Tuesday, 27 November 2018

WOYWW 495–Lots of Flowers

I am sorry I didn’t get to visit many desks last week but I’ve been so busy this week. We’ve had a lot on, and I’ve also been making lots of flowers for my current mystery project which has a fairly tight deadline, as well as working on other parts of it which can’t be revealed yet. My stuff arrived from Ebay so I can crack on now.

WOYWW 495 27-11-18

I’ve made mostly roses, and a few single-piece flowers, in three colour schemes – dark purple, turquoise, and brown. Here is the complete set so far – I am hoping to make a few single-piece turquoise ones as well.

50 Three Tubs of Flowers

Individual sets.

26 All the Purple Roses on Light Rose Wallpaper

32 All the Turquoise Roses

40 All the Brown Flowers

Please scroll down for posts with further details of these flowers, and more pictures.

These little embroidery frames also arrived from Ebay on Monday – I had used my last one a while back.

01 New Woodgrain Effect Clip Frames from Ebay_thumb[2]

They are an ideal size for small cross-stitch projects for gifts.

02 New Clip Frame Disassembled_thumb[2]

The outer ring is rubber and clips into the inner ring, and you can work in the frame, then back it, and hang it. You can get them in lots of colours – you can see my other ones – but I like the woodgrain effect best. Smashing little frames! I like to keep a few in stock. A few months ago I got a new cross-stitch programme for the computer as my old one does not work with Windows 10.


Some of my best sourdough this week! Following some online advice about shaping the loaves twice at the end, instead of once, they ended up with a lot more tension and didn’t collapse. Apart from this final shaping, I have found that the less I handle the dough during the day, the better the result. Developing too much gluten makes the dough wet and sticky and causes it to collapse.

59 Excellent Sourdough 25-11-18

60 Excellent Sourdough Cut 25-11-18

On the top photo, you can clearly see the ridges made by the bannetons. This shows up more on a white sourdough loaf.

Health Update

Partial good news on the pants front! My tirade on the phone evidently bore some fruit, because despite them telling me the second pair would not be sent out till Friday, they arrived on Thursday! What’s more, they fit. So at least I was able to put a clean pair on and I can just about manage with two pairs until they get on with the remaining ones. After the GP’s prompt response to my email, promising an instant further prescription, I am hoping to receive the third pair (and even a fourth if the GP has indeed written me a prescription for two more) sooner rather than later.


We’ve had more problems with Ruby getting out. My hubby was out on Monday morning – fortunately only locally, and I looked out of the kitchen window to see Ruby on top of the inward-sloping mesh on top of the garden fence, which is supposed to keep them in. She was clearly distressed and couldn’t get down. I went out and called her but she wouldn’t jump, and I was terrified of her catching her paw again, as she did a couple of weeks ago. I immediately called my hubby on his mobile and he came home straight away, went into next door’s garden armed with Dreamies and enticed her down, and carried her home. She was very subdued for the rest of the day.

He had a good look along that fence to see if he could discover where she was getting out, and found that one of the fence panels is quite rotten, and she’d forced her way between the top of it and the bottom of the mesh where he hadn’t put in enough staples. I suggested he looked for forensic evidence in the form of “hair and fibre” (I watch too many detective series!) but he couldn’t find any of her fur on the fence. It was an extremely small gap and I was surprised she could get through, but my hubby said kitties are like octopuses and can squeeze through the smallest holes. They are as curious as octopuses too. Both kitties are now temporarily banned from going outside at all until he can get this fixed. He ordered a new fence panel straight away, which has been delivered, but he will have to work on it to make it fit the space.

Amazingly, each time Ruby has got out, Lily has come to tell us! She was extremely distressed that time Ruby got her paw stuck. Earlier on Monday morning, she was sitting on the windowsill outside the kitchen window, crying plaintively, and I thought she was just asking me to let her in through the window, which I refused to do. I think that Ruby was already out, and Lily had come to tell me, and I was too stupid to realise what she was saying! She gets very distressed if her sister is doing something wrong or is in trouble. She is like the responsible older sister who cares very much about her naughty little sister, and Ruby isn’t nearly as bright as Lily, and she never learns! You’d think that after she got her paw stuck, she would have learnt that she is likely to get hurt and frightened if she goes over the fence. So far the kitty defences have been very adequate, and hopefully the new fence panel will do the trick – she’s only been out that side of the garden.

04 Identical Positions in Flat Sitting Room 21-11-18

Some friends of my hubby’s in the village where we used to live, who recently lost the second of their two elderly black kitties, have just got two new kittens – tabby and white this time. Next time we are over in their direction we shall call in – I can’t wait to see them! I remember when they got the other two, and I completely fell in love with the little one who has just died, and was tempted to put her in my handbag and take her home! She was always the smaller of the two and utterly adorable. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and those two darling little black babies are now no more, having lived a good long life. It’s so devastating when they go, isn’t it. They grow up so quickly and you don’t want to miss a moment of their adorable kittenhood.

Have a great creative week, everybody.


  1. those flowers are amazing,i haven't make flowers like that for many a year! your kitty tales made me smile (poor Ruby!) Will be really confused for the rest of the week now we're desking on Tuesday!! couldn't believe it this morning! Helen #5

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous!! Cool that the outside hoop looks like wood yet is rubber! And the bread looks absolutely yummy! Sounds like quite the escapades with Ruby. Have a great week!
    Carol N #7

  3. Morning Shoshi. Glad to hear Ruby is OK, Lily is definitely a helpful big sister. Love the flowers they are beautiful. Hope the rest of the support garments arrive soon. Sarah #10

  4. Wow, what gorgeous flowers - such subtle colours, just beautiful! And look at your too-cute kitties, like book-ends.
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 9

  5. Hi Shoshi, loving the flowers. It's always a surprise how different the personalities of sibling cats is, isn't it? Ruby is definitely going to be a handful, lol. Great design idea with the hoops, I agree, and a nice selection of colours too. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 X

  6. Oh, what a naughty kitten to squeeze through small holes and climb fences without knowing how to get back home... it's a good thing you saw it and kitty could be rescued! I love the flowers you made! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #17

  7. Wow, the flowers are lovely. Not a total mystery project, so much as a reveal by embellishments! I think unless you put s ‘lid’ over your garden, Ruby will forever want to know what’s going on outside her boundary...they do say that if she’s clever enough to get out, she’s clever enough to get back!

  8. That last photo of Lily and naughty Ruby is incredible! They are so alike! I don't know how you can tell them apart save from one is naughty and one is nice! Just joking, I'm sure both of them are equally as adorable! Your bread is looking awesome - I am so proud of you for persevering and not giving up! It's definitely the way to learn! Your roses are spectacular, especially the blue ones. You mentioned you would send me a tutorial on how to make them? I would like that very much! Thanks! Can't wait to see the little cross stitch gifties! Have a wonderful week, and don't let that Ruby out of your sight! Hugs to both kitties from Inky, Lindart #22

  9. Happy WOYWW. Great to hear the pants arrived. Milky, our house cat, is spending more time out on the farmyard now that two of the farm cats are no longer with us. It is just her and one old farm cat now, and they just avoid each other as much as possible. Milky kept coming in very dirty and I was worried that she was being scared by vehicles out on the road (she goes over the road to where we used to live) and panicking in the muddy hedge. However, it seems that she had started to go in one of the big sheds on the yard to catch rats, and was squeezing under the door in the muck! At the age of 11 she is still very much a hunter and likes to be out as much as possible. I hate putting her in the cattery when we go to Spain, but at least we know she is safe and has company. Ali x #23

  10. Amazing flowers - you've decorated them beautifully. And your kittens are adorable, even if Ruby is becoming a great escapist. I still miss my Bonnie - they are with us too short a time really. Elizabeth x #6

  11. Hi Shoshi, the flowers look beautiful. Another mystery project to look forward to! I laughed at the latest instalment of the pants saga - you received them the day before they were despatched! Thankfully they fit, so that is one less thing to worry about. The sourdough does indeed look very good! Have a lovely week Heather x #8

  12. Gorgeous flowers and can't wait to see how you use them. Nice Kitties photos too. Happy woyww, Angela x16x

  13. Hi Shoshi! Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!! I love, love, love the purple ones! Though, I've always been partial to purple. Can't wait to see what you're creating with them. Have a great rest of your week! Julie #26

  14. Well Done Shoshi. You're industrious brilliant flowers. I need to be too!
    Thanks so much for your tales of kitties. Am glad I don't have any as they sound a handful if give great delight. BTW my sister has been doing the 5/2 diet with me and is really happy with it!!
    You've converts to it across the miles!
    Prayer hugs
    Shaz in Oz. Xxx #15

  15. Gosh those flowers are stunning - the blue-green were the first to catch my eye as that's my favourite but the dark browny burgundy ones are gorgeous too! I hope you have fun creating with those beauties. Sorry I'm a bit late replying, Julia and I were having too much fun!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  16. Love the purple flowers interested to see what you are going to do with them. Your kitties are great love reading about them. My QC is now 14 and certainly a lot quieter since her brother died a year ago but having a puppy in her life as made her boss now. ANi #12

  17. Oooh, so more of those beautiful flowers! I can't help but like the blue ones best - I'm just so drawn to that colour. They say cats are escape artists. Silly, Ruby - you would have though she'd learned her lesson! Love the photo of the two of them in the exact same position - you could have photoshopped it by duplicating the same cat! Glad they're doing well - Oreo's just had his annual vaccination - didn't even make a sound! He was a bit frightened, bless him and went cowering back in his carrier ready to go home. It must be so distressing for them going to the vets. We used to have a mobile vet who came to the house, which was much better, but I couldn't find one around here when we moved. Hope to see you next week on WOYWW - or the week after - if can't make it. Take care, Shoshi xx


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