Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Feeling much better today!

Well, I think Lloyd's prayers are working - I felt much better today than I've felt for ages! Thank you Lloyd! After my usual very slow start getting going in the morning, I eventually made it into my ARTHaven and I've had quite a productive day! I am looking forward to taking some photos of my current project, which is a stationery box for my mum for Christmas.

I made good progress with it today. I made a little calendar to stick on the front part, using the calendar tool in my desk top publishing program - it took a while but I'm very pleased. I've made a little cover for it, and also a holder for postage stamps. For both I used Jiminy Cricut to draw the text with the Cri-Kits pens - you put a pen in a special holder and put that in instead of the cutting blade, and it draws instead of cutting - awesome! - and then put the blade back to cut the shapes.

After that I started decorating the cards I'd made to go in the box. The larger ones now have a pocket attached, into which a tag can be placed. I've cut the tags but they've yet to be decorated. Each one will have a different sentiment stamped on it, and my mum can choose which tag to insert into the pocket on the card. All the colours co-ordinate so she can mix and match. I've also got to decorate the small 3 x 3 inch cards, and put embellishments on the big ones, and then make envelopes for them all.

I also decorated a little pen to go in the box, and made a holder for it alongside the note pad. I bought a few mini-ballpoint pens off Ebay recently. They are very slim, and exactly the right length to go in this box. They are brushed steel in colour, so I have coloured one using alcohol inks in pink and green to tone with the box. It did rub off a bit, so I've painted the pen with gloss acrylic gel medium which I think should protect it a bit.

You remember on Monday that I said I'd found a new blog to explore, and that there would be more on this? It's the Wheelchair Pride blog, and I am highly delighted that a piece I wrote has been published on it - hop over and have a look at my pimped up wheelchair!

I also rather fancy this:

I love the idea of the disco light, but to have two!!! Looks cool, doesn't it!

While you're on there, do have a look at the exoskeletons. I think this is the most amazing piece of modern technology I've ever seen.

It's great that the link to my article on "Wheelchair Use and Attitudes" (see page 48 of the Invest in M.E. journal) is also on there, and a link back to my blog here - hopefully I'll get a nice lot of hits and some good comments!

I am so glad to be feeling a bit better today!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better! Don't go over-doing it though. I'm managing some crochet when my wrists allow it. Xx


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