Wednesday, 14 March 2012


A whole fortnight has gone by since I last did a WOYWW – I didn’t manage it last week for various reasons, not least that Blogger was really playing up and it was taking up to 20 attempts to get any blogs to load, and I got totally fed up with it. I do wish they’d sort it out…

Anyway, for those who don’t know what this is all about, it’s “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday” – a weekly nose into everyone’s work spaces to see how messy and creative they are being! Thanks as always go to our wonderful Julia who organises us all. To join in, click the link in my sidebar.

Not a lot of activity this week – I’ve done a little bit on Inkscape but that’s about it. I’ve also done a bit more on my current mixed media project, which I am calling “Choc-a-Bloc” because it is based around a chocolate box insert.

At last the Polyfilla One fill in the cavities is completely dry – it did take a long time, even being in the airing cupboard. On the right, you can see that I have applied the first coat of gesso to the projections – this is going to be the right side. I need another coat to give good tooth to the working surface, and then hopefully I shall begin to have some fun!

As well as progressing slowly with this, I have been unravelling vast amounts of knitting – I am trying to have a clear-out, and found my two beloved knitted dresses that I have not been able to get into for several years but couldn’t bear to part with. The first I bought at a craft exhibition centre, and the second I made myself, taking the basic shape from the first, but using different colours and designs. I have decided to recycle the wool (beautiful pure 4-ply in fabulous colours) into jumpers. I’ve also got a tunic top I made which is getting the same new lease of life – it’s many shades of yellow with multi-shaded purple spots!

I shall knit this up using the same design as it works well.

I belong to a forum called Ravelry (celebrating knitting and crochet) when the site behaves itself and actually loads properly and lets me on! I am thinking of starting a new one called Unravelry, the way I’m going at the moment!!

Got our new (terrifyingly expensive) TV arriving tomorrow so I’ll be busy setting all that up, so not sure how many desks I’ll visit. Also it depends whether Blogger decides to play ball this week or not…

Happy WOYWW everyone, and have a good week.


  1. Love the colours of that tunic top! You are a very talented lady!

  2. The Chocolate box thing looks interesting, cant wait to see what you do with it

  3. It looks like an interesting project you are undertaking there. Your knitting recycling is a great idea and also love the video in your previous post with the cat and the crinkle bag. Regards, Anne #47

  4. I've had trouble with Blogger loading pictures and blogs too. Not sure what you are making with the "Choc-a-Bloc", but I love the idea that you are turning it into a mixed media piece. It's nice that you are getting a new TV. And yes, I've looked. They ARE expensive.

    I wanted to tell you, you are the ONLY person who has visited my blog, who knew the image on the computer screen was WALLPAPER. Everyone thinks it's a screen saver. At least all is not lost (grin).

  5. The CHoc-abloc looks interesting! A real challenge, I think! I sometimes unravel sweaters to use the yarn, but never to knit! :^) patsy

  6. aaah thats why you are missing. cant wait to see that choc a block lol and the new tv
    Bridget #10

  7. Pretty colours. Hey ho it's Friday but I'm still snooping the WOYWW desks & loving every minute! Take care Zo xx33

  8. I hope you're well enough to be this busy? And missing a coupla WOYWWs is nothing, we're all utterly flexible. Good thing too, as it's sunday and I'm still browsing through the list! Gosh you're brave to unravel that lot..I love the pictured show us when you've got big balls. Ahem. You know what I mean!


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