Wednesday, 28 September 2011


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WOYWW 121 28-9-11

This week I finally got round to doing some Friendly Plastic. I melted some pellets in my skillet and created some mouldings from the silicone putty moulds I made recently, ready for my steampunk look stuff. At this stage, they have just been painted with black gesso ready for painting to look like metal and rust.

Also on my table, on the left, are some of the boxes I bought at the Craft Show I went to on Friday (have a look at that post – some gorgeous stuff on show!) where I also met up with my friend Wendy for the first time. These plain brown boxes were really cheap – the large rectangular one contains 24 small round ones, and I spent hours last night peeling the awful sticky labels off them all – why each one had to be labelled when they came as a set is beyond me. I HATE sticky labels!!! At the back is a set of nesting gold gift boxes I got off Ebay recently – they are from Ikea, who no longer make these, unfortunately, as they are gorgeous and soooo good for altering!

You can also see the two charms I started making recently, and at the back, two clock faces cut from the Tim Holtz “Lost and Found” paper stack, one of which I have coated with Crackle Accents (waiting to dry), also to embellish one of my steampunk altered mirrors, probably. I still haven’t quite decided what else to put on there.

I’ve had no end of trouble getting some more mould-making silicone putty. The moulds I’ve done were made from Ranger Mold-n-Pour which I’m not getting again as it’s waaaay too expensive for what you get. I tried some stuff from an Ebay shop and it had to go back as it wasn’t suitable, and I finally got a refund for that, and all week I’ve been emailing another company to enquire whether their stuff would be suitable and they just haven’t answered. Their loss, because I’ve now ordered some stuff from the US (Ebay again) which I know will be good because Liz Welch of Friendly Plastic fame uses it – it’s twice the price of the stuff I was hoping to get, but there you are. They obviously didn’t want my business! Anyway, it’s on its way now, so there should be no further holdups. I need to make some bigger moulds. (Do visit Liz Welch’s blog – links to her website and shop are on there too – she’s the UK’s Friendly Plastic Genius in Residence – her work is nothing short of Awesome…)

On the right of the table you can see some of the moulds I made for the embellishments I’ve now made. They will be re-usable indefinitely, and being silicone, they are heat-proof, so I can pop them in the skillet if the Friendly Plastic gets too hard before I’ve finished moulding it.

I’ve had Such Fun this week! The Craft Show was awesome, and then messing about with the Friendly Plastic. The M.E. payback from my long day out was delayed (classic symptom) until Sunday midday, and I’m still recovering. I’ve had a rough couple of days but hopefully will be better again today.

By the way, someone told me she’d been unable to comment on my blog. This may explain why I’ve had no comments at all for several days. I thought everyone had abandoned me, but it appears that Google may be playing Silly Bloggers again. I’m really fed up with this and wish they’d sort themselves out!!!!! If you can’t comment, please don’t give up, but try again another time. I love comments, and really miss not having them! They are such a boost and encouragement. This week I’ll try and do better and get to a few more blogs on the WOYWW hop – I didn’t do very well last week!

Hope you’ve all had a productive and enjoyable week! Happy WOYWW, everybody!


  1. Wow, all those molds look complicated.

  2. Looks like a great pile of new stash to enjoy - hope you do!

  3. wow, they look so fabulous, might have to look into the making of these, looks fun!
    have a great day,
    happy crafting, Debxx

  4. Wow you have been very creative. I will have to check this FP lady out as I used to mess around with it - in a very minor way - and I must admit I love it x

  5. Wow, those turned out fantastic. Looks like I am going to have to get reaquainted with some Friendly Plastic. Thanks for the great idea!

    xoxo Marjo #30

  6. thanks for popping by my desk, I am hopeless with friendly plastic - so I greatly admire what you have achieved here, they will be marvelous embellishments.


  7. Hi. I'm facinated by this and your previous post. I have never seen the F.plastic pellets but am about to hunt for some. (I live in Spain and only have access to a very limited range of materials here, so I'll have to do some browsing). I am surprised that you can paint it with gesso. Your clock hands etc are amazing.
    I use mould'n'pour for air drying clay, but as you say, it is a bit pricey. Be warned; I melted one of my moulds with UTEE.
    Thanks for your inspiration. Another technique I want to play with now.
    Kate x

  8. Hi Shoshi
    thanks for visiting my Blog
    I see what you mean you have good taste lol!
    there are some lovely steampunk bits there you have made awesome !

    My ankle is improving thanks not so painful but then its not been let out of the boot yet 2more weeks till Xray

  9. hi thanks for showing your moulds, that is something I have never tried making. I would not know where to start, but your steampunk ones look great.

  10. Lots of fascinating fun going on in your place this week. Sorry to hear you have been suffering though. It must be so frustrating for you, hope things soon settle down for you.

  11. Hiya Shoshi my first time to your blog and there sure is a lot going on!! Glad you finally got your shopping sorted - Liz Welch is awesome isn't she? I have seen her demonstrate with FP and was just amazed. Thanks for your lovely comments about my Shrink Plastic leaves - do let me know how you get on with your experimenting lol. Got a steampunk project to start myself so will have to look at what you've been doing for some inspiration!! Best wishes, Cindy x

    Cindy x

  12. Fab bits from the FP. You could save time painting them by using the UTEE dye in the mix or by using coloured UTEE. We did this at Suze Weinberg's course last year.
    Sounds like you've had a fun busy crafty time of it this week!
    Love joZarty x

  13. Labels - ahhhhhhhh Hugh huh - WHY? Looks like you've got plenty to do. Haven't been here before, will definitely come back.

  14. Great moulds! Haven't tried the FP pellets yet, I feel some shopping to be done!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh my gosh - I have a double page spread kept from a magazine about friendly plastic and that's as much as I know. Sounds great stuff but a lot more to it than that article says! Happy WOYWW!! Di x

  16. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. I love the little steampunk bits you have created. I finished a steampunk ATC and it took forever embossing all the gears etc but,it was worth it in the end. Look forward to seeing how you project turns out.

  17. Wow I love all those clock innards, thanks for stopping by my blog

  18. Ooh what interesting things you're creating with! I adore the Ikea boxes and those little clock hands :)

    I hate sticky labels too! I often seem to spend the 1st 20 minutes of a project trying to get sticky label tack off things - you'd think shops would know not to do that ...sigh!

  19. Loving all your friendly plastic pieces. I brought some of that years ago and have still not made anything much with it…..I really should get it out and have another play!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Happy Crafting!


  20. Oh, just LOOK at all of that fabulously fun stuff! Love it!

  21. Love the moulds and the bits you made. Not sure if I would be as successful with the tiny pieces. I used mould stuff from a dental supplier as it is way cheaper.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.
    Carol C

  22. love the steampunk pieces,sooo many you lucky thing. I have found it difficult to find these except for the Tim ones which are expensive.
    thanks for your nice comments.
    have a good week

  23. I hate sticky labels as well!!! So what are you going to do with those boxes?

  24. What a fab post and accolade for Liz (who is the nicest person you could wish to meet I might add). Well done on having your work featured - you are obviously one step ahead of me so I guess I must get making something worthwhile.
    Such a shame you could not have been with us this last weekend but I hope my blog posts gave you a bit of an insight.
    Thanks for sharing - Neet xx

  25. Shoshi, I followed your link from the comment you left at The Graphics Fairy looking for your bee project (hubby keeps bees and I'm always on the lookout for anything bee-related). Anyway, first thing I see are these fabulous steampunk embellishments. *drool* think you may have inspired me :))

  26. Hi! Just popping by to say I am having a giveaway and would love for you to enter! I will try and pop back later for a proper look but want to invite all the wonderful WOYWWers for a chance to win!
    xoxo Karen

  27. wonderfully creative and nice results.

    WOYWW blessings from Angela

  28. I'm so impressed that you made all those little steam punk bits yourself! What a great investment those moulds will be.

  29. Hi again, I made it back! And I am glad I did because your post is chock full of interesting things! I love the rusted atc you made! And most of all the charms as I have quite a few of those TH fragments!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!
    xoxo Karen

  30. Hi Shoshi,

    Thank you for the WOYWW welcome and wishing me a Happy Birthday.

    You have some amazing things on your desk. I like how intricate your steampunk pieces are.

    Love Mandy xxx

  31. Apologies for being so late in visiting this week but I really wanted to pop in and see what you were up to last week. Those boxes look ideal for altering and all the steampunk embellishments you've been makin are fabulouos - great tuts too. Hopefully I will get around much quicker tomorrow. Elizabeth x #73


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