Wednesday, 13 September 2017

WOYWW 432–More on Infusions Mini-Album

Finally managed to put in some studio time! These kittens of ours do take up a lot of time! Today we’ve had visitors morning and afternoon to see them, and needing cups of tea etc. and lots of chat! I’ve also been busy with other things and very tired in between, and as usual, art ends up at the bottom of the heap, but last night I was determined to get back to it again and I’ve made a bit more progress on the tags for my Infusions samples album.

Here’s my desk as it was last night. Not a lot of change since you last saw it!

WOYWW 432 13-9-17

Working on the tags, this is the front of the first tag in the “Painting” section.

21 Painting Tag 1 Front

I drew a rough curly shape and painted it with The Sage and Emerald Isle from Set 1, and Slime and a little In the Navy from Set 2, finally sprinkling on a tiny amount of In the Navy in the circular spaces, and then added text with my white pen.

Turning the tag holder and tag over, I made a tag to go with the “Woodgrain effect” page, but instead of going straight across with broad strokes with the fan brush, I added a bit of a curve for interest. I used Golden Sands from Set 1, and Rusty Car from Set 2 for this tag, and again added some text with my white pen, and outlining the larger text with a black pen. To the right, you can see the small square I painted with what was left of the Infusions mixed with water on my craft sheet.

22 Painting Tag 1 Back and Tag 2 Front

Below, you can see the Tartan effect tag with its page, which is the second “Painting” page. For this I used Are You Cerise and Violet Storms from Set 1, and created the text in the same way as before. The mop-up square is on the right, and I later added some more to this one.

Turning over both page and tag, I used Lemoncello and Emerald Isle from Set 1 on the tag, to echo some of the colour on the painted fans on the page, and added text as before. The mop-up sheet is above.

23 Painting Tag 2 Back

Moving on to the “Stamping” section, for the front of the tag to go in this title page, I just used Rusty Car from Set 2, after first spritzing the tag well with water, and adding more water after the Infusions had gone on. There is no text on this side of the tag but I wanted it to tone with the page when it was pulled out.

24 Stamping Tag Front

Finally, the back of that tag, having turned over both page and tag, to show the page with simple stamping onto a background already created with Infusions, in this case The Sage from Set 1, with text as before. Above is the mop-up sheet, which was the purplish one from above.

25 Stamping Tag Back

These mop-up sheets will be used to make cards or be used in other projects. I hate to waste any Infusions that are on the craft sheet!


Our kittens are 16 weeks old today. How quickly the time is going. They are growing fast, and very energetic in the mornings and evenings, and tending the crash out asleep during the afternoon, so our afternoon visitors don’t see them at their most fun!

I’ve just realised that I didn’t take any photos or videos of them at all last week! They haven’t really done anything new, except grow! They are progressing well with the clicker training but it still tends to go out the window when they’re not actually in a training session and there are other distractions. They will usually come when they are called, though, and they now understand “Jump up!” and will come on my lap. I am still working on trying to get Ruby to use the scratching post, and we’ve got as far as her putting her paws on it on the command “Scratch!” but she hasn’t actually “scratched” yet! I’ve got some stuff on order which I can put on the scratching post which should encourage her to use it properly, in preference to the carpet.

We’ve had quite a few visitors wanting to see them which is very nice – everybody is enjoying them and saying how pretty they are! Ruby continues to be my baby and always wants to come and sit with me, and if Lily is already on my lap, she makes sure she comes up higher than her, so that she can have prime position as close to me as possible! It’s very flattering, especially after so many years of watching both kitties all over my hubby and not wanting to come to me – last night my hubby looked over at the 3 of us and said, “I want a kitty…” and looked sad, and I said, “Now you know how I felt all those years!” I do spend a lot more time with them than he does, as he’s so busy and is out and about a lot.

Health Update

I had my CT scan last Friday and am waiting for the result. I am pleased that my surgeon is keeping such a close eye on me, and he’s as anxious as I am to avoid a repeat performance of my emergency surgery at the beginning of this year. I’m pretty sure that hernia repair is failing as it doesn’t feel right, but it’s all pretty inconclusive. He will continue to monitor it, and I just hope that he is available when it does fail, so that he can do the operation and put the mesh in to protect the area.


We are in the throes of dealing with masses of apples off our tree. I can hardly keep up! My hubby, being a lot braver about creepy crawlies and worms and things than I am, does the initial peeling and chopping, and then I slice them more finely. This year, I have decided to freeze them uncooked rather than stewed as I did last year, because they will be more versatile and I can use them in apple cake and other things. Once they are sliced, they are laid out in a single layer on baking parchment on baking sheets and then frozen. Once they are frozen, they are put into big bags as separate slices, so I can take as much out as I need at any one time. It’s quite a lot of work and pretty cold, dealing with the frozen slices, too! I can’t do too many at once or I can’t get the baking trays into the freezer. I’ve now got 3 big bags full and there are still quite a lot to do! It’s all taking quite a lot of time.

I haven’t done much baking recently but we’ve got our monthly Cakeathon meeting with the cancer group this Friday, and this time I’ve decided to make scones – I’ll make 2 batches, one plain to have with jam, and one cheese. I’ll probably get some cream before Friday so we can have a proper Devon cream tea!! They don’t take long to make so I’ll probably whip them up on Friday morning.

Diet and New Clothes

Getting out my clothes for cooler weather, I find that quite a lot of them are hanging off me, having lost so much weight with my diet. Several pairs of leggings won’t stay up any more (since starting my diet I’ve lost 10 inches around my waist!!) and they are all wrinkly round the legs, making me look like Nora Batty. I needed new trousers too, and new bras, so my hubby took me down to Marks & Spencer’s last week and I got some lovely new stuff! I am also no longer singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and have decent Uplift from my new bras!! I haven’t managed to shed any more pounds over the past 3 weeks which is a bit frustrating but slow and steady is best, and I have every hope that I’ll lose the final 3 pounds before long.

We’ve been out for lunch with friends this week too, and I’ve had the engineer to repair a small fault on the stairlift, and I’ve been very busy getting sessions ready for my Bible study group which resumes in earnest on Friday. This Saturday I’ve got an Ileostomy Association meeting in Somerset, so it’s all go, Chez Shosh. Hopefully I’ll get time to do some more art as I really want to finish the Infusions album now.

Have a great week, everybody.


  1. well you've done more than me! love the infusions play. Glad you're now fully supported!! Helen #1

  2. Congratulations with your weight loss! Those last pounds are always the hardest! I am now lower in weight than I have been for about 4 years, and hope to get to the magic 199 lbs in a few months. But I am happy with my weight at the moment! Those kittens! I miss seeing them this week! I love your Tags for your Infusions book - but I really love the mop up pages! Have a great week, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  3. Wow you have had a busy week! The tags look great. I'm a little list as to Infusions ... but then again I frequently am a little list! Have a lovely week, Heather #30

  4. The names of those Infusions made me hoot!! I could come up with a few myself...but perhaps better not! Well done on your weight loss, how wonderful to get new clothes in smaller sized :-D. I made a cathedral window pincushion this week, the first since I made yours all that time ago!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  5. HI Shoshi, good to hear that the scan seems fine, and lovely to see all your Infusions work. Had my last Radiotherapy yesterday, and to be honest, was a bit wiped out when I got home, hence the visiting today. Still, if being tired is the worst side effect i get, I'll be happy. Your new kitties sound wonderful, and definitely growing so fast. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  6. Hi Shoshi, sorry I've not been round much but I've been a bit distracted with my parents as they've needed us a bit more recently but wanted to try and get round if I could. Pleased to hear the diet has gone well and new clothes too, lovely. Loving your crafty stuff too. Happy belated woyww, Angela x16x

  7. Your tags are amazing the colours are beautiful, Love to see and hear of the little fur faces....great news on the uplift... Have a happy week ahead.... May 15

  8. Hi Shoshi. Goodness - you're busy! Hope the Bible study group goes well - we've just resumed after the summer break as well. Love the pages you have created. Well done. Trusting the test results come back clearly, so the specialist will know what is what and can act accordingly.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  9. Happy Belated WOYWW. You are so busy! I love those tags. I haven't got any Infusions, but tempted to get a few now. Good luck with training the kittens. In my experience our cats have us trained, but not the other way round! Ali x #7

  10. Hi Shoshi, just stopped by as you were asking about the hot glue stamping. When you stamp into it the glue sinks inwards so you wouldn't be able to use it as a reverse stamp. I think that's what you were asking me. I'll let you know when I post the project. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

  11. Hi Shoshi, sorry I'm late visiting; I thought I'd got round to everyone. Still, I made it in the end. I love how you've made the reminders/instructions on the tags part of the art work; they are great. Fingers crossed with all the medical stuff; hope you manage to get that hernia sorted to your satisfaction, but congratulations on your new look waist. Meow to the kittens! Sarah #26

  12. Hi Shoshi! Thanks so much for visiting and the lovely comments earlier! I'm so happy to be back on air! Sounds like you've been busy while I was off the grid. Your poor kittyless hubby - Oreo always comes to sit on me as I am his primary care giver, but my hubby and son never complain about it. I think they're actually happy that they can move about freely, LOL. Thanks for the advice about the cat calming product - I looked it up immediately - it sounds great if it really works! Last night we let Oreo loose in the house and he was actually very quiet - so perhaps locking him up is not a good idea. I found him dozing on top of my chest of drawers in the middle of the night. Shoshi, I really don't think you need to lose any more weight! Just maintain what you've already lost! I wish I could lose just one stone! Hope to see you around lots! xx


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