Wednesday, 2 January 2019

WOYWW 500! Happy New Year!

What a way to celebrate the New Year, with the 500th edition of WOYWW! I wasn’t here for the launch of this astonishing blog hop (which has to be the best on the web) but I joined for No. 111 on 21st July 2011 – 7 1/2 years ago! My goodness, I hadn’t realised it was that long! Anyway, the fact that this has been going on for 500 editions proves how good it is, and that the irresistible urge to nose around in other people’s studios never dies!! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Julia for starting this, and for faithfully hosting it for all these years. Through this blog hop I have made some very good friends and I’ve also gained so much creative inspiration and learnt lots of new skills. Thank you all so much for everything!

Now to my special 500th edition desk. Very disappointing, I’m afraid… If it hadn’t been a special edition of WOYWW I doubt if I’d have joined in this week because my desk is empty! The rest of the room, as you will see, is in a state of chaos. Over the far side of the room I’ve got all my knitting yarn boxes down (in an effort to search for a ball of purple yarn that I ended up finding in the sitting room…) and I haven’t got round to tidying up yet. So here’s an overview of the room.

WOYWW 500 - 2-1-19

Over Christmas I received these two very pretty carrier bags with presents in them, and I thought I’d keep them and possibly upcycle them as I liked the designs so much.

01 Two Pretty Carrier Bags for Upcycling

The smaller one on top is slightly sparkly.

I’ve been so tired since our busy week the week before Christmas but I did manage to cook a Christmas dinner, and we are still enjoying the remnants of the turkey! I wasn’t feeling at all well yesterday (good start to the year) with a bad headache and extreme fatigue, so I relaxed in front of the telly and watched the New Year Concert from Vienna – a fixture for me as I love the light-hearted Strauss waltzes and the dancing, and the beautiful architecture. It’s a treat every year.

While resting with my feet up when I could over the past week, I’ve made good progress on my purple circles knitting project, and have completed the back, and made a good start on the front. This is how much I’ve done so far.

01 Purple Circles Jumper - Completed Back and Beginning of Front 1-1-19

I’ve done my regular end-of-year review post which you can read here if you are interested, or scroll down to the previous post.


On New Year’s Eve they were both in the hammock together and this is how they looked after a vigorous mutual grooming session. Ruby has her arm round her sister, giving her a hug.

01 Ruby with her Arm Round Lily 31-12-18

Now she’s got her leg over her too!

02 Ruby with her Arm and Leg over Lily 31-12-18

I love this picture of the two of them together. They are so affectionate with each other, and with us (although I think a lot of that is more to do with warmth!). They do love to be with us.

My hubby was trying to sort out his computer back-ups tonight and brought down his box of old external hard drives. Of course, someone had to get in the box, didn’t they!

01 Helping Daddy with his Back-Ups 1-1-19

What is it with kitties and boxes?

Ruby on the cat tree. For some reason, after giving it a wide berth for months, she’s got really keen on it again and spends quite a lot of time asleep right on the top.

Ruby on Cat Tree 21-12-18

They are both still grounded, but my hubby has made some improvements on the garden defences and they’ve been out a few times under strict supervision, and so far, despite her obvious interest in the perimeter, Ruby hasn’t attempted to get out. I don’t think she’s very pleased with my hubby’s latest efforts, which are making our garden look ever more like a prison camp. Next step, watch towers, search lights and electrified fences, and my hubby and I will have to practice our goose-stepping technique.

On the subject of cats…

Here’s a cat funny for the pantomime season.

Cat with Aladdin's Lamp

Happy New Year, everyone! And a very happy 500th WOYWW!


  1. Good morning and Happy 500 WOYWW and thank you for your blog friendship. Your pic of the overall room is great so much shelving just what I need mine is mostly on the floor! Have to keep the door closed as it is the one thing QC likes to do is hide in there. Have a good week. Ani

  2. Happy New Year Shoshi - may it be happy, healthy and full of fun! I do like your knitting very much, looks like Kaffe Fassett. Are you stranding the purple all across the back, as in fairisle, or are you winding tiny balls of the purple? Whatever, your tension is fantastic and the work is looking great.
    Lol at the cats-in-boxes, they just can't stop themselves from getting in, can they?!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  3. Happy 500th WOYWW. I went and had a look and my first WOYWW was 143 in February 2012. Nearly 6 years of sharing my life and crafty workspace. Hope you are feeling a bit better after some rest. This cold has really knocked me down. I am trying some essential oils in my diffuser at the moment. Still can't smell anything, but hoping the vapours will be helping to clear my head. We went out for lunch on Christmas Day, which was wonderful. The family that were staying with us also went out - not back with us until after 5 pm - so I had a fairly restful day. I usually do some knitting in the winter, but not had the urge yet. It hasn't been cold enough! Ali x #23

  4. Hi Shoshi, lovely to see the kitties playing so nicely together. No real craft on my desk either, but that will change in a day or two. Happy New Year, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  5. Happy 500th WOYWW. Your kitties are gorgeous and i love your crafting space. having been to the panto today i loved your funny. Wishing you a Happy and Creative New Year. Thanks for Sharing. God Bless, Caro x (#20)

  6. Hello Shoshi

    Happy New Year and Happy 500th WOYWW - such an achievement on Julia's part.

    Getting lots of stuff down and then finding what I was looking for close by is what I do, frequently. I have vowed to get organised this year. Love the shots of the kitties. I have brushos out on the table - no further than that. I have been trying to get back into crafting mode today.
    I've not done a lot since my family all returned home -( felt quite tired and somewhat dispirited due to family issues - yet again - my mum and sister :-() until today. Anne x #18

  7. Hi Shoshi. I wish you a very happy and blessed new year. Glad you have been able to have your feet up somewhat over the holiday period - and are still enjoying the turkey!! Mine is still whole in the freezer, as I haven't had anyone round here, but have gone elsewhere - even invited out for a meal on New Year's Eve, which was lovely. Your knitting looks great - lovely colours. Love the "and finally"!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  8. Hi Shoshi, Happy New Year and happy 500th WOYWW. I don't knit, but if I did, I imagine I would have yarn all over my craft room. I've only made one quilt so far, and there is fabric all over the sofa bed that is in my craft room (that side of the room never gets photographed). Have a lovely week Heather x #33

  9. Happy New Year/500 to you Shoshi. I have watched so much tv over Christmas and New Year (I did catch some of the concert, it was excellent, it was one of my Dad's favourite things too) My floor is very boring today too, but there was no way I was going to miss - been here every week for most of the 500... I tried to find my first post for a previous anniversary but can't remember now how far back it was... Hope you feel more energised soon. Helen #2

  10. Happy 500 and Happy New Year!
    Loving your craft space and oh my your purple circle project it amazing!!

    As for the kitties.. awwww they are so adorable!! We have a similar cat tree which our 3 love.. I even have a photo of all 3 cats on it... it only happens on very rare occasions ♡

    Sumbunneh hugs,
    Erika #35

  11. What a great post Shoshi. I love the reference to your garden and can imagine it with you two perched in a watch tower with the beams going all over the neighbourhood looking for Ruby. The photographs of the two of them are fabulous - such loving sisters, makes your heart melt doesn't it.
    I don't think yours is the only house with the remnants of wrapping up etc lying around, there is so much to do and afterall there is still plenty of time for clearing up.
    Have a wonderful new year, hope the health problems diminish and you both have a lovely year ahead.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  12. Great post Shoshi, kitties are doing well and look forward to seeing how you use the bags, gorgeous. Looking forward to another year of friendly creativity. Happy New Year and big hugs, Angela x16x

  13. Happy New Year Shoshi, I do hope that headache has gone! Meow to Lily and Ruby too. The jumper is looking great, glad you found the wool you were looking for. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #12

  14. Happy 500th WOYWW and happy 2019! hugs from Kim #30

  15. What a fun post Shoshi and a lovely tribute to #500! The kitties have totally stole the show today - I love how they cuddle up together! Oreo hasn't gone near his cat tree for a long time either - then again it's cold in the conservatory these days and it was too hot in the summer, so I can't blame him. It would have been a sacrilege to throw away those gift bags and I'm sure they'll be useful for something. The cartoon is cute! Wishing you a (little belated) Happy New Year! xx

  16. Very kind words Shoshi, really it’s nothing without you contributors! I had to smile that you might not have posted because your desk is empty. I deliberately posted an empty, tidy desk because it’s so rare! and then, I’ll afraid, a rat chuckle about the search for the purple wool....that happens here so often! A very happy new year to you Gal. X

  17. Happy belated WOYWW 500, Shoshi and so glad to have to come to know you through WOYWW. Love the spotty jumper if I were knitter I’d make one of them but you’ll need it more than we do Downunder. Sounds like me with the purple wool trick, kitties are very cute, I really love yours they’re so like our Snooksy.
    BTW I’ve started a devotional blog, it’s the second link below I’d love it if you’d pop over and join in and hopefully be blessed by it.
    Hugs and prayers for a God blessed healthwise 2019, Shaz in Oz x #10

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
    {Wonderful Words Of Life - Shaz in Oz}


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