Saturday, 21 July 2018

Outing to Hope Cove

Yesterday we went with our friends from the walking group to Hope Cove on the South Devon coast. In all the years I have lived in Devon (all my life bar the first two years) I have never been there! It is such a pretty place. Judge for yourself.

01 Welcome to Hope Cove

Our friends had been there many times, and took us to their favourite haunt, the Cottage Hotel.

02 Cottage Hotel Entrance

We had hoped to sit on the terrace to drink our coffee but there was a strong sea breeze and in spite of the hot sunshine, it was really too cold, so we sat in the bar and were served with several cafetieres full of the most delicious coffee – I drank 4 cups! We decided to stay put and have our lunch, and explore afterwards. The food was more than excellent, and very reasonable too.

The place was quirky and fun. On the way to the bar we passed several interesting things, the first being a small snug made like a ship’s cabin, with a porthole showing a famous ship that had gone down, all in 3-D so it looked as if you were actually looking out of the porthole.

03 Cabin Snug

04 Cabin Snug Porthole

As is usual in hotels, there were various display cabinets with goods for sale, but here, these objects were a bit more unusual. This cabinet contained a selection of antique silver objects.

05 Antique Silver

In another cabinet housing various vintage objects, I found this lovely Art Deco tea service.

06 Art Deco China

A beautiful specimen of coral.

07 Coral

On a shelf in the corridor was this attractive glass globe vase full of shells.

08 Bowl of Shells

The bar, which was made out of half of a real boat!

09 Boat Bar

Beside the bar was this framed photograph showing the actual boat used to make the bar.

10 The Story of the Boat Bar

In our area of this informal dining area was a lovely laser-cut map of the area, cut from two different types of wood.

11 Map in Dining Room

Before lunch I went for a wander and a little exploration and found the formal dining table laid up for the evening meal. Both this room, and the bar where we ate, had magnificent views out over the sea.

14 Formal Dining Room

As we left the hotel I took this picture looking out over the sea.

15 The Sea from Outside the Hotel

The beach, seen from the hotel terrace.

16 The Beach from the Hotel Terrace

The sea wall.

17 Sea Wall

The most adorable little Methodist chapel.

18 Methodist Chapel Exterior

Just inside the door was this decorative but functional display of hooks! I thought the shapes they made were so attractive.

20 Methodist Chapel Hooks

The chapel.

21 Methodist Chapel Interior

The acoustics were amazing and we all sang a couple of hymns together. I think it is lovely that this little church is called “Hope Methodist Church.” It was so beautifully maintained, and spotlessly clean inside, with fresh flowers.

A gorgeous house with balconies.

24 House with Balconies

Hope Cove is on to levels. The roads between are very steep and narrow.

25 Looking Up the Hill

An intriguing old door.

26 Old Wooden Doors

What looked like a couple of beach huts on the cliff just above the lifeboat station.

27 Beach Huts Above Lifeboat Station

Lovely sandy beach!

28 Beach

The village square, complete with the obligatory seaside shop, selling buckets and spades, flip flops and all the paraphernalia associated with seaside holidays, and bringing back so many memories of childhood spent at the seaside, when it never seemed to rain.

29 Seaside Shop

Now the delights of the village began to reveal themselves. It is a village full of quaint old thatched cottages, some going back many hundreds of years.

30 Thatched Cottages 1

In this square, all the houses seemed to have at least one animal perched on top of the roof, made of straw. Apparently this is how the thatchers sign their work! I love this first one with a mother duck and her babies.

31 Ducks on Thatched Roof

There is even a rabbit!

32 Rabbit on Thatched Roof

A pheasant and an owl. Pheasants are a common motif on thatched windows.

33 Pheasant and Owl on Thatched Roof

An adorable little narrow street, passing between some ancient cottages.

34 Thatched Cottages 2

A more grand residence, but still sporting its thatched roof!

39 Thatched Cottage 2

Roses round the door! What more could you ask?

40 Thatched Cottages 3

I love the rough texture on this ancient piece of thatching.

43 Old Thatch Texture

The tiny village hall. I  love the little picket fence in front.

44 Village Hall

Finally, a group photo. From behind!

47 Group Portrait

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