Sunday, 13 May 2012

Washing Machine Time…


Our two bears, Winston and Edwina, and my little platypus, Humphrey, have got so dirty recently (too much loving!) that I have stripped off their clothes (Humphrey doesn’t have any clothes) and the three of them have gone in the washing machine together!

Not happy bunnies.

After the spin cycle they have come out cold and damp. Brrrrr! Definitely not happy bunnies.

However, after a nice warm session in the tumble drier (low heat setting – didn’t want their eyes melting lol!!) they feel as if they have had a sauna, and have come out nice and fragrant and fluffy. But oh dear… what droopy ears!

They spent the night in the airing cupboard just to make sure they were dry all the way through, before being dressed again. Their old clothes went in with our normal weekly wash! Time for a change of clothes ready for the summer.

Don’t they look smart?


  1. Gorgeous. I'm glad I'm not the only one with furry companions. I also have a platypus - a big yellow one. We bought him for my son when he was two, some twenty plus years ago, and he will be washed and brushed, and sitting on his bed waiting for him when he comes over at the end of the month. Kate x

  2. So cute, Shoshi - thanks for sharing:)

  3. I am unable to find an email address for you to respond to the questions that you left as a comment on my blog as follows-

    Hi Ingrid, your work is so stunning... I particularly like the binding on this album. It's something I would like to try for an album I'm working on that has very thick pages. I am new to album making. Do you have a tutorial on how to do it? I can sort of see what you've done but I'm not sure how you ensure there's enough flexibility for the book to open nicely, and the covers hinge open enough so that you can look at the pages. Are the binding pieces glued, or is it just held together with the ribbon? I'd really appreciate some hints! Many thanks. Shoshi

    I'm sorry, I do not offer any online classes or tutorials at this time. The book you are referring to was made several years ago. As I recall, It is all held together with just the ribbon binding. Wooden spacers were included so that the book would close properly and a certain amount of looseness was left in the binding so that it could open nicely. It does not lay completely flat when opened. The pages were all done prior to binding. If there is anything else I can answer for you, please email me directly at

    All my best-

  4. Ha Ha this made me laugh,I need to do this to Hamish and Daisy the two bears hubby and the kids got me from the bear factory for my 40th birthday , i must take a photo to show you them


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