Monday, 22 November 2010

Artist: Yulia Brodskaya

Jan, of Scrap-Works:

- one of the blogs I follow, has just posted about an amazing artist called Yulia Brodskaya, born in Russia but now living in the UK. I have just been exploring her website:

and I absolutely love what she’s doing. I agree with Jan that quilling isn’t something that has attracted me at all, but having seen what Yulia Brodskaya does with it, I think I’m about to change my mind about that! Here are some examples of her quilling which I particularly like:

5000 Dollars

Cadbury's Dairy Milk


Face in the Wind

Cut Away Plant Pot

Aren’t they absolutely stunning? I love her use of colour, and the use of white space too.

Her non-quilled graphic work is great too. She’s done quite a few pieces using a chequer-board pattern for texture which particularly appeals to me:

Vintage Car

Op Art Grid

I used to dabble in this sort of “op-art” when I was at school – must try some again!

Finally, here are some examples of her other illustration work:


Fish Drawing


She is one talented artist with a real flare, and a very unusual approach. Definitely one to keep an eye out for! Hope you’ve enjoyed this little departure from the usual stuff on my blog – I may share some other artists with you as time goes on.

Thanks Jan for introducing me to her!


  1. I've always loved quilling and occasionally use some quilled embellishments that I've bought. Never took the time to learn. Her work is gorgeous - absolutely love all her work. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. Beautiful! I used to love quilling as a kid, all those colourful strips of paper....yuuuum.

    Shoshi, been meaning to ask you if you've joined Revelry yet ? Just joined! x

  3. Hi Shoshi, thanks for your comments on my blog, and that you too were bowled over by Yulias work enough to put it on your blog. I have'nt gone back to her website yet, but I might try again with internet explorer as I use googlechrome as my browser.
    All the best, stay happy

  4. Soshi! I can not believe this quilling, it is incredible!! I am gonna fly over and you can teach me or we can learn together! I left you a blog award over on my blog!


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