Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Infusions Mini-Album–Working on the Pages and WOYWW 412

Having finished making my Infusions samples, I have sorted the order of them and decided how to assemble the album, with some of them being stuck to flattened toilet rolls to contain explanatory tags, and some stuck back to back. This is not a part of the project that I enjoy as it’s messy and tedious, and I find it hard to get the order correct for nice double-page spreads, and not muddling up left and right hand pages, and making sure the binding will be on the correct end for each one!

05 Creating  the Pages

The ones I did yesterday have been flattened under heavy books overnight and I am glad to see that the toilet rolls are now nice and flat. The toilet rolls are open at both ends (one end for the hidden binding, and the other to take the tag) and the sample sheets glued together back-to-back are left unglued at the binding end, so that I can slot in the hidden binding pieces when I’ve made them.

My desk is a shambles with all this activity!

WOYWW 412 26-4-17


In a few idle moments, I’ve finished the latest piece for our half-tester. I’m quite pleased with its bold primary colours against the plain blue background.

15 Plain Blue with Primary Colours


I am glad to report that both our elderly girlies seem to be a bit better now. After a day of staggering around as if drunk, with very wobbly back legs, Beatrice seems to have got much better and has been running around and having the occasional mad fit when she rushes around the house for no apparent reason! Phoebe is fairly subdued and has lost weight again, but she is eating, and seems to be enjoying the small, appetising pouches my hubby bought for her, and they both need feeding little and often. They have been enjoying the sunshine. We continue to keep a close eye on them. Here they are with my hubby, taken about 18 months ago.

Daddy Cuddling Beatrice & Phoebe 25-12-15

Dry Rot

The work is all complete as far as the dry rot is concerned – the new floorboards are down and the alcove where the old cupboard was has been plastered, and we are now waiting for the kitchen fitter to call round for a chat about how I want my walk-in pantry to be. Apparently he has a carpenter lined up to do the work, as he himself is fully booked till July, but he may do the doors for us, to match our existing kitchen, and one or other of them will need to complete the laminate floor so that it extends into the alcove. We are still managing fine in the small kitchen in the flat and I am quite used to it now.

20 Work Completed 20-4-17

Spring Cleaning

I have given most of our kitchen a thorough cleaning now, taking advantage of the absence of all the stuff that used to be out on the tops. I have started moving a few things back in, that are not in constant use, because I don’t think the work on the pantry will create much dust. I can’t do a lot at once, but it’s amazing how quickly things get done, doing a little at a time.

01 Kitchen - Window

It will be nice to be back in again! It’s all looking so bare.

Health Update

I’ve got an appointment tomorrow with my surgeon, three months on from my recent emergency operation to repair my parastomal hernia. He wants me to have further surgery to do a more permanent repair as they weren’t able to do more than a temporary job before, because I was too poorly. I have a nasty sneaky suspicion that the hernia has already come back, but maybe I’m being paranoid!

My next oncology appointment is in May, which I hope won’t coincide with the upcoming operation but I expect everything will work out OK. I am not worried about seeing her because I am quite sure everything is fine in that direction.

This afternoon the lady from the support garments firm is coming round yet again to try and sort out the problem I am having – I have one pair of support pants that fits perfectly, but they seem incapable of making up further identical ones for me – the third lot still don’t fit. I’m beginning to get a bit desperate to say the least – I’ve been waiting months for this. The lady who comes to see me is brilliant and it’s certainly not her fault, and she is doing her best for me. I hope this will be the final time and that this time they will actually produce something that is going to fit, and do the job it is supposed to do!


  1. I like your little book of samples and what a great idea using old toilet rolls - they always used to be a major part of my craft kit when I was a child, nearly everything involved a toilet roll innard or a cereal box! Your embroidery is beautiful and the little touches of blue in it bring it together so well with the bright blue background.
    I love the photo of your kitties with your hubby - they certainly look like the cats who got the cream as the saying goes!
    I hope everything goes well with your support garment lady - how frustrating having to wait months like that. Fingers crossed she's got it sorted this time.
    Diana x

  2. Hi Shoshi, good luck with the fitting, that must be so annoying. Good to hear everything else seems to be going well, lets hope you are indeed being paranoid, that would certainly be the best option! Kitchen is looking wonderful, and the pantry will be so useful. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #1 XxXx

  3. Your infusions album will look lovely once they're all assembled together. Sorry to hear about all your health problems - hope you manage toget them sorted... !

  4. Full post today, thank you for bringing us all up to date. Glad the kitties seema tad better today. Lovely photo of hubby and them.
    Job well done with the cleaning as well.
    Take care
    Christine #19

  5. Well I don't see a desk in shambles I really don't! it looks productive and controlled I must say, and I still draw an admiring breath at the rack of tapes!

  6. what a lot you have going on in all kinds of directions! wishing you success in each of those directions!! I hope you'll share your finished books.. It's something I've never really done because of the faffing of binding them but I should have a go after all these years of crafting! Helen #2

  7. Glad the dry rot problem has been taken care of. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Will be sending good thoughts your way. Keep your chin up!

    The album looks wonderful. Your desk certainly is a hive of activity.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon k #29

  8. I pass my TP tubes through my big shot to flatten them - sometimes spraying them first to make them damp as they seem to flatten easier that way :)

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday
    Bubbles #32

  9. Hi Shoshi. Love the mini album. It's ages since I used Toilet rolls for making those and I have a tin full that I got together ages ago and just haven't got round to using them. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great week and a happy woyww, Angela x7x

  10. It's good that you have such a good attitude about your health. I hope they get your pant issues sorted out. Love the kitties. Beautiful embroidery. The kitchen looks great. :-)
    April #28

  11. wow, lots to get in. First I don't think your desk is a shambles with all that is going on there. Your new kitchen is looking great. And I hope that your cats are feeling better in no time, we get so attached to our pets, which is understandable, we take care of them day in and day out and they are our companions. I also hope that everything goes well at your doctors appointment today. Have a nice day and week, vicky #5

  12. Thanks for the visit Shoshi, I hope your lady turns up today, I can imagine you really don't need all this extra hassle on top of what you have to deal with each day - good luck getting it sorted.
    With thermofax printing I don't have the printer itself, they are very difficult to get hold of now and also very expensive, but I do use a couple of websites who offer their own designs and will also make up your designs onto a frame for not much extra cost. Once you have the frames it's just like screen printing.
    You made me laugh when you said your kitties adore your hubby - our pets have always preferred the men in the family - all our dogs over the years saw themselves as being my dad's dogs above all else, and even now our Guinea Pigs prefer my hubby - one of them jumps straight off me and launches himself at hubby whenever he sees him! I don't mind but I'd like to know what he has that I haven't!!
    Diana x

  13. Isn't that always the way, one that fits great, never to be found again! that happens to me with bras. I love your embroidery on the blue - it reminds me of Ukrainian art. Glad the kitties are feeling better, you are good cat guardians! Looking forward to seeing that book finished - it looks so intriguing! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #34


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