Wednesday, 11 October 2017

WOYWW 436 A Tidy Studio and Some Zentangles

At last I have tidied my studio! As always happens when I haven’t been using it, it had turned into a dumping ground and was an absolute mess.

This is the further side of the room.

WOYWW 436 11-10-17 - Tidy Studio Far Side

On the left, by the lamp, is my little gallery area. In the corner is my sewing zone with my sewing machine, and the storage boxes on the shelves contain mostly textile stuff. On the right is my drawing zone.

This is the side of the room looking back towards the window.

WOYWW 436 11-10-17 Studio Tidy Near Side

On the left is my iMac. My cutting machine is across the corner. Misc. supplies in the storage boxes on the shelves. I’ve got all my distress inks and Infusions and Dylusions sprays and paints out (in the plastic boxes on top) so it’s not over-tidy at present! To the right is my main work area – my desk, for the purposes of WOYWW! The white unit in the foreground is one of several pull-out units. When stowed away, this one would go under the main desk but it never goes in there because that’s where I mostly sit. When pulled out, it provides an extra surface and still gives me access to the shelves – this one holds card and paper.

Here’s the desk itself.

WOYWW 436 Studio Tidy Main Desk

Apart from being a bit tidier than before, not much change – you can still see the current work in progress – my Infusions mini-album.

I continue to alternate between being busy with various commitments, domestic tasks and looking after the kittens, and crashing out on the recliner suffering from extreme exhaustion! I am taking a bit of a dip with my ME at the moment which is a tremendous bore because it’s preventing me from getting much creative stuff done – this is always what gets pushed to the bottom of the heap when energy is in short supply! I am trying not to overdo things on better days – I run on adrenaline on busy days and then pay for it later. My internal clock has gone all haywire again so I’m not getting to bed till well into the small hours, and then struggle to get up in the mornings – normal ME fare!


I was getting so fed up with not being creative that I charged up my Apple Pencil and started drawing Zentangles on the iPad again. I can do this from the comfort of the recliner or in bed, and I can also flip back and forth to look at the step-outs for the various patterns, either in my own folder on the iPad, or online. I can also listen to audio books while I’m doing it! Multi-tasking…

Here’s my experiment with Diva Dance flowing through Paradox – I’ve always found the latter pattern problematic but think I’ve mastered it at last! Full details here.

Paradox and Diva Dance Colour

Yesterday I completed another one, which had taken me several days to do. Full details here.

Gold Fold


Lily and Ruby are now 4 1/2 months old – I can’t believe how quickly the time is going, or how big they are getting! As my hubby says, they may be growing, but they are not growing up! Here they are in the kitty bed, suckling on the fluffy toy.

06 Suckling in the Kitty Bed 10-10-17

They won’t use the lovely new kitten bed I bought for them, and they are now getting too big for it! I got the old bigger bed out for them and they wouldn’t use that either, until my hubby put the fluffy thing in there, and now they go in to suckle, but sleep either on top of the wooden cat tree my hubby made, or in the kitty castle.

Lily pending…

05 Lily Pending 9-10-17

(In my hubby’s pending tray in his office!)

Together on the scratching post, looking like two little meerkats on a train.

03 On Scratching Post in Kitchen - Alert

They are getting on quite well with the clicker training but both tend to have off days when they won’t concentrate! Also, when I try and put what they have learnt into practice in a situation where there are distractions that they find far more interesting, they behave as if they’ve never heard of clicker training! We persevere, though.

A couple of weeks ago they discovered what fun you can have for a minute or two with a new roll of loo paper.

02 We have Discovered Loo Paper 27-9-17

The latest video of them, wrestling on the scratching post.

Health update

I got the result of my recent CT scan this week and the hernia has definitely returned. The emergency repair done in February when I was admitted for emergency surgery because of a blockage, has not even lasted a year. I knew it would fail eventually. I am seeing my surgeon again soon, according to his letter, and we will discuss options then. I really hope he agrees to admit me for elective surgery for a proper repair, and doesn’t wait for another blockage…


  1. Your studio looks great - very tidy as you say, so I hope your ME subsides soon so you can get it all messy again. did smile at the heap of loo paper! Helen #2

  2. Smashing studio photos - well done you!
    I don't think I could cope with kittens again, you're very brave - I suppose all the loving makes up for their mischief.
    It's wow! for those Zentangles. I did try them once but my hand is not steady enough so I really appreciate seeing yours.
    have a good week, lots of rest and lots of smiles.
    Christine #10

  3. What a gloriously tidy studio - I hope you soon feel strong enough to get in there and create - it's just waiting for you! I love the pics of your sweet little kittens - and I had to show hubby the loo roll photo, we both had a real laugh at that! I should imagine it's hard to get much done with these two little characters in the house.
    I am sorry to hear the hernia has come back, and I do hope you get your elective surgery.
    Hope you feel less exhausted soon,
    Diana xx #9

  4. Morning Shoshi. Well, what can I say - what a privilege - a tidy up in my honour! I laughed out loud at what your cats had done to that loo roll, I'm afraid - sorry! Reminds me of the puppy advert! I have heard from my friends at the Café on the Green in Widecombe - so am seeing them on Sunday. See you Saturday!!! No idea yet what time breakfast will be, but I'll aim to get to you probably between 11 and 11.30. Many thanks for the offer of soup - just a side thought!! - I'm allergic to all things with stones in them - ie., fruit, including olives, courgettes, squash, cucumber, you know the definition. If that is a problem re soup - dim panicio (as they say locally), I can eat later in the day.
    Looking forward to seeing you - will bring my pergamano things ton play with.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  5. A very tidy studio indeed! Now you will not want to mess it up LOL! Both zentangle projects are amazing but the gold one literally took my breath away! Lili pending LOL! I didn't know at first what you meant! They are both so incredibly adorable - I'd love to give them a cuddle - even if it makes Oreo jealous! Hope your energy returns soon and allows you to spend more time in your studio! xx

  6. What a great place to create beautiful things. And two darling cats. It was funa pleasure looking to your photo's.

  7. OMG - your zentangling is AMAZING! That gold one is like troupe l'oeuil, it's so 3D, it almost leapt out of the screen, I love it. Hope you have a lovely time when Margaret comes visiting :-D
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  8. Hi Shoshi, I've missed you but understand why you haven't been posting. Love the kitty in tray in the office! Your zentangling is amazing and the full view of your studio shows what a great space you have. Look after yourself and I hope it's good news about the op when you've seen the surgeon. Sarah #20

  9. Hi Shoshi, what a gorgeous studio! Love your digital zentangles, esp. the first one. And you kitties are just too cute! Such a bummer on the hernia returned, I fear mine returning also, it was such a painful experience I do not want to repeat! So I hope you will get a proper solution too! Happy WOYWW xo Cheetarah #13

  10. I've just popped back to say thanks for the nice comment on my blog and I realised I hadn't mentioned your zentangles earlier in the day, yet they are jaw-droppingly amazing. How very remiss of me and it shows how distracting two little kitties can be. Anyway, I was just bowled over by the beauty of your work, and I love how you've got the 3D effect on the gold and cream one - simply stunning.
    Thank you for passing on my blog details to your friend, although she'll have to dig deep to find embroidery on it as it's lately turned into a card-making blog for the last however many posts!!
    Keep cuddling those kittens,
    Diana x

  11. Hi Shoshi, your room looks wonderful and very organised too. Sorry to hear you aren't keeping too well at the moment but hope your ME will improve sooner rather than later and that something is done about your hernia pretty quickly too. Your digital zentangles are gorgeous, love the gold one. And those kittens, they are adorable! How do you tell them apart - they look identical to me. I'm afraid I couldn't help laughing at what they did with the toilet roll but maybe I shouldn't given that I have an equally mischievous puppy to care for now. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #28

  12. Hi Shoshi I wish I had your Studio :-) Sorry to hear of your ongoing helath problems. Hope you get the hernia problem sorted to your satisfaction. Love the kitties and their antics. Thanks for calling by. Anne x #4

  13. You are so lucky to have such a great studio, my little space is in great need of a tidy. The kitties are so funny, really enjoyed watching them play.
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x7x

  14. Sorry your ME is causing you such issues. Sounds like you are persevering through it all. Love the zentangles. And those kitties are absolutely adorable.
    April #15

  15. Hi Soshi, Sorry your ME is flaring up. I have Fibromnyalgia, so can sympathise.

    Loving your Zentangles.

    You have a lovely crafting area.

    Your cats are beautiful. did chuckle at the loo roll:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #6

  16. Soshi, Forgot to say I hope they can get the hernia sorted properly and quickly. Sue

  17. Mm curious little kittens aren’t they Shoshi, they’re so pretty too.
    Love the zentangles both of them. Fascinating.
    Mm, praying re need of surgery not fun, I’m guessing by the terms you used that you don’t have cover to get the elective surgery but you have to await the will and whim of NHS. I’ve cover because we have VERY LONG waiting periods into years. I’m grateful for it, but go without other things to pay as I know from past experience it’s needful. I use it, not like some I guess.
    Pray your surgeon will see need and fast track it dear Shoshi.
    Thanks so much for your great desky share.
    Happy Belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #35

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  18. Love your study all those shelves, Your kitties are adorable remember when mine were that age, now 12 and still as playful. Anickoana #29

  19. Today (Friday) is the first day I've been able to get to my WOYWW friends! So I apologize for the lateness! Your craft room looks beautiful! So many things to play with! The kittens are as gorgeous as ever! Such beauties! I managed to train Inky to sleep in a cat bed she had fully resisted before, and now she sleeps half the night in it! It took about 4 weeks for success - I used treat training, ass she is a very treat oriented gal! Hope you get the result you need from your surgeon. Hugs. Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #26


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