Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Well hello again everyone – it’s Wednesday again, and that’s Desk Day!! Julia over on the Stamping Ground organises us week by week and we show off our messy (or otherwise) work desks for the world to see – click on the link in my sidebar to join in the fun.

My “Choc-a-bloc” mixed media project is progressing slowly. The first choccie box insert has now had its depressions between the projections filled with Polyfilla One Fill and it’s been in the airing cupboard all week! It’s had its first coat of gesso. The one on the left is ready to be filled with Polyfilla when I get time, and meanwhile it’s sitting on top of my hand-made paper from last week, and my Indian flowers. I have got a clay extruder coming from Ebay, and when this arrives I will be able to pipe some stems onto the project and really start to develop the piece.

Busy day today – we went into town this morning and went to the art shop where my hubby bought my birthday present (I’ve got to wait a while for it!) – he’s giving me a set of Derwent Inktense pencils – these are totally awesome! There will be more on this in due course. I also bought some nice heavy paper for mixed media work, and on the right of the desk you can see the new pens I bought for my Zentangling, together with a lovely fat 8B soft pencil for shading, and just beyond them, some cheapie little rollers and sponge applicators for my mixed media work. I bought a nice big tub of gesso too – less expensive than my Golden gesso. (That’s the tub that looks like ice cream lol!) Just beside that, the small white objects are some old fridge magnets that I’ve painted with gesso and which I will Zentangle eventually.

Finally, on the left, propped up, is my latest sheet of Zentangles – I’ve done a separate post about these. I am very pleased with how they are going!

I haven’t put my knitting on my desk this week because it looks pretty much the same as last week, only a bit longer!

The main thing I’ve done this week is revamp my blog background, which I hope you all like! It’s still a work in progress – see the post I did yesterday on it – and hopefully soon it will be as I want it.

Happy WOYWW everyone, and thanks to everyone who visited me last week – I hope to visit a few more people this week.


  1. Very cool block! I look forward to seeing what becomes of it!

  2. You are very clever being able to do stuff like your blog background. Well done.
    One I made Earlier Today

  3. Your project looks intriguing, would love to see it finished:o)
    Astrid #33

  4. Gosh, Shoshi, those colors on your blog must be new, because I had trouble seeing them. But I like the looks of the gesso and EVERYTHING is cheaper than Golden!! Cheap is often good unless you are selling your art. BTW, your Choco project is starting to take shape. Not sure where you are going, but . . . And happy birthday soon, too.

  5. Love the zentangles! I'm going to look at that post so I can hopefully see them closer! I love your background, but the link color is hard to read. (Just a suggestion!) Thanks for sharing your wonderful desk. Enjoy snooping!

  6. I'm also having trouble reading the purple writing on the grey background! And that bumble bee is disconcerting, had to look at him 2 or 3 times, thought it was a spider at first! Glad your enjoying the zentangaling, and look forward to hearing more about the birthday gift when you finally get them! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #51

  7. Love your blog background... I cant even crop a pic!!! its fabulous you clever girl, Busy desk would love to see your project when completed... Hugs May x x x No15

  8. Cant wait to see the finished block, and more zentangling lol
    Bridget #102

  9. Happy Birthday when it comes and wow, what a fab gift from your DH. I look at those tins when I am in America and always wish I dare spend the monies. Feel a bit guilty though as it is always joint dollars we take. maybe I should save and take my own LOL.
    Have a good weekend. Hugs, Neet #10 xx

  10. Ohhh lovely background and well done for perservering with blogger. I am now casting cogs and wheels thanks for the tips, they were really helpful. I now have another addition to my crafty cupboard stash.

  11. Like Elizabeth I'm having trouble with the purple links but then my eyesight isn't the best.
    Zentangle work is beautiful, so precise and detailed and I love that you are re-cycling the choc inserts - can't wait to see the results.
    Have been thinking about Inktense myself so interested to see what you think when you get time to play.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ann B

  12. Fab new blog wallpaper and lay out. You have been so creative and I sincerely hope this indicates that your health is on a positive phase. I hopped from interesting link to interesting link!
    I, like Elizabeth, also find the lighter shade purple script very hard to read but for the rest.... you are on a roll!
    Love JoZarty x

  13. Love your blog background, although the purple type is a bit invisible, but I found the comment tag ok once I masked my mouse over it! You HAVE been sooo busy! Can't wait to see what it all turns out like! Have a great week! HaPpY WOYWW!
    (Lyn) #38 I think

  14. happy birthday for when it arrives,your choco project looks very intriguing
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww

  15. It's all looking fab. I'm hooked by Zentangling now, (see my desk!) love them. Intrigued by your choc box makes. Take care, enjoy WOYWW snooping! Love Zo xx 75

  16. Lovely work on the blog! The honey comb and text are are great combination. I had the darker "overlay" when I viewed the post but not now as I comment. Either you're working on it now or some magic is happening. *wink*

    I love that you can knit something, wear it for a while then unravel and make something new. Since I know nothing about knitting, this is quite amazing to me. :)

    Susan #130-ish

  17. Ooh, interesting project. Thanks for sharing.


  18. Love all the stuff on your desk - the choccy block whatsit looks intriguing! I love the zentangle work again, looked back at your previous blog to see the details, because the little touches are a skill of yours. Liked the Ocean one particularly!!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  19.'s interesting just looking at your whole background.... a work of art in itself...


  20. The background looks great!! Cannot waitto see what you do with the chocolate box art..looks fun!! Hugs trace x

  21. You have so many varied things going on, it's always fun to have a peek!

    Happy woyww!

    #48, I think.

  22. Not tried this Zen thing, might give it a go in my spare time...if I could find some that is... your project is looking interesting. Can't wait to see where to from here.

  23. The blog is looking good! I've heard wonderful thinking about those Inktense pens. That's a great gift.

  24. I haven't tried the zentangles yet -- yours look great! I like they smaller size and how you have them displayed.

    The blog looks great. I honestly haven't played around with the settings since I first started. I bought a book on blogging but haven't read it.... oh wel.

    Happy WOYWW

  25. ooh a lovely creative space, I look forward to seeing what you do with your new pencils.

    thanks for sharing


  26. Your blog is looking fabulous! Definitely worth all of your hard work!
    I am curious as to what you are going to do with the chocolate box inserts?! I will have to check back! Lucky you to have a hubby who buys you art supplies for your bday! (My hubby is good that way too and I know how lucky I am everytime I go to Michael's Craft store and see a hubby there under diress, ha ha!) I am sure you will put the Inktense to good use!
    xoxo Karen

  27. I love your blog background, stunning
    Sophie x

  28. Hi Shoshi, I've already commented on your great background so won't repeat myself. Interesting stuff going on, on your desk this week - keen to see what the choc box inner becomes eventually. What a lovely birthday present to receive - have a happy day when it comes and a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #26


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