Tuesday, 20 December 2016


At the end of last week, I did manage to do a bit more on my woodland album but since then, a lot’s been going on and no further progress has been made.

Here’s my desk as it is today (Tues. evening).

WOYWW 394 21-12-16

On the pull-out unit front left you can see the pages I’ve done with their respective pairs. On the desk on the left, on top of my Zentangle album, is a pile of backgrounds including inked kitchen paper, and more backgrounds next to them. There are some embossing folders and texture plates to the right of that, and on the light panel is one of the Zentangle pages waiting for its pair to be made, which will be made from the black card to the right. I’m working equally between this drawing zone, and my main work area over the other side of the room.

Here are the three pages I have been working on.

72 Gold Tracing and Handmade Paper Page Pair

76 Copper Leaves Page Pair

78 Green Pages

I am particularly pleased with the first one! For further information, please scroll down to my previous two posts.

Health Update

After seeing the GP and being told to get a physio appointment about the nerve pain in my leg, I got an appointment for yesterday. When I arrived, I told her that I’d subsequently seen another GP at the practice, about the arthritis in my hand, and could she deal with both problems? She said they were only allowed to deal with one at a time! (Strange system…) – but because physio appointments can be self-referrals anyway, I could choose what I wanted to be seen about. I told her the second GP had thought the nerve pain could well be ME-related, and as long as it was better and well-regulated with the gabapentin, she was very happy to deal with the hand problem that was clearly more in need of her services.

She took my medical history (which took a while!) and asked whether I had had any blood tests or a scan of my hand, and whether they had suggested it might be rheumatoid arthritis – I said I’d been told it was osteo, and I’d had no investigations. She said it was definitely inflamed, and that I was doing the right thing with the ibuprofen gel. When she manipulated my finger, it hurt a lot less than I expected, but I’d put on some gel before coming out, which she agreed explained that – it really does help. She said the important thing with arthritic joints was to keep them moving, so she’s given me a hand-clenching exercise to keep doing on and off through the day, but stay within pain limits, i.e. stop when it hurts – and it helps to do it in a bowl of warm water. She said it was very important not to twist the joint – this has caused me excruciating pain – and to prevent that, to tape my index and middle fingers together. This makes a big difference but does hamper me in certain activities – more typos than usual, for instance! Taping is a fiddle and takes about 5 mins to do, as I have to put a piece of lint or similar between the fingers to stop them sticking together and going manky. I have ordered a couple of finger splints from Ebay that will do exactly the same job, but are put on with velcro and are thick and soft enough to keep the fingers slightly apart when in use. They will go on where the tapes currently are, between the finger joints. They will be much easier to put on, and maybe look a bit better too! Hopefully they will come before Christmas.

The support garments lady wasn’t able to come until yesterday, but I’ve seen her now, and she’s taken my pants away with her, marked with safety pins where they are to be altered. She said none of the alterations would be a problem. They will post them back to me once they are done, and if everything is OK, I can contact her again and she will order me 2 more pairs to make up my compliment of three that I’m allowed in a single year on prescription. I’m hoping Miss Piggy (hernia) will behave herself in the meantime and not get any bigger!!

Have a lovely time over Christmas everybody, and happy WOYWW.


  1. Your pages are looking lush, glad to hear that the physio wasn't as painful as expected. Hope you can obtain a definitive diagnosis and course of treatment

    Seasons Greetings and Happy WOYWW


  2. Hi Shoshi, loving all your pages. they are beautiful. Glad you are getting the hand pain sorted, it must be so awkward. I remember trying to type left handed only after I fractured my shoulder! Sending much love to you both, and wishing you a Happy 7 peaceful Christmas, from the two of us. XXXXX Shaz.

  3. Love how much work space you have Shoshi to layout all your pages like that. I usually have to move to the floor for that! Your new pages look great - I especially like the golden leaves! How ridiculous that they can only see you with one medical problem at the time - especially that sometimes they might be related! I laughed when I read that "you could choose what you wanted to be seen about"! Hope your arthritis can be managed well - you know Tamara Laporte - she has severe arthritis in her hands. I'm not sure which type, but she's had it for years, and she can still create stunning art day in day out, so it doesn't need to be debilitating! I find that very comforting in case I develop it as well further down the line. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Shoshi! xx

  4. Hi Shoshi. Hope all goes well with your physio - having a physio daughter I know that severe pain can be "inflicted"!!! Trusting you will both have a truly special Christmas.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  5. It sounds like things are looking up, and a bit more positive! Your pages are coming along beautifully! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas! Lindart #28

  6. Oh my, I love those panels...the middle one with the bronze leaves is my favourite!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 😊
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

  7. Good luck with the physio! I hope it helps. I had to have it on my ankle after I sprained it (and before surgery) and I remember how painful it was at times.

    I love your pages. Seeing the leaves and branches reminds me of the walks we took not too long ago when we could still see the leaves, they also remind me that those times will come around again. I'm off to check out your previous post!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season
    Sharon K #25

  8. Love those album pages, you've made them beautifully. I so agree about the gel, instant relief! .....for a short time ....
    Have a Christmas full of hugs and laughter.
    God Bless
    Christine #29

  9. sounds like the physio is going to help - as you say, a bit of a weird system but we shouldn't really be surprised, eh?! Glad you even had time to play! Hope you have a happy Christmas and all the best for a very healthy 2017. Helen #1

  10. Hi Shoshi, so much table space you have or maybe it's just that I am so untidy Lol! Take care and have a fun and Merry Christmas, Angela xXx 14

  11. Shoshi - here is the recipe link for the little cookies I had on my blog! http://www.cookingclassy.com/funfetti-shortbread-bites/ Lindart

  12. Happy Belated WOYWW and Merry Christmas. I have done very little crafting this week - and had a chuckle at your idea of not doing much. You seem to have created several gorgeous things! I love the copper (my latest addiction). Glad you are getting some help with your hands - and the proper finger splints sound a lot easier to cope with. Ali x #10

  13. Hello merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season. I so love all your creations they are so beautiful.I do hope you are feeling less pain soon as I know pain can be very exhausting on any day. Hugs Always -Anne L#5


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