might have a bit of a 'thing' about butterflies.....I thin it must be the possibility of all the colours...

  18. Wow! You have been busy! I've missed you! Found a new doc myself and going thru' a battery of tests! Hope they figure me out! I sure hope there's some way I can follow you! I sent a message in your contact form, but not sure if that set me up on an email list! Anyway, so good to see you doing better and your studio looks BRILLIANT! ♥

  19. Just wanted to say thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate your kind and generous comments, especially as you aren't joining in this week. I hope you have lovely week and I shall be looking forward to seeing the special projects that have been under wraps!
    Thanks again,
    Diana x


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