Thursday, 8 September 2011


Ooops – a day late this week! I always wonder where the week went…

Anyway, this week I’ve been busy catching up with stuff I haven’t had time to do all year. Last week I was tidying my ARTHaven, and I finished this week in time to do a video tour of my ARTHaven, and especially of my new video camera rig which my hubby’s friend made for me – I’ve been using it, but not properly as I hadn’t finished setting it up properly, but this is now done and I’m really thrilled.

Yesterday I did a video tutorial on using Inkylicious Ink Dusters to blend distress inks – nobody’s done anything on Youtube about it so I’m the first! When I’d finished, I gathered most of the stuff I’d used, and lined it up on the table for my WOYWW shot.

WOYWW 118 8-9-11

You can see all the distress inks I used, the actual Ink Dusters, my heat gun and my tub of clear embossing powder, and the four sample pieces I made. The only thing I didn’t put out was the stamps I used.

I’ve done blog posts on both this video tutorial and the tour of my ARTHaven. Happy viewing! – and happy WOYWW (or T!)!


  1. Look forward to seeing your You Tube (exciting or what!) video. Have you got a link for it - can you add one to your blog posting? That way you will get lots of hits.
    The work on your desk looks interesting.
    Neet #4

  2. Hi there Shoshi, thanks very much for popping over to my blog :D, Isaac actually means "laughing" and Sarai is "One who laughed" and Sarah "princess", so thanks for that. Sarah chose to do One who laughed rather than Princess. She is modest child and did not want to use the princess meaning as other Sarah students I have taught. Really loved your great post on the blending is a real gem thanks! Shaz in oz.x

  3. Fun tutorial, and I always like seeing a picture of your desk on Wednesdays.

  4. Wow! One day i will make a video tutorial of something, I wonder what?

  5. Thanks for visiting me, and for pointing out your tutorial. I came to look for it but have got waylaid reading around your blog. Enjoying my visit.

  6. A great effect the look of those brushes ...I think they need to go on my Xmas list.


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