Wednesday, 4 December 2013


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I’ve had a pretty busy and traumatic week, with Dad being very poorly indeed in hospital, and on Sunday we really thought we would lose him in a day or two, but he has rallied again and is now a lot better. He is still not medically fit for discharge, but my hubby has sorted a nursing home for him to go to because his old residential home is now unable to take him back because of his increasing needs. He has dementia, heart failure, and recently a chest infection, and his speech is incoherent, but he knows us, and lights up when we visit.

This week is a friend’s birthday and until now I have been unable to share what I made for her in case she saw it! My next post will be all about it. Since making her card, I have cleared my desk again and only one background remains on it – watch this space for a post about that, complete with the video I have made.

I have now got my new video camera set up, and a brand new look to my Youtube videos to celebrate my new ARTHaven and a new beginning. I hope you will enjoy these videos, as I should be posting more of them now that it is so much easier to do so.

Here’s the title frame of the video which I spent some time creating this week – you can see that it is based on my blog background, to give continuity across my online presence.

WOYWW 235 Video Title 1

This is the card I made for my friend. It was on my desk until yesterday! Hope that counts for a WOYWW!

Angelina Moth for Lucy

This is the video I have done of it:

I hope to be back more regularly with you all on WOYWW from now on, as we are now settled into our new home and I am well on the way to getting my ARTHaven properly organised, but ongoing problems with my very elderly parents have to take priority, of course.


  1. Had a nice cup of tea and watched your video Shoshi.You look very well set up in your ArtHaven!
    Sorry to hear about your dad's poor health.Seems such a short time ago, that your parents were both well..The Nursing Home will be better set up to cater to his increasing needs.Must be stressful for you all at the moment!

  2. Wow Shoshi that was fantastic. I really enjoyed visiting your ARTHaven. It is pure heaven.
    I would love to stay and create.
    The video is spectacular's so interesting to watch the birth of the birthday card.
    Very clever ;D
    Have a fantastic week.

  3. oooh that card is SO gorgeous, I'm going to make a nice cup of coffee now and watch the vid ...
    I do feel for you with your dad being poorly, it's so hard when your parents become elderly and I think dementia can be very hard to deal with - hope he settles in well at the nursing home. Annie #77 xxx

  4. Love your new studio, have been watching all your progress photos and drooling to bits.
    Bridget #19

  5. Your studio is lovely! That is quite the setup. I hope things calm down and wish your dad all the best in his recovery and new home. I am sure he will get the care and attention he will need. My MIL had Parkinsons and so many health issues and she had to relocate to a local one. They were a blessing to her as she got to join in activities as well. Take good care of you too! Winnie#70

  6. Sorry to hear about your dad. At least he will be well looked after. Love your work!

  7. great butterfly I like your camera arrangement..I need to do something like that too

  8. I love your ArtHaven! and of course the card counts! fabulous vid! Have a great crafty week!
    Happy WOYWW #59

  9. It's been a LONG time since I visited and for that I apologize. Life got in the way, as I think you can understand. It was good seeing your card, which is stunning, but couldn't make your video work. I'm sure it MY problem, since I'm having all kinds of blogger problems tonight. Happy WOYWW from #6.

  10. Hope your dad keeps progressing ........ It can be very time consuming as our parents get older, I very been there with my dad!
    Hope your friends loves her card

  11. ah sorry to hear your father has been so poorly.
    I pray he mends soon and settles into his new abode. I love your new arthaven well done!!
    Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #10

  12. So glad to hear you Dad has rallied somewhat, Shoshi. Love that moth card, the use of the Angelina is awesome. I shall be taking a look at your videos( gone on my to-do over Christmas list).Lovely to see the blood donor link below- so important. Running late this week, playing catch-up now. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #57 xx


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