Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Visit to Teignmouth

Today we went with some friends for a day out in Teignmouth. My hubby and I have been before on more than one occasion, and have just walked along the sea front, which is lovely, but today we explored some of the little town itself, which was a delight.

There is are some lovely buildings in the town. I love seaside architecture – it’s so light-hearted and fun, and immediately makes one think of holidays.

We sat under the flags to have some mid-morning refreshment.

Looking back along the sea front at the different styles of houses.

The railway runs along beside the sea.

The church is most unusual, and looks as if it’s made of gingerbread! Note the rope-like arch in the apex of the roof. It makes me think it might have been built as a fishermen’s chapel.

We had a delicious lunch in an Italian restaurant, and then set forth to explore the town.

Narrow winding streets full of fascinating little shops.

I loved this covered veranda running the full length of this little terrace of cottages.

Along the street was a house where they’d blocked off one of the windows with board a few inches behind the glass, and made this beautiful 3-D seascape complete with shimmering fish and real shells. I wish the photo did it justice.

Beautiful balconies throughout the town.

We came across this cake shop with the most brilliant display of unusual cakes!

Here are some detail shots of my favourite ones. Incredibly realistic!

Barbecue cake.

Baked potato cake.

Burger and chips cake.

Finally, one especially for Zsuzsa: Oreo cake!

A shop full of lovely little seaside ornaments – I love this stuff.

A mosaic outside a community shop.

In a shop full of wooden things, I particularly liked this little tree. This could be made with card, cut on the cutting machine. It’s a simple cross cut assembly made of only 2 pieces slotted together.

A baby seagull, piping plaintively for his mum! He looked so cute, tail-less, with such big feet. Pity they grow up to become such a menace.

We loved all the tiles on this house. No doubt as to what number house it is in the street!

A place to chill out, on the boat slipway looking across to the bridge that goes over to Shaldon.

Finally, the two necklaces I bought in a shop that was selling tons of fabulous necklaces at half the marked price. They were so cheap I just couldn’t resist. My hubby says he’ll take me back before the end of the week when the sale ends – too good to miss! We were a bit short of time because of having to rescue the car, which was a bit frustrating. There were so many quirky and unusual shops and I can’t wait to go back and have a good wander around.

It was a simply marvellous day out. I think I could happily live in Teignmouth!

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  1. What a beautiful place! I'll try to remember the name in case we go anywhere near it. Sadly, since we moved to the West Midlands, we couldn't be further from the seaside, but I'm sure we'll still get a chance to travel around a bit one day. I do like that Oreo cake - and my son would probably like it even more! I LOVE all those seaside themed ornaments - I could buy any one of them, but I especially like the little houses and beach huts visible in the background. The baby seagull is really cute as well - I would have been tempted to take him home with me - although with Oreo's track record killing birds I'd better not! This must have been a fantastic outing and you're so lucky to be going back to visit again so soon. Hope you'll find a few more of those lovely necklaces on sale! I don't blame you for wanting more! xx


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