Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wheelchair Assessment Continued

Just a brief note today to say we've had a message to the effect that the Kuschall AirLite IS compatible with the power add-on system, so it looks pretty definite that this is the chair we'll be going for. Not sure what the next step is, but tomorrow I'm going to phone Mark at Wheelchair Services and tell him what happened yesterday, and find out what we do next.

I'm still rocking with laughter. Last night I posted on the Brainfog (M.E.) forum that there was a blow by blow account on my BOG!!!!!!!!!! What made it worse was that they were all laughing and quoting what I'd said, and until someone kindly quoted it in bold, I hadn't a clue what they were on about, because I didn't spot it originally, and I didn't spot it when quoted either!!! No hope for Foggishoshi, I'm afraid! I was ultra-foggy last night after our big adventure, so I really think SOME allowances should be made, lol!!

They are all dead jealous on Brainfog - such cool wheels! (It's called Wheelchair Envy, he he!!)

I just want to get this wheelie show on the road now!!

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  1. I have power-chair which I use for long distance travelling on public transport. I also use a manual chair with power assisted wheels for shorter trips in the car, and I use it around the house too. I think the power add on he was talking about may well have been the alber emotion efix by the same people that do emotion. There are some other brands, but I think those ones also use lithium batteries, and are the only ones that do.


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