Monday, 27 December 2010

Beehive Explosion Box Pt 7

Having almost finished my Beehive Explosion Box, I put it on the back burner because of more urgent projects that I had to complete. I have now finished it, and would like to share with you the final photos, including close-ups and details of various parts, and also the video I have made.

The final step in completing the box was to add the flying bees to the outside, and to mount the whole thing on the base I had made from mounting board covered with Flowersoft, with some tiny white flowers which I cut on Jiminy Cricut.

This is the front view, showing the bees flying around the hive.

23 Box Closed - Front View

A couple of views from the sides, showing how the bees float in front of the box, on their acetate strips:

24 Box Closed - R Side

25 Box Closed - L Side

and now a couple more showing the box in its exploded state:

26 Box Exploded - Side View

27 Box Exploded - Side-Top View

I realised that when I did my original posts on this project, although I posted pictures of the graphics for the individual tags, I did not photograph each finished tag individually, but only in groups. I thought you might like to see each one in close-up so that you can appreciate the detail and the colouring. For a full explanation of the meaning of each one, see the post “Beehive Explosion Box Part 3” -

Here are the large tags from the outer flaps of the box:

28 L Tag - Food Inwards

29 L Tag - Union of Female Workers

30 L Tag - The Royal Palace

31 L Tag - Dance Academy

and the small tags from the inner flaps of the box:

32 S Tag - Drones' Club

33 S Tag - The Nursery

34 S Tag - Food Store

35 S Tag - The Cinema

The next two pictures show a couple of the tags in situ, and in close-up you can see the embossing on the tag holders, the clear embossing reflecting the light.

36 Dance Academy Tag in Situ

37 Cinema Tag in Situ

The next pictures are close-ups of the middle of the box, showing the bees and the silk flower.

38 Central Flower Detail

39 Flying Bees Detail

40 Flying Bees Detail

41 Centre Detail

42 Central Flower and Bee Detail

Finally a few giving details of the finished exterior of the box.

43 Box Outside Detail with Bee

44 Outside Bees Detail

45 Outside Bees Detail

The video:

I hope these pictures, together with the earlier ones I posted, will give you an impression of what it’s like. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this project.


  1. Oh my Shoshi.... These are absolutely beautiful.....

  2. Wow those are so cool......great job....

  3. Shoshi, that is the cutest ever exploding album!! What amazing creativity went into that! You must be so proud...Job well done!!

    Bobbi in Ca

  4. Oh SHOSHI......The Beehive box has turned out SO AMAZING!!!! I LOVE everything about it....and your Poinsetta box is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I LOVE that you've been able to be in your ARTHaven!!!!!!

  5. Oh Shoshi- This is STUNNING Girl!! A true work of art and heart! You can tell how much time and love went into making this and it just rocks hon!! *Hugs*

  6. Wow Shoshi! That beehive sure is beautiful. I really enjoyed watching your video, and listening to you describe each piece. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I truly enjoyed it...:-)

  7. you did a great job with this just watched the video, it looks even better than the photos.
    well done shoshi

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! This explosion box is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Shoshi, you are such a gifted lady when it comes to arts and crafts. I just dropped by to wish you and your family a blessed New Year. May our Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Lloyd

  10. Fascinating. This is beyond a doubt the most gorgeous and most inventive creation I've ever seen. How on earth did you make your tags. Designed in software then hand sketched? They look so artistic and flawless. Your friend must have cried a tear or two of happiness at receiving such a treasure! WOW!

  11. That is absolutely brilliant. What fantastic ideas - love the "Bee movies" :)x


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