Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Wheelchair Assessment Continued, and Flu

Just a quick update - I had the Wheelchair Services man on the phone today to say that he's processing a voucher for me, and I can go ahead with the Kuschall wheelchair as long as I'm happy with the 90-degree front angle - he said it won't look as aesthetically pleasing with the foot rest turned round, but I said you won't see it with my feet on it anyway! - which he agreed with. When the voucher comes, we can book an appointment with the Exeter place and go and get measured up properly.

So the wheels are rolling! All very exciting.

However... I've now gone down with flu - or at least a very bad cold - I had an appalling night with nightmares and even more disrupted sleep than usual and I'm feeling simply terrible today. Nothing to do but ride the storm and hope I get over it quickly and it doesn't settle on my windpipe like it usually does. I seem to get this every autumn and I thought I was going to escape it this year... Not so, unfortunately. So I'm languishing on the recliner with a hot water bottle nursing a headache that nothing seems to touch, achey jaw, streaming nose, the works.


  1. great news about the wheelchair, hope this cold moves on quickly and you feel better soon,
    BIG HUGS to make you feel better

  2. So glad the wheelchair is in the works...now you take care of yourself and get well soon...sending prayers and lots of hugs across the ocean.

  3. Awwww, Shoshi - I'm sorry to hear you are so sick! I hope it surprises you and goes away quickly! Good news on your wheelchair, though. I hope everything moves quickly so you'll be more comfortable soon.

  4. Just dropped by to let you know that you are being lifted up to the Lord in Prayer. Keep your eyes on the Lord and He will see you through these tough times in your life. Blessing my sister in Christ. Lloyd


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