Wednesday, 15 November 2017

WOYWW 441–Toe-vember and Kittens in Coats

Hi everyone and a happy WOYWW to you all. STILL nothing to show on my desk! I do have an excuse this week though, because there’s been quite a bit going on.

First of all, my hubby has made numerous trips to the vet with the kittens this week. Ruby’s wound was wide open again, so they put her in a little suit.

08 Ruby in her Body Suit 8-11-17

To start with, she rolled on the floor a lot, and did a bit of walking backwards to try and get it off, but eventually she settled down and accepted it. Phew. We thought that was the end of it.

Then Lily, who had been quite good with her stitches, started having a go, and a couple of days ago she ended up in a suit as well!

The vet told us to take Ruby’s suit off after two or three days, and when we did, she immediately started biting at her wound again, so back she went to have it re-glued, and she was back in the suit again.

This morning, my hubby called me to come quickly with the camera because Ruby had sprouted wings!

Anyway, the little body suits seem to be working pretty well, and they are not able to get at their stitches any more. We’ve got to take them back in about a week and they’ll have to wear the suits until then.

We’ve never had any trouble in the past with our female kitties after they were spayed. These two are such naughty girls!

10 Me Cuddling Both Kitties 2 12-11-17


Our church has joined with others in a local project this month, called Toe-vember, to provide socks for the homeless now the weather is getting colder. They have stretched a couple of strings between two pillars at the back of the church and pegged the socks onto these. So far, all the socks have been bought in a shop, and they are all boring black or grey and they don’t look all that warm, so I thought I would raid my huge stash of yarns to make some nice brightly coloured warm socks. I’ve just started the second sock of my first pair.

01 First Pair WIP

I found a pattern on Ravelry which I have used for the shape, but I have used my own design for the colours. I made the largest size which I think will fit the average man. Hopefully I will get time to make at least one more pair before the project comes to an end – apparently it will be going on into December.

02 First Sock of First Pair Completed

03 First Sock Pattern Detail

I found a brilliant Youtube video – – a tutorial on extra-stretchy casting on for ribbing. Wish I’d known this years ago! It’s really good, and just the thing for this project.

It’s years since I knitted socks and it’s fun to be doing them again. I thought I had some sets of four needles somewhere but I must have got rid of them as I normally knit with circular needles now. You need four needles for socks, though, because there aren’t that many stitches. I found some lovely sets on Ebay and decided to treat myself – these ones are metal, and each size is in a different colour, with the size etched on each one, and they come in such a nice zipped pouch. They are lovely to use.

05 Double Ended Knitting Needles Montage Nov 17

It’s good to be doing something creative again, even if it isn’t in my studio.


  1. Toe-vember sounds a great idea, and I love your socks! hopefully they will keep someone a bit warmer. Helen #1

  2. Hi Shoshi, love the kitty suits. I suppose if one has the other wants LOL. At least it's solved the problem and the stitches will be out soon. Love the socks and the cute sets of needles. i can't knit with anything but ordinary needles as I have a very strange way of knitting (left handed but knit right handed). I anchor my right needle at my belly button and move the left needle as I knit. Happy WOYWW Sarah #10

  3. Cute kitties up to mischief ... sounds like the type of cats that will keep you entertained for hours. Enjoy your knitting.
    sandra de @4

  4. I know it can't be nice for them having the stitches, but I had to laugh at the little outfits - how cute and aren't they naughty - you are having your work cut out aren't you!!
    The socks are amazing - I love the pattern, and I'm super impressed as it looks incredibly difficult, but then I'm very unadventurous when it comes to knitting, much preferring crochet - it grows quicker! I'm sure your socks will be very gratefully appreciated this winter, I think that's a lovely idea of your local churches.
    Hope you have a good week and I hope the kitties get their wounds healed quickly.
    Diana #17

  5. Your videos really made me laugh. You have very funny kittens😂😂
    Have a good day
    Ellie #19

  6. I saw the video before reading your post, Shoshi! I thought they readily accepted the suits but sounds like I saw the calm after the storm! Naughty little kitties indeed, but they look so cute in those suits! And they've grown so much! Hope they will be fully healed and back to normal in no time at all.
    I'm very impressed with your knitting skills - I don't think I would ever be able to knit socks no matter how much I practiced! The most I could do is a simple scarf, perhaps, if that. have a happy week! (not doing WOYWW this week, just visiting)

  7. Hi Shoshi, my those kitties are leading you a merry dance! They do look smart in their suits though, and I'm sure in a way they are far more practical than the Cone of Shame. Great job with the socks, what a lovely appeal. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  8. Happy WOYWW. Glad that the kitty body suits are doing their job. You are so clever. You can knit too - and socks! I gave up on knitting (and crochet), as I was just so slow and rubbish at it - and it increased my hand/arm pain. However, I absolutely love yarn and still dream about being able to knit socks. Ali x #22 ps Yes, my Fibro Fog does affect me when trying to learn Spanish - but I just do several short sessions per day and I am slowly learning more vocabulary

  9. Hi Shoshi. Those little kittens really are rascals, aren't they?! I do hope the wounds heal up now they have coats! Great looking socks. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  10. Oh goodness, they looks so adorable in their little suits! I had such a laugh in the second vid- how did she do that?! haha! But yeah I can imagine the headache these little naughty ones give you! Hope all heals well and they will be "suit free soon"! Happy WOYWW! xox Cheetarah #28

  11. Hi Shoshi. What a naughty pair of kitties they are still very entertaining though. Gorgeous socks. It's so long since I did any knitting but it used to take me ages to make anything as I generally fell to sleep when knitting. Thanks for the lovely comments over at mine and have a great woyww, Angela x11x

  12. Shoshi, you look soooooo happy with those sweet, precious babies! We are huge kitty fans at my house and we have 3. Sorry for their woes with their surgeries, but the body suits are just the cutest, even if it is to correct the trouble! LOLOL I hope they continue to heal! Love your sock they are terrific! I one stitch.....but would love to venture out one day and do an "actual" project! LOL What a great find on those needles....they are beauts! :) Blessings, Felicia #26

  13. Love your kitties in their coats, they look so cute and I bet they were warm in the chilly weather. They sound like a pair of monkeys.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #12

  14. Poor ruby, i could not stop laughing. hey both look so cute in those suits. I think cats are like children and this generation, is bolder, smarter and FAR naughtier than previous ones.
    Monica 26

  15. Hi Shoshi,
    Thanks so much for the visit to mine and for the link to your Perfect Pearls storage - it's a great idea and probably even more space saving than Margaret's. I can't figure out what your carousel would have been for, the holes look too small for eggs. In fact it looks like it was tailor made for Perfect Pearls! I shall certainly have a mooch around Ebay and perhaps Etsy, as you get more hand crafted items on there.
    Many thanks again,
    Diana x

  16. Thank you so much for looking for the info for the carousel - I didn't have much luck looking but didn't realise it was specifically made for those bottles. Of course it might be discontinued, but I'll continue looking and hopefully find it. I do know a wood turner as it happens so that might be another route! Thanks again for your help, it's really appreciated.
    Diana x

  17. Oh my goodness, you have the cutest kitties in the universe!! I love the video with the wings! I think Lily must have been jealous of Ruby's new duds, so asked her "hey - how did you score the cool outfit?" She was told, and she got one too! Too bad Ruby doesn't like her look as much as Lily does! Hopefully things will all be back to normal in a week! We are looking forward to after the December 8 weekend (our last trip away for awhile) to get a new friend for Inky - hopefully they will get along! Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #25

  18. Love the cat suit, glad kitty got used to it eventually. Super knitting, I've never attempted socks! Cold so much better this week, foot still sore and hot flashes are getting interesting. Happy WOYWW BJ#7

  19. Studio, long as you're getting a creative fix, it doesnt matter where or how! Love the idea of toevember, and your mission to provide colour as well as warmth!


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