Saturday, 24 March 2012


Today, I discovered the art of Zentangle (thank you, Lunch Lady Jan!) – the art of Glorified Doodling. I have spent some time watching Youtube videos tonight, and decided to have a go.

I have also started my new Art Journal tonight – an old notebook I’ve had for ages, nothing posh, but with reasonable (although not specifically art) paper, which I think will take a bit of punishment!

Here are my first attempts.

01 First Attempts 23-03-12

02 First Attempt 1

03 First Attempt 2

05 First Attempt 3

The first two were done more or less following a Youtube video, but with my own take, and the third one is mine from start to finish.

Not everyone seems to add shading, but I think this really helps give the pictures dimension. I used an old black crayon for this, and for the actual drawings, two different thicknesses of permanent black pen.

Also, I think it is better not to fill in absolutely every section – a bit of white space left adds contrast and dimension to the piece.

There are no rules, although the purists would probably say you’ve got to stick within Zentangle principles and use only those patterns laid down, but basically, you just draw a basic outline shape, pick up your pens and away you go, adding different fills to your heart’s content!

This is definitely something I can do while sitting on the settee with my feet up if I don’t feel up to being in my ARTHaven. There’s also my knitting and crochet, so I’m not going to be idle!

This is SUCH FUN!!!!!!


  1. these are lovely Shoshi,Ii wish I could draw and paint

  2. What a great new skill - I can see you doing a lot with this!

  3. OMG, Shoshi - they are totally amazing!! I think you have found a vocation here. They are fantastic - I could happily live with them on my walls, seriously. You should get them printed as cards. I especially love your Zentangle title, beautiful writing and the way you've spaced the letters is really clever.
    What pens did you use as mine is a very fine nib and takes AGES to achieve a shadowed effect. I like the shadowed effect very much btw.
    Hugs, Jan xx

  4. Oh my gosh, Shoshi - another hobby for you to excel at!!! I have heard of it, but have never known anyone who has done it. Amazing!

  5. Shiiiit woman, your first is way beyond awesome. I'm impressed


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