Sunday, 24 September 2017

Harvest Festival at our Old Church

Today was Harvest Festival at the church where we used to live, and we were invited back to share in the service and the harvest lunch afterwards. It is such a pretty little village church and they had decorated it so tastefully and beautifully so out came my camera! The theme was definitely a golden colour with lots of my favourite sunflowers.

01 Font

02 Pulpit

03 Window

04 Sanctuary

05 Screen

06 Chest

07 Nave and Screen

This church is particularly special for me because it was here that we held my father’s funeral in 2013. They have an excellent organist who is also such a nice man, and he played many of my dad’s favourite Bach pieces and Dad would have been so thrilled.

Going back again was a very happy event! Everyone was so welcoming and it was lovely to see so many old friends again. During the service I got my fix of my favourite harvest hymns and Tom, the vicar, preached an excellent and heartwarming sermon about seeing God in the little things in our everyday lives and being thankful, and for a short pause being able to concentrate on our being together and enjoying good things, in the midst of a world that is so full of evil and chaos.

After the service, the pews were pushed back (they are all on lockable casters) and tables were set up and laid for lunch in double quick time – they use the nave of the church as their village hall and it’s amazing the instant transformation! We were served delicious home made cottage pie followed by apple crumble and custard – nothing better than that for a village harvest festival!

It was a very happy day all round.

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