Tuesday, 6 December 2016

WOYWW 392–More on Mamhead Album

This week I’ve managed to do a tiny bit more on the Mamhead Woods album that I am making to commemorate a walk we had with friends in the summer – a stunningly beautiful area of woodland outside Exeter, pretty well on our doorstep! How blessed we are to live in such a scenic part of the country.

Here is my drawing zone.

WOYWW 392 7-12-16

You can see some of the pages with the parchment overlay with tracings, now painted, and a couple of “logs” that I have made, lying on my light panel with its translucent cutting mat. On the left are some backgrounds, and at the back is my ATG gun, the wooden Turkish Delight box that holds my drawing pens, and various knives, scissors and other bits and pieces. Here are some detail shots of what I’ve been doing.

I’ve taken the photos with the parchment tracing overlays and added some colour. Here is the fern. I coloured it with coloured pencils in 3 shades of green.

24 Fern Tracing Coloured Green

I painted this one with gold Perfect Pearls.

25 Leaf Tracing Painted with Gold Perfect Pearls

This one was done with copper Perfect Pearls. Unfortunately the photo hasn’t really caught how shiny and metallic it looks.

26 Leaf Tracing Painted with Copper Perfect Pearls

The two metallic pages together. I am pleased with this effect.

27 Copper and Gold Leaf Tracings

I had a couple of small photos with purple flowers in amongst the greenery, and I searched through my collection of inked kitchen paper to see if anything would go. This particular sheet was used to mop up some Dylusions spray inks and I absolutely love the rich colour and the random patterns created in the paper. What’s brilliant about kitchen paper is that it is 2-ply, and you can pull the layers apart and get two identical sheets! For my two identical albums, this is ideal. I chose the best way to use the sheets and cut them in half.

The picture below shows how much better this inked kitchen paper looks against a purple background than with a white card backing, so I cut the pages from this purple card rather than using the white card pages I’ve used so far.

28 Inked Kitchen Paper and Card

I cut the kitchen paper slightly larger than the pages and stuck it down using soft matte gel medium, folding the edges round the back to give a nice clean finish.

29 Pages Made with Inked Kitchen Paper

Here are the two identical sets of pages side by side, with the photos in place, also stuck down with soft matte gel medium. As they are tending to curl as they dry, I have left them with some heavy books on top, and by morning they should be nice and flat.

30 Inked Kitchen Paper Pages with Photos

I was rummaging through the papers in my drawing zone and came across the teabag stains I made on watercolour paper – drying teabags in this way leaves fabulous marks that can be used for different things. So far I’ve mostly done tiny Zentangle drawings on them, but as I looked at these round teabag stains, I could imagine them as logs cut through, revealing the tree rings. I drew these with brown coloured pencils and then cut them out. I used the natural creases in the teabag stains to create the cracked effect of the logs.

22 Logs Cut from Teabag Stains

Here they are in close-up. I am amazed at how wood-like they have turned out! It was a real spur-of-the-moment decision to make these! I am probably going to use them to embellish the album covers.

23 Logs Cut from Teabag Stains Detail

My Skype interview with the lady from the forum went very well, and using the iPad Pro, I was able to show her the various art works that she was interested in for her feature, and to give her the guided tour of the studio. I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with on the forum, and I also asked her about our request for a specific art board to be set up. We spoke about the therapeutic benefits of art, and I said that although our request had been rejected because “all the boards are disease-related,” because so many people derive benefit from art when dealing with chronic illness and cancer etc., this aspect of life with illness should be accommodated. She said she would speak to the powers that be, and hopefully we will get there in the end! In preparation for the Skype call, I laid out a lot of stuff around my studio to show her. This is a montage of the photos I took of it all.

Photo Montage

That’s all the art for this week.

Today we went out for lunch and I was so impressed with the way that my chicken chorizo dish was served that I had to photograph it!

Chicken Dinner at the Devon Dumpling 6-12-16

My dessert was equally beautifully presented, but I was so eager to tuck into it that I completely forgot to photograph it.

Last week I did some more cooking, and got very excited by Jamie Oliver’s pork meatballs that he presented on his “Jamie’s Super Foods” programme, so I jotted down the recipe and made it. Full of wholesome ingredients, it was absolutely delicious and definitely one to make again!

Jamie Oliver's Pork Meatballs 30-11-16

There are red onions and apples in the gravy, amongst other things, and there is added fibre and goodness in the meatballs in the form of cannelloni beans. A good, wholesome winter warmer!

For ages I have been meaning to photograph the teddies in the window, and today I finally got round to it. Every day my hubby puts them out so they can look up and down the street, and passers by often look up and smile at them! He can’t remember why he suddenly started doing this, but it’s become a daily ritual for him and it gives people a lot of pleasure!

01 Teddies in the Window Front View

Phoebe’s operation went really well and the vet ended up removing a total of five teeth. She must have been in quite a bit of discomfort with them as they were not in a good state. The poor little thing had been confined to the bathroom all th previous night with the special non-absorbent litter in the tray, in order to get a urine sample, but she didn’t oblige – she spent the night crying and trying to get out! When she got to the vet’s apparently she produced a lake, after all that time, so they were able to get their sample! She was a bit disoriented when she got home but soon found her feet, and for the past few days she’s been extra clingy and affectionate, and very, very glad to be home, and presumably in a lot less pain now those rotten teeth have gone. She has slept a lot more than usual – she must have been exhausted by her ordeal!

Finally, as I was going to bed last night, I saw that both kitties had cuddled up together on my hubby’s chair. Two tight little balls. They so rarely touch each other, let alone sleep together! Amazing what a bit of cold weather will do.

Strange Bedfellows 5-12-16

Have a really creative week, everyone, and happy WOYWW.


  1. Awww, two furballs, so cute! Glad Phoebe got through the oreal ok - poor little mite! She must have thought you abandoned her and was so happy to be back home. Oreo is due his annual booster jab tomorrow - luckily the vet comes to our house so I don't have to take him. Loving the teddies in the window. So sweet of your hubby to be doing that every day!

    What you did with the teabag stains is amazing! So far, I've only used kitchen towels to stains, but I can see how it works on watercolour paper. The inked kitchen towels are so bright! I've given up on Dylusions - I always get into a pickle with them. I'm trying to use acrylic based inks now, which dry permanent, though are not as bright as Dylusions. I really wish I had half your patience and attention to detail - I always want quick results - I wouldn't have had the patience to outline so much foliage! Will be lovely to see your album when it is finished!

    Glad you found the time to do WOYWW - you're right behind me on the list - we must have posted at the same time!

  2. Hi Shoshi, glad the Skype call went well. It is indeed amazing how tree ring like those tea bag pieces are. Wonderful. My Mums cat had to have some teeth removed recently, for the same reason. Very hard when they can't tell us what is wrong. Love & hugs to you both, Shaz xxx

  3. Poor kitty! I hope she feels better now. I also have two cats, and would be VERY surprised to see them sleeping like this! I love your hubby's daily ritual, I imagine people have come to look forward to it! So sweet! I have ally my little Christmas teddys sitting on the stairs at Christmas, one on each step, and I'm amazed that the cats leave them alone! I LOVE the colors in that kitchen paper - so vibrant and brilliant! Thanks for sharing Lindart #26

  4. wow, mammoth post; great read! love those shimmery glittery projects and your dinner looks amazing! Helen #1

  5. Glad your kitty is feeling better. So traumatic. Poor thing.

    Your artwork you showed is just stunning. I love visiting your blog to see what's you've been up to. Great techniques with the paper towel. I'm glad the Skype session went well. I hope you get the result you want!

    Your dinner looks lovely. I can see why you had to take a photo of it. Very fancy.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #21

  6. I love the teddies in the window, makes me smile just thinking about it! I expect to a lot of people you're referred to as the 'teddy house ' or something like it. Love the woodland album, you're making great headway now, the vellum overlays are gorgeous, you must be very absorbed by the process.

  7. I so love those mop up cloths, the colours are fantastic. Loving your Zentagles too. Have agreat woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x 14


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