Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spring Cleaning, Embroidery and Kitties

Spring Cleaning

Today I started cleaning the kitchen, while there’s nothing out on the tops since the dry rot work began. I came to the conclusion that the chippie isn’t going to make much mess constructing our walk-in pantry, and I’d better get on with the cleaning while the going was good, especially as I can’t do too much without completely exhausting myself! Today I climbed up onto the worktop by the window and cleaned the huge window, the windowsill, the picture rail and worktop around the corner and behind the microwave, as far as the hob. I also cleaned the curved glass of the extractor fan over the hob. I’m not sure it’s ever been so clean!!

01 Kitchen - Window

After that, enough was enough, and I came down, made a cup of tea and sat down with my hubby to watch TV.


While doing that, I did a bit of embroidery, and completed another piece for the over-bed tester decorations.

15 Plain Blue with Primary Colours


Better news on the kitty front today. Phoebe is better than yesterday and has eaten a bit more. My hubby bought some small pouches of especially tempting kitty nosh and she enjoyed one of those for her tea. Beatrice is much less wobbly today – weird how both kitties’ symptoms seem to come and go a bit! We continue to keep a close eye on both of them, and they are getting lots of love and attention as always. We are enjoying the time left that we have with them and want to give them as much comfort and love as possible.

Here they are in their younger days.

Beatrice & Phoebe in Hammock 15 Dec 04

My goodness, they both look so fat and furry and young in that photo – taken back in 2004! Beatrice (on the left) was 4, and Phoebe was 18 months old.


  1. Glad kitties are feeling better.What a job you did on your kitchen!Well done!

  2. I think you definitely deserve a rest after all that. Pleased the kitties are feeling better. Have a great week, Angela xXx

  3. So... my kitchen is in desperate need of a clean=up and sort out too lol
    I love the embroidery - it almost has a judaic feel to it - maybe because of the blue background? Anyway, it IS gorgeous :)
    Glad to hear the kitties are doing better today - one of mine is sat here with me curled in her basket - she has been stress-cleaning and was almost bald on her lower half but it improving day by day :)
    Hope you don't mind, but I shall be following your blog now - keeping up to date on news of your fur-babies and your wonderful creations :)

  4. I only clean these days when there's a viewing. There was going to be one today, but they cancelled, so yay, I don't have to! I feel like it would be a wasted effort. I might tidy up a bit though. Lovely addition to your embroidery project! The kitties look so cushy and content! It's hard to believe that Phoebe was younger then than Oreo is now!


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