Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Nothing much on my desk this week because I’ve been pretty busy with other things.

Before we went out the other day, I cleaned my blue shoes with some liquid polish in a bottle with a sponge applicator on the top. They said to wash the applicator after use, so I did this, and then I wiped it with some kitchen paper. The colour on the paper was gorgeous. I had to wipe up some that I’d spilt, and the water made the colour run into the paper. I decided to dry it and keep it to use in projects! I love the patterns it’s made, and I thought I could put some gold paper behind the piece with the hole in it. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but can never waste anything I think might be turned into art!

I managed to complete the card and its box, and the present, for the lady whose 100th birthday party we attended on Saturday. You can see it here and here. Here is a picture.

The party was amazing and we all had a good time. Now it’s all over and I’ve finished the projects for it, I’ve been trying to catch up with my endless computer backups. There are still external hard drives and cables all over the sitting room floor… I’ve got another 4TB drive on order and I hope to get rid of the small ones once I’ve rationalised everything. It’s going to make life a lot easier once I get it all sorted out.

We’ve had a couple of afternoon outings this week, which you can scroll down and read about if you want. We are trying to take advantage of the summer weather while we’ve got it.



Now for your weekly Lily and Ruby fix.

They’ve found a couple of new places to sleep. I will never understand kitties. Neither of these places is particularly comfortable! They go through phases, and use a particular place to the exclusion of everywhere else, and then suddenly get fed up with it and choose somewhere else!

Here’s where I found them a couple of days ago.

They look like a cat with two heads! Lily is always underneath, with Ruby resting on top. I don’t blame Ruby – Lily is so deliciously soft, like a feather duvet.

Last night I found them here.

Here’s a fun video of them going for a ride. I think they might get used to this, and expect me to ferry them around all the time…

Here’s another one of them playing with my hubby in the garden with the birdie toy.

Have a great week, everyone.


  1. I’ve been complaining about my gimpy keyboard for awhile, but my mouse has always worked great. That is, until today. I had to buy a new mouse just so I could maneuver between blogs. That’s why I’m really late visiting.

    That paper turned out fabulous. I would have kept it, too. Lovely cards for the lady on her 100th, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitties and their sleeping spots. They are simply adorable. Happy WOYWW from #3.

  2. Hi Shoshi, I laughed out loud at the kitties on the microwave. Gorgeous card and box, I'm sure your friend loved them. Yay, another person keeping pieces of kitchen towel for crafting. Just a tip, split the top layer off before you stick it down as a background. You are best stamping over the top using Archival inks using a stamp platform. Have a great week and meow to Lily and Ruby. Sarah #5

  3. Why do everyone else's mop up papers always look so fabulous and inspiring! I would definitely use them for something - what a gorgeous colour that is.
    The kitties do make me laugh - what a place for them to choose - have to watch out for tails when closing the microwave door!!
    The card and box turned out beautifully and I bet your friend was thrilled with your gift - the little gold butterflies are gorgeous.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana x #17

  4. Well it wouldn’t occur to me to save the kitchen roll sheet! Look forward to your doings with that!
    Glad the party was a success, bet your present was incredibly well received. Making the most of the weather is the most sensible advice, oh I do love it.

  5. That is a stunning card, Shoshi - you don't often get a chance to make a 100th birthday card! I'm sure the lady will be delighted with it and might even think that it was worth living a 100 years for! Funny how your kitties prefer to sleep together - or is it the case of "I was here first. No, I was"? They look so cute and are bigger than Oreo already! Or perhaps just an optical illusion because of their stripes? One thing is for sure - they've got the best home in the world with you - very lucky those two! Glad you managed to squeeze in a WOYWW post - those blue stained kitchen towels will come in handy one day - though I must say, I have never tried working with shoe polish, but why not? Hope you have a happy week! xx

  6. I love what you've done for your friends 100th birthday Shoshi - lovely work. And I like your pictures of Cockington - I haven't been there since I was a small child... !

  7. Happy Belated WOYWW. Good thinking to keep those kitchen towels. Lovely colour. Hubby is really busy on the farm, but we managed an afternoon out on Sunday (with a late lunch on the way home) and yesterday we had a walk down at the local harbour (and an icecream). I do keep thinking that I will have a day at a beach, but the hassle of getting packed up and down there puts me off! I have been putting off jobs in the house to make sure I sit in the garden with my Kindle. This sunshine will not be here for ever. Ali x #27

  8. Hi Shoshi, love your present box and card, how gorgeous and two cute kitties that is for sure!,
    Thanks so much for your great desky share.
    Happy belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #25

  9. They are adorable! My timber kitty - Tabby, gets to play with the mouse toy every night before we go to bed. I wear her out so I can sleep. LOL Love the shoe dye color. Vibrant. Looking forward to what you do with them. Too hot here to go out and enjoy much of any place. Thanks for taking us on a tour with you. Creative Blessings! Kelly #39


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