Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Zentangles

I’ve done a couple more zentangles.

11 Art and Looking

Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed filling spaces with letters, and thought that text would be a fun shape for zentangling. The first one is “Art from the Heart,” which rather sums up my approach to art!

12 Art from the Heart

The second is another circular shape. As it developed, there were a couple of small eye-shaped pieces which cried out to be drawn as eyes, and as I approached its completion, it spoke to me of an Indian elephant – can you see it? This one is entitled “Here’s Lookin’ at You.”

13 Here's Lookin' at You

I think my skills are developing!


  1. These are great! well done you! x

  2. I think they are fully developed! How fun and awesome.

  3. You are getting so good.
    BTW its'a shame we cant see alot of your photos as some of them dont open up, they have the dreaded red x instead of a picture. That usually happens when there are too many photos to open up,I notice you have displayed a lot of days post. You may want to consider only showing 4 posts if each posts is photo heavy.

    Bridget Australia


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