Tuesday, 13 November 2018


I’m writing this on Tuesday evening. This week I have had very little time for anything creative. I’ve done a tiny bit more on my peacock feathers but not enough to warrant another photograph. Most of my time has been taken up in preparing sessions for my Bible study group, and I’ve done a bit of cooking, and had a hospital appointment.


After weeks of producing dense flat turtles and getting totally fed up with it, I finally got round to doing some more research and trying a different technique. I’m not sure what went wrong because when I first started with that method, it was fine… Anyway, I decided to try the basic sourdough recipe from The Sourdough School, a UK-based site, adapting the recipe slightly, to make it half and half white and wholemeal, which is my preferred mix for bread.

It had fewer steps than the previous technique and the dough did seem firmer, easier to handle and with less tendency to collapse when I turned it out after its final proving, and you can imagine my delight when this is what came out of the oven!

53 Best Yet - Sourdough School Method 11-11-18

54 Sourdough School Method Cut 1 11-11-18  

55 Sourdough School Method Cut 2 11-11-18

Very satisfactory indeed. A good open crumb, and more oven spring, so it’s not nearly so dense and heavy. It is delicious!! This is definitely the way to go.


Ruby got out of the garden today. We thought my hubby’s kitty defences were all impenetrable, but a few days ago he ruthlessly cut back a tree near the fence, and she was able to leap over from the truncated branches now all the thin flexible twigs had been cut off. It wasn’t a very nice tree and it blocked the view of the top of the water feature a bit, so I suggested he cut it right off at the roots, which he did today, so I don’t think she’ll hop over again! You can now see the whole of the trellis at the top of the waterfall, in front of the compost heap, and I said we ought to grow a nice climbing flowering plant on there, which would look nice from the kitchen window. Something to plan for the spring.

I had both kitties on my lap this evening and they started washing each other and it went on for about a quarter of an hour! I started videoing them and eventually cut the video from 6 minutes to 3, which I hope isn’t still too long – but they do look so sweet!

Health Update

I still haven’t received the other two pairs of support pants and if they don’t come tomorrow I shall have to phone and find out what’s happening. This really is a bore…

I had my regular six-monthly oncology appointment last Thursday and all is well, and still no trace of any cancer in my system, which is a relief, although I wasn’t really worried about it. I saw a new registrar this time, who was a very charming man. We talked about the hernia, and I asked whether anything else had shown up on my CT scan, for example were there any pulmonary emboli, which there weren’t – there shouldn’t have been, because I’m back on the rivaroxaban which was prescribed when I first had them back in 2016. He asked whether I’d like to see the images, and I leapt at the chance – the last time I saw any images of my insides was when my cancer was first diagnosed, and I asked to see the colonoscopy images of the tumour because I was having a hard time getting my head round the fact that I’d got cancer at all. My surgeon said this was very normal and lots of people couldn’t really believe it till they’d seen it for themselves, especially when it was asymptomatic.

Anyway, I was fascinated to see the CT images and even to my untrained eye, the hernia was quite obvious. I asked whether I could have print-outs of them and he said yes, possibly, but it might take some time as he wasn’t really familiar with the system. My hubby suggested I simply took some photos of the computer screen, which I duly did, and I selected the best of these and annotated it according to the details he pointed out. So here is Shoshi seen from the inside, in all her glory lol!

CT Scan Image Annotated 18-10-18

You can see quite clearly how the hernia has penetrated through the muscle wall. It is quite clearly visible from the outside now, as well.

I’ve got an appointment to see my surgeon in mid-December to discuss what to do about this, and I certainly do hope he’ll be happy to leave it alone at least for now. I really can’t face any more surgery, especially after getting such a serious, life-threatening infection after the last lot.

Have a great week, all my WOYWW friends!


  1. Happy WOYWW. I haven't had my breakfast yet, so pictures of your sourdough is making me very hungry! It would be impossible to keep Milky the Cat in our garden. Apart from her being a true hunter and always on the prowl (and able to jump/climb over almost anything), our garden is definitely on the wild side. It would take a lot of work and cost to put up high fences all the way round. This is why we have continued living here, as at least the road outside is a lot quieter than most, and she also goes off into the farmyard/fields. I wouldn't have a cat in a busier area again, after losing too many on the roads (and Milky herself has a lot of metalwork in her leg and we nearly lost her). Very interesting to see your scan. Ali x #12

  2. Enjoy your bible group...I had to post late Tuesday also and now can visit, as wee hours of 3 am here. Sad day for me coming up. And the bread does always look yummy especially when I have to limit my intake of it. Wishing you well with the health issues, here too so many get staff infection, short of help everywhere and now limits on doctors time. Crazy world we live in. Here medication and insurance are totally out of sight $$ wise. I stay away too long sometimes. Loved the video...Bailey misses his brother, they did the same, I take a small warm cloth and do his face and ear area each day, otherwise he wants me to scratch his head. If I dont' he does it and ears will bleed. two are the best together. Have a great week.

  3. What a great idea to take a photo of your scan. Hello to inside Shoshi!
    Glad you have solved the sourdough, that does look well risen and so glad it tastes good - must say it does look scrummy.
    Love the video - what well loved cats you have and no wonder, they are utterly charming.
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx

  4. Hi Shoshi, good to see you have found a recipe you like! The scan image is fascinating, my medical people have always been great about showing us the latest scans, and detailing what is what. Hope the appointment goes well. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 X

  5. Morning Shoshi. Glad the health reports all sound good - see what the consultant says in mid December... The sour dough bread looks yummy - and it's nearly lunchtime..
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Well your CT scan pic is a first on woyww! How interesting though,the labelling helped to see - aren't we lucky to live in times where technology is so amazing. It's brilliant to hear that you're cancer free too.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

  7. Yay, glad you finally found a sour dough recipe that works the way you'd like it to. Happy too Ruby wasn't missing for long and that the tree is no longer an issue. She and Lily are certainly cute with their ablutions. Hope you other support pants turn up soon. That scan picture is certainly very clear. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  8. Hi Shoshi, firstly many thanks for the recipes, I will be trying the cinnamon twist loaf this weekend (hopefully). Congratulations on the sourdough success, it does look very tasty, although I can't recall ever having tried it myself.

    The photo of you from the inside is interesting - not a picture you would ever see under normal circumstances. Normally I don't even look at xrays when I have them taken, but last year I requested a peak when I had a chest xray as I wanted to see what my ICD looked like. I hope all goes well at your appointment in December. Have a lovely week Heather x #13

  9. Yeah, right... it isn't even lunchtime and you got me hungry already - the bread looks amazing and yum! I'm a fan of home-made (brown) bread. The scan got me puzzling, I'm not an expert on reading scans (and hope to keep it that way, as you can imagine...) It looks intriguing though. And ooh, those kitties on your lap, I sure miss that sometimes (my cat died 10 years ago and my beloved don't want pets in the house...) Happy, belated, woyww. Enjoy your week. Hug from Holland, Marit #20


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